Nail Colours For Brides, Graduates & Neutral Lovers


With it being that time of year for weddings, graduations and all sorts of outdoorsy celebrations that the rain likes to ruin, I thought it was time to weigh in on that all important question ‘What nail colour are you planning on wearing?‘. It’s strangely a query that’s at the forefront of my mind with Bridesmaid duties at my Sister’s wedding just around the corner and Timehop filling up with pictures from my Uni graduation from yesteryear. Now if you’re a daily red nail wearer or can’t bear to lacquer up with a colour that doesn’t resemble blue – then go ahead – rock your usual style. Pictures from these types of events tend to linger, so you’ve got to feel like yourself when you’re throwing your mortar in the air for the 56th time so your Dad can get the perfect snap. But if you fancy some nude inspiration, then you’ve come to the right girl. Here are a few of my favourites…

THE TAUPE POLISH – YSL La Laque Couture in 39 Biege Gallery. Personally I just think this colour is really classy and if you’re going to drop some serious dollar on a high-end nail polish then stick to YSL because the longevity of the formula is there, the colours are all delish and the brush is beautifully tailored to hug the nail and dish out just the right amount of product in one sweep without having to re-dip for touch-ups.

THE BARELY-THERE POLISH – Essie Nail Lacquer in Mademoiselle. This is the original and ultimate sheer baby pink. It’s not too white or too rosy. It’s just simple and leaves the nail looking clean and glossy but un-done. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Essie’s husband wears this as it really does look pretty undetectable on the nails. Perfect for that ring-shot or to wrap round that scroll.

THE ‘POLISHED’ POLISH – Ciaté x Olivia Palermo in Sunday’s. Think Mademoiselle, but a little less sheerer. That’s all there is to really say on this one, but I’ll attempt to elaborate. The brush is plush and non-draggy which means you get an steady coat of colour even if you’re applying the next layer a bit too early and things are still setting. Plus just look at that bottle. That’s one piece of Instagrammable beauty right there.

THE FLESHY POLISH – Essie Nail Lacquer in Topless & Barefoot. My graduation colour that I always go ‘ahhh’ when I look at, which is a completely rational response to have whilst eyeing up a nail polish, right? ‘Fleshy‘ might be a bit of a disturbing word to use when describing a colour, but on my complexion is a pretty good match with just a bit more pink and beige added to it. The formula layers up well and takes just two coats to get up to full opacity.

THE FAVOURITE POLISH – Nails Inc Nail Polish in Porchester Square. I think this is what I’m going to don for my sister’s nuptials – fingers and toes – because I have a feeling that this will forever be my favourite nail polish. I’d yet to discover this when I graduated, otherwise I’m sure this is what I would have gone for because this lilac-y grey shade is just so darn flattering and one of the longest wearing nudes that I own. And yes I own every single packaging/formula morph that this has gone through. #FANGIRL