New-In Beauty Bits: First Impressions

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.06.33

Ever since parcels from Cult Beauty and Debenhams arrived stuffed with new beauty purchases, I have been itching to make this video. It’s taken every ounce of discipline I have inside of me not to stick my finger into the eyeshadows and smoosh some of this new foundation stick over my cheeks, but I’ve somehow managed to save that special moment until I could catch it on camera. So here it is – a makeup haul featuring some brand-spanking new products along with a first impressions and a conclusion of whether they’re ‘OMG – you need this now‘ or ‘Meh – save your pennies to spend elsewhere‘ items at the end of a long-ass day. SPOILER: Two things end well, the other two not so much.