My Transitional Capsule Wardrobe Favourites

…because the weather is weird right now.

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Well hasn’t the weather been interesting? I will put my hands up and say that I was one of the ones who was willing the heatwave to pass and for that I have to apologise because winds so strong they wake you up at night and non-stop rain doesn’t exactly pile on the August summer vibes, does it? Word on the street is that sunnier times are just around the corner, but the cooler temperatures have got me thinking about those transitional pieces we all have in our wardrobes that tide us over from season to season. In a way transitional dressing is my favourite; the spring-time when it’s the first time that year that you won’t chill your nipples off if you just wear a jumper without a coat, and the slightly still-warm autumn when the perfect outfit combination is jeans, a knitted top and sandals (MY FAVOURITE OUTFIT COMBO – not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that one before, lol?). So seeing as it’s just around the corner (kinda), I thought I’d put together a shopping list of the pieces in my wardrobe that work the hardest when it’s not super warm, but not super chilly…


Ok now this is more of a layering piece, but this year I have really enjoyed a racer tank (of course it helps that it’s one of only a few items in my wardrobe that manages to stretch itself over the watermelon I am currently growing). But there is something so chic about the shape of them and they are 100% still wearable with a bra if you treat yourself to some bra adapters* which come in very handy indeed. They are perfect for the summer, just with some jeans or cut-offs, or tucked into some linen trousers, but they are good for those in-between days when maybe you want to wear a trench or a light jacket, but know that you might need to peel it off and have something cool underneath. Plus you can wear them all winter long as a layering piece under knitwear.

The standout one for me has been the ARKET Racer Tank*. Available in six different colours (I’m currently wearing a M), and I feel like it’s the most flattering I’ve found, especially when it comes to the cut around the armpit – no side boob to see here! I mean if you wanted to go all out, it’s the Totéme* style that is often toted around as the best, although I’d recommend trawling Vestiaire Collective* first to see if you can grab a second-hand one.



I come back to this category time and time again and it’s one that is extremely well catered for in my wardrobe. I’m not talking about a thin knit where the wind blows through, or a chunky knit where you practically boil inside – but instead a texture that’s slap bang in the middle. It allows a bit of a breeze through, but ultimately it can keep you warm if the weather is a little all over the shop. My preferred option is something big and baggy, especially with some kind of oversized sleeve too – that’s the real cherry on the top. But a cardigan is also a great option here (and they do make a great layering piece over the aforementioned racer tanks).

I have to say I’m very tempted to pick up this ARKET Striped Cotton Jumper*. I’ve seen it pop up a few times on my Instagram already on various different people and it just looks fab – I love the cut of the collar. A good sale find is this Nanushka Knitted Sweater* that is currently 50% off – NICE! – although it’s this very similar & Other Stories Collared Knit Sweater* that has caught my eye, and I promise it’s not just because it comes with matching shorts*.



I mean personally for me, denim jeans are a year-round piece. Come rain or shine you can (usually) find them on me during any month of the year. However, maybe I’m just a little jaded right now as it’s been a fair amount of time since any denim has been in contact with my butt cheeks, but I think some kind of trouser – especially one in a lighter fabric – can really help to eke out that summer feeling a little longer. I’m thinking something with a slight wide leg that can be worn with sandals and perhaps a knit, or a t-shirt, in a fabric that feels light and flowy, might help add some additional ideas to your wardrobe.

These Le 17 Septembre Ivory Belted Wide-Leg Pants* look like an absolute work of art and are currently 30% off in the NAP sale*(which is well worth a look!) – they are basically a holiday in a trouser, but I have a feeling they would look great with a slim-fit black cashmere jumper tucked in too. I always think a solid choice is the ARKET High Waisted Wide-Leg Trousers*, they just fit really well and because they are quite tailored, they give you plenty of styling options.



Yes we’re coming back to the category of shoe that I’ve possibly mentioned in every single style post that I’ve uploaded in 2021, but a chunky sandal is just it for me. They are so comfortable that they are pregnancy approved – even my Midwife commented on my sensible footwear and I’m at the point where I took that as a compliment. So there we have it, something that’s trendy and practical. I do have some newer styles to share though, so feel free to take a peruse below. For me I’m excited to wear them in autumn with a trouser of some kind, and a cardigan – absolutely lush.

I have been toying with these Loeffler Randall Leopard Print Canvas Sandals* for practically the whole summer. They are a lot more summery than what I was thinking for this category and they are definitely a want more than a need, but aren’t they just so cute!? If you’re still after a good The Row Ginza Sandal* dupe, then the & Other Stories Leather Thong Strap Sandals* seem like a solid choice, or if it’s the Gaia Sandals* that you’re after, then the ARKET Cage Leather Sandals* are a great bet.



Photos by Mark Newton