My Summer Four Jacket Wardrobe

I shot these pictures on the hottest day of the year – YAY!


Today is our final day in NYC – boo! – and as I sit in my hotel room writing this post and wondering if Lily will ever finish packing her suitcase, it seems a bit bizarre to write about this subject matter as the temperature looks set to rise to almost 32℃ in the city. However I am told that the weather in the U.K has been pants for the past week and so a guide to warm clothing perhaps seems like suitable reading material right now. The thinking behind this post came a couple of weeks ago as I cleared out my spring wardrobe and turned it into my summer one; and with the weather at home being somewhat temperamental I always make sure I have a couple of layering pieces to see me through chilly days and cooler evenings. I realised that I have four that I keep in my wardrobe for not only the summer, but also the adjoining seasons. Say hello to my capsule coat collection…



This one is a classic and is actually one of the longest standing pieces in my wardrobe. When I first bought it, just after & Other Stories had first come to the U.K, it was hands down the priciest thing that I’d ever purchased for my wardrobe, but it was a good’un as all these years later and I still look forward to dusting it off for the warmer months. The thing I love about a leather jacket is that they’re the ultimate dress-up/dress-down piece. Sometimes I wear it with jeans and a t-shirt during the day and other times I pair it with a dress or a sleek shirt and trouser number for an evening out. It goes with everything and although this one took me ages to find (I love the gold detail and the fact that it doesn’t have too many embellishments on it), it was worth the hunt. Unfortunately it’s long gone, although this one is the current design that they have in.




For occasions when a leather jacket feels a little too informal, that’s when I crack the blazer out. It’s also great for those times when you want to channel your inner Lauren Conrad from her ‘The Hills’ days. I used to feel like my style wasn’t smart enough to rock a blazer and felt a bit like I was always prepared for a job interview whenever I wore one, but now I love that they give a nice powerful, yet subtle formal-injection into any outfit. Again I went on a bit of a hunt for this one, but in the end found the AYR Coup Blazer to be the perfect fit. It’s slim, but slightly long-line and the detailed, collarless neckline makes it feel kinda fancy and not like the corduroy number that I used to rock in my Avril Lavigne-loving days at Sixth Form.




I had the complete opposite problem with denim jackets in that I didn’t feel like I was cool enough for one. There’s something about them that’s always a bit young and I have vivid memories of the one I had when I was a ’90’s kid and felt like Melissa John Hart from ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ whenever I wore it. I’ve had this particular one, which is the Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket since last summer, when I was kindly gifted one with my name on (I’m such a sucker for anything with my name on – see I’m still a ’90’s kid at heart!). Now I think it’s something that I’ll have in my wardrobe for yonks. It’s a little bit distressed, baggy in all the right places and the wash of it makes it look like something that I’ve already had for years. When you find the one that fits you right, it all clicks into place and you’re more than cool enough to rock the denim jacket. I tend to wear mine as my ‘throw-on’ jacket whether I’m running errands or doing relaxed things at the weekend that I just want to feel comfortable for.




If you’re going to grab one genre of jacket, then this is what I’d suggest. Whereas the others tend to work with specific outfits or on particular occasions; a thin-fabriced trench coat goes with everything. I got this & Other Stories Trench Coat back in the spring and it’s worked for me in so many different ways. I just beef it up with layers underneath and a scarf on top if it’s cold, or wear it with just a camisole underneath if it’s hot but I just need something to take the edge off in the evenings. It’s bloody great and I just feel so darn chic whenever I wear it. Also the colour makes a nice change from the usual blacks and denims that dominate the rest of my coat capsule. Lauren Conrad in the The Hills, eat your heart out.


Photos by Lauren Shipley


  • unfortunately where i live in italy is so hot that I don’t need any jacket 🙂
    Miki xx

  • Love these pictures Anna! I’m currently looking for the perfect denim jacket and I think that levi’s one could just fit the bill.

    Lynnsay x

  • Grace Campbell

    I love the denim jacket, it is so cute!!

    Grace x

  • I’m looking for the perfect denim jacket – I like how you have your name on it. Super cute! I have a few patches/pins I want to put on mine.

  • My leather jacket is my go-to for most of the year, since you can easily layer a thick jumper underneath or a nice summer dress.
    Alicia x

  • Awesome jackets!!! All of them look very stylish, I love especially the trench coat!!


    Seize your Style

  • Nipa Khan

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  • HarrisonBeach

    Remember watching the vlog of this post! Love the content Anna!!

  • Love your jacket collection – i just wish we could where some jackets here in Germany in the summer time. When it’s hot, it’s hot! But I really looking forward to fall, i will keep these in mind :)))

    xxx Steffi

  • I actually own one of each kind of coats you have shown, I feel so fashionable right now!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • I absolutely love your selections Anna and I own 2 of your 4 recommendations. I think a new blazer and a leather jacket must definitely be on my ‘must buy’ asap! Gorgeous photos and thanks for suggesting a few alternatives cuts and prices. Julie x

  • Cel

    I was like, JACKETS?? FOR SUMMER? Sometimes I wish that my summers weren’t as hot as they are but then I wouldn’t be able to jump into a pool/sea. Love these selections though!

  • Girl Filter

    I love that leather jacket and the trench coat 💕

  • Philippa

    Love the denim jacket! I’ve always had one in my wardrobe but you’ve made me want to dig it out and wear it more this summer!
    Philippa x

  • I love denim jackets at the moment!

  • Rebecca Jenkins

    I love my leather jacket, and as it doesn’t get too cold even in winter in my part of Australia it definitely gets a good workout every winter. Although right now I’m hoping for some colder weather as I really want to get use out of my coat collection (which is a little bit excessive for someone in such a warm climate).

  • I love that all four jackets work with the outfit that you’re wearing! I have a leather jacket and a lightweight silky type jacket, but I need some more variety in my life.
    Ivory Avenue

  • Love that all four of them are classic pieces that you will probably wear for ages! 🙂

  • I love my leather and denim jacket! I feel like they go with everything and are good for warm and cool temperatures. Thanks for sharing your suggestions, they look great!
    -Kathryn xx

  • Sepideh

    I’ve been on the hunt for a leather jacket – it seems like a necessity!!

  • reggie

    Hey everyone, I am selling this leather jacket vom &otherstories at vestiaire collective. Size XS