Eye Creams That Get a Thumbs Up

One question that pops up frequently in my Twitter mentions feed is, ‘What eye cream would you recommend?’. Eye creams are quite the staple in my routine. It’s too early to tell their effectiveness yet (I’ll report back my findings in 20 years time), but it’s nice to give that telling area a bit of extra TLC. Now I’m not too hot on dishing out personalised recs for the simple fact that I’m not a trained professional and quite honestly am none the wiser than you are on the topic. But I can guide you in the right direction and dishing out a list of what items make it into my eye care arsenal is well within my ability. So here it is – the eye cream-centric Weekend Post featuring the ones that get a big fat thumbs up from me.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Eye Recovery Cream: The eye cream that is currently top of my stash. Rich, but light feeling I whack this under my eyes come day or night. This texture summaries everything I like about eye creams: it’s hydrating, smoothing and provides a kick-ass base for concealer.

Alpha H The Absolute Eye Complex: I’d dub this ‘The eye cream for those who don’t usually like it’. The clear gel-textured formula feels cooling on the under eyes (especially if you leave it in the fridge – dreamy) and it doesn’t even feel like it’s there despite the moisturised look of the area post-application.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream: Most of this circle-caring crew are suitable for AM and PM use, but this differs in the way that I only tend to pat this on in the mornings for its radiance filled texture helps things look a little luminous under there. If you look closely, there’s a hint of shimmer to this peach-tinted cream which means you can go in light handed with concealer when it’s slicked on. A good one for no-makeup makeup days.

Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector: I could quite honestly roll this metal topped tube of eye cream goodness on my bags all day long. It’s got one of those metal dispensers that’s supposed to cool and de-puff when you apply and I really rather like it. This is like the Origins in that it’s got a tint to it – though this is more yellow and has a bit more coverage – so it’s a morning time one that I reserve for days when I’ve been up too late watching my Friends box set (five seasons in as many weeks, oh yes).

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: (Not pictured) This eye cream has the weirdest texture of any skincare item I’ve slapped on, ever. It begins as a cream but after massaging in it begins to mimick a texture more like water. Bizarre. This is no frills option; no crazy claims nor technology – it’s a hydrator at its prime function which is why I’d say this is one for younger gals or those with oiler skin as you won’t even feel it’s there.

Pai Echium Rejuvenating Eye Cream: An all natural version that you just can’t argue with. It’s creamy, but sinks straight in and when things got a little dry in the eye area last year, this is what stepped up to the plate. I’ve also got a load of friend told anecdotes of how Pai cleared up their problem skin up my sleeve, but I’ll save that for next time.

Ole Henriksen The Truth Is In The Eyes: I’m a sufferer of the rather annoying millia in the under eye area; those pesky white pimples. God knows what caused them, god knows what will clear them up. But one thing that seems to be doing the trick is this. A n AHA filled gel treatment that can be layered underneath your chosen eye cream for added exfoliation. Think of a more gentle Alpha H Liquid Gold specifically formulated for eyes. I’m currently using this topped off with the Sarah Chapman and things are feeling nice and nourished and smooth.

Consider yourself steered. Could I just pick out one? Nah, you’ve got to be having a laugh.

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