Nail Polishes That Smell Good






If someone was to say the phrase ‘scented nail polish’ to me, it would conjure up images of me pre-teen, in the nineties, covered in body glitter, in a room full of Spice Girls posters and Glitter Babes toiletries and lacquering on some sweet smelling polish secretly as nail painting was banned in my house. But alas, scented nail polish was not a before millennium discovery and has recently just found its way into drugstores thanks to Revlon. They’d piloted the formula before, but this month saw the release of their Parfumerie range; 20 colours, housed in perfume-like bottles, each with their own fresh, fruity or classic whiff. Puzzled, but intrigued I brushed a few shades on…

Here’s the deal. Upon untwisting the lid you sure do get hit with the labelled scent – though the sweet and fruity smells come through better than the classic ones like Bordeaux, Italian Leather and Espresso (coffee nails? *shudders*). Pink Pineapple smelt incredible, but unfortunately the more pastel shades don’t apply too well, needing at least three coats to avoid looking patchy. The deeper colours on the other hand are kinda awesome; they last well without too much chipping and China Flower in particular could easily get away with just the one coat, plus Ginger Melon will look fab-u-lous on the toes this summer. Of course when the top coat comes out the scent disappears rendering the whole thing a bit pointless. However I found a use for them. Anyone else’s boyfriend moan when it’s manicure time? Whip these out and they’ll never know. I tested it and Mark thought I was baking in the other room. Poor guy – what a let down.

At £6.49 each from Boots, they’re not the priciest offering out there and will look particularly pretty amongst your polish posse, but if it’s the scent you’re after then you’re better off just sticking to more traditional ways to perfume-up your persons. *spritz, spritz*