My Top Five MAC Lipsticks


I’m trying to do this new thing on my Facebook page where I hold weekly Q&A ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions. I still haven’t exactly found my groove with timings, but they’re usually round lunchtime at some point on a weekday. Pretty vague I know, but I give a bit of a heads up on the page and my Twitter beforehand. It’s been a really fun way to just have a big ol’ conversation with you lot. I sit attached to my laptop, tapping away and before you know it half an hour has passed and I’m desperate for water/food/the loo. I’m going to attempt an hour-long sesh soon, but I think I may need extra snacks for that. You lot like to test me with some tough questions and lot of things I get asked are along the ‘If you had to pick ‘*insert number here*, *insert brand here*, *insert product here* – what would they be?- style of questioning, so today I thought I’d share my top five MAC Lipsticks as it’s a pretty frequently asked one and the answer might not be quite what you expected…

You know by now that lips are the one area of my face where I don’t mind things getting colourful, so in my selection there’s a nod to nudes along with a few brighter shades. Starting off with the ‘M.L.B.B’ options though, Patisserie (swatched at the bottom) is probably my most worn MAC Lipstick of all time. It’s a great offering of everything that’s bloomin’ fab about nude lipsticks. There’s a hint of pink in there, a bit of brown and enough pigment to actually do something, but it’s presented in a slightly glossy  ‘my lips are naturally this nourished’ formula. The other nude I reach for a lot is Peach Blossom (swatched at the top), which is a little lighter in colour and consistency. This is probably as pale as I’ll go on my lips these days, but because it’s a little bit peachy, it stops things getting too Myth-y on the lips. Ahh Mythmemories.

For red it’s got to be Ruby Woo (swatched centre) (though I must buy Lady Danger soon as I have a feeling in my belly that that might be my true red love from MAC). It’s matte – like real matte – and once you get over its moisture-zapping abilities you realise it’s just a great all-rounder rouge. Not too warm or too cool it hangs around forever too so you’re never left wondering if you’re sporting a red ring round your mouth like a failed attempt at the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge (yep, I’m about a month too late with that reference aren’t I?). If I fancy something with a little more orange in it, which usually happens when I’m not feeling ballsy enough for red, I go for Morange (swatched second from bottom), which always doubles up as my ‘summery red‘ option. Slightly creamier in consistency, it still has the lasting power, but adds a bit of a playful twist to a classic colour.

My most versatile lipstick of all that I own is Rebel (swatched second from top). It looks kinda terrifying in the bullet, but it’s a purple toned berry shade that can lightly be swiped over the lips as a sheer wash or really layered up to look as deep as it does when you first twist it open. This colour looks seriously kick-ass on everyone – one to swatch fo’ sure. Oh you rebel.