Bizarre Hairstyling Aids – Do They Work?





Sometimes my trips to Boots result in practical purchases; multivitamins, tissues, meal deals. Other times they do not. The following products were definitely picked up during the latter because I went a little wild down the hair accessories aisle of all places. I found this little section of styling aids that looked downright bizarre but promised to make ponytails, buns and plaits easy peasy, so being a bit of a hair noob I thought I was the perfect candidate to give them a go and share my experiences. I’ll give you the deets on them blow-by-blow, but let’s just say that this post should be renamed ‘Getting My Hair in One Big Knot So You Don’t Have To’…

Twist & Snap Hair Band – I couldn’t find the exact link or name to this thanks to me stupidly lobbing the packaging in the bin, but thanks to you knowledgable lot on Twitter it is apparently the staple tool in the art of Hairagami (thanks to Susan for sending me this hilarious instructional video). Designed to make twists and buns as easy as one quick bend and snap I just couldn’t get to grips with this one. Hair fell out the ends and I ended up whipping myself with the springy plastic one too many times for my liking.

Scunci Easy Plait Braider – a.k.a the easiest way to plait your hair into one gigantic knot. It’s almost like having a third hand with little slots to place sections of hair in; put strand 1 into slot 3, then bring 2 into 1, 3 into 4 – you get the drift. It’s very confusing and ended up with me creating the most un-plait like plait I’ve ever made. I think I’ll just stick to fingers next time.

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pinfinally one that worked. Now these are awesome. I’m a big proponent of the pineapple hairstyle; when I’m at home my hair is slicked back into some kind of bun explosion on the top of my head. Fancy locks and PJ’s? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Just gather your hair wherever you want to place it, twist it round until it forms a bun then twist these in, one from through the top and one at the bottom. I didn’t hold out much hope because my mop is heavy, but they really did the job – securing things without leaving any band marks. Just untwist in the opposite direction when you want to let it down.

So bizarre hairstyling aids get a 1 out of 3. Now it’s time for my TangleTeezer to work overtime…

P.S) Yes the grey tinge to my crown is down to a shoddy dry shampoo application. Philip Kingsley One More Day we’re over.


  • These tools never work on my hair, and I get such envy when I see people with perfectly propped up ‘do’s. I haven’t seen the Spin Pin before though – would be great at preventing breakage instead of using a hair elastic all the time!

  • Such hilarious pictures! Aren’t these appendages breaking your hair?

    Summer Skin Saviours Part II :

  • Pineapple hairstyle at home my fav and agreed who has time to look all dolled up at home..not I

    Interesting post! x

  • I love the spin pins! I also love the bun donuts- just gotta make sure your hair isn’t too smooth when you use it :3

  • Sophie

    I love gizmos like this, but I’m still pretty useless at using them!



  • That plait gadget, whut?

  • I’ve been fooled by many a hairstyling aid before. My crazy curly hair is no match for any of them!!

  • Chloe and her notes

    Anna these pictures are fabulous! Thank you for brightening up my morning a treat!

    Chloe x

  • Sometimes these naff hair tools end up causing more hassle than they’re worth! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  • Hao

    I have the goody spin pins and they’re amazing!! I have the regular sized ones and also the mini ones.

  • AimeeBelle

    I used to work in Claire’s and was regularly asked to demo various contraptions. I got on with chopsticks and that’s about it. Aimée xx

  • Zazie Bibi
  • hahaha, has made my monday

  • This post was hilarious. That first photo reminded me of the times I went out the house rocking that ponytail on top of my head. Willingly. Well, it was the 90s!!

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Hilarious! Who comes up with ideas for these contraptions!!

  • Haha brilliant post!!! I’m glad to know the curly bun twisty thingys work though. I need to get involved with those for work (once my hair grows a bit) x

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  • That spin pin looks like such a good idea, really want to try one out now! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | ASOS or Feelunique £25 Voucher Giveaway

  • Chrissabella

    This is such a fun post and the spin pin sounds amazing!

  • Jen

    Oh my goodness from the video the Hairagami looks like some sort of trap haha! I really like the look of the spin pin though, think I’ll pick them up on my next trip to Boots!

    Jen |

  • Kate Wilson
  • Allison

    those twisted pins are amazing for high buns if I’m not using a hair doughnut! Always work great

    Allison from

  • I’ve never tried twisted pins before but will have to give them a go! The easy plait braider looks terrifying haha xx

  • India Benjamin

    Haha you look so confused in the first picture! I really want one of those twisted pins, I always see them and don’t think they’ll work but might give it a go, thanks 🙂

  • Michelle Glassow Schroll

    Haha! I loved this! I tried many crazy “make-your-perfect-hairstyle-with-this” tools and they only make the process harder 🙂

  • I think my Mum tried many (and more) of these contraptions in my hurrrr when I was younger! I’d sport all sorts of styles, from dodgy buns to undone French plaits to this weird inside out ponytail… Ah life.

  • Janine Maral

    Love the twisty pins!

    Janine Maral from

  • Haha, love the first photo! My hair would get so tangled if I were to try the first two, o-ou.

  • mikaylaa.s

    Love the twisty pins! Now I think I will have to buy them!

  • Abeer Daud

    Must try the pins !

  • Georgie Piccaver

    Me to, that pin thing, looks amazing
    Bean’s Beauty Blog

  • Georgie Piccaver

    I love a good old top knot! X

  • Haha, love the last line! I’m dying to try some of those twisty bobby pins. My hair is so thick, I’m curious to see if they’d hold.

    • Marie

      they do! Bobby Pins never hold my hair, but 4 of these (yes, I still need twice as much as a person with normal hair 😀 ) do last the whole day 😉

  • Lauren

    never seen the second one before haha, but the last one looks okay to try!


  • Amanda

    haha! This was super funny. I love seeing the weird and wonderful things in Boots. I have noticed those spirally hair pins before.. sound like they’re worth giving a go!

    AMANDALOVES | UK Fashion and Beauty Blog


  • Daniella

    great post!!!


  • Ricky Cole

    LOVE the Goody Spin Pins!

    Forewarned though, they will cause a commotion when going thru security scans.
    (I’m in the US)

    I had to empty my entire purse to get past security when the officer said I had multiple unidentifiable items in the bottom of my purse. He was completely baffled & when he motioned a female officer over to assist he sheepishly said “Looks like DNA but I can’t figure out what it could be”

    I ended up with a bunch of police officers standing around looking at them & ended up having to throw my hair into a twist to demo them before I was allowed to take them into the courthouse.

    It was funny & embarrassing at the same time!

  • I gave up these tool a long time ago! I can’t even use a donut properly to create a bun hahaha x Savannah

  • kat

    please go read and follow my blog –>

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    How funny are these! I always see this kind of thing in shops & wonder if any of them actually work! Its good of you to road test them so we can avoid the ones that are more work than necessary. At least one out of the 3 worked

  • Hahaha I remember Hairagami from the 90’s! Every girl in my elementary school in Mexico wanted them because it was super American. I bought one years ago and was like “what the hell? Why did I want one?” It just didn’t work for people with thick and wavy hair.


  • Dana

    Great article, I love it thanks

  • Great post. I know that it is really hit or miss with the ones that I try… I put up a post forever ago about the bun maker! I used to be obsessed. Check it out if you have some time:

  • I couldn’t get that spin pin to work at all! Might have to give it another go! Lily Bettie and Elsie

  • The spin pins worked great when I had longer hair, but now that my hair is relatively short I still get some fall out 🙁 I’m pretty sure I had one of those bun maker things in the 90’s mine was blue and my mom could make it work like a charm haha

    Blue Valentine Vintage

  • Charlotte Copeland

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about the third one. The 2nd looks hilarious x

  • So hilarious, I always wonder if crazy products like that really work

  • Rachel G-m

    This is such a funny post, but it shows that most crazy hair products just don’t work!!

  • Ella

    I love this! I’ve never seen this kind of thing reviewed but I might just have to pick up the last one x

    Ellabooxo | Beauty & Lifestyle

  • dannii ofe

    Such a funny post, at least one worked ey!

  • Susan

    Ahhh I totally didn’t see you mention me in your post, I sent the link for the video on Twitter! Loved this post V! 🙂

    Susan x

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