The NARSissist Palette

Holy. Cow. Just went you thought the vast neutral eyeshadow palette range the cosmetics industry offers us up could not be improved upon, NARS drop this. The 15-pan strong NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette. Can you hold for two minutes while I just stare? Compacting 15 of NARS’ best-selling, most-loved, much-coveted neutrals (all from their permanent line aside from one that was previously limited edition) – I’m not sure eyeshadow palettes get much better than this. Housed in their classic buttery packaging, with a length-long mirror, it’s tinier in person compared to pictures I’d seen online, but you still get a good deal of shadow in there. Colour-wise you get a bit of everything from mattes to shimmers to glitters and it’s a suits all selection with the colours ranging from warm coppers and bronzes to cool greys and purples. It’s an all-round winner, bringing together the highlights of the range in their kick-ass, drop-out free, creamy formula. The best bit? At £50, it’s just under the price of three NARS Single Eyeshadows. Not bad, not bad.

Standout colours so far (judging from rushed ‘back of hand’ swatches conducted on the tube back home from picking this up this morning – I set my alarm early) include: Ashes to Ashes, a shimmery lilac taupe, Bali, a mid-tone matte brown, Nepal, a shimmery All That Glitters-type shade and Mekong, a gold flecked deep brown. The only drawback is the smallness of the actual shadow pans; they’re finger-friendly, not so blending brush friendly – but it’s still workable.

For now I’ll let this ‘hello I’m here’ post linger, but when it rolls out into your baskets and on to your dressing tables I’ll revisit with the results of a long and lengthy palette playtime with a more considered musing and colour combination menus as not to be too premature. Plus I may have picked up two – did someone say giveaway? It’s up for grabs at John Lewis here and rolls out onto NARS counters (not Space NK – darn) today. I predict a sell-out.

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