My Summer Capsule Wardrobe Wishlist

YEP, just incase you fancy some more ideas…

So I know I’ve already presented my summer capsule wardrobe drop. You know the mustard coloured camisole? The bag of rope? The striped blazer that makes me feel like a proper adult? If you missed the haul then you can catch up with the video here. So the gates on my capsule wardrobe for the season ahead are firmly closed. There’s nothing more I need and I certainly have enough pairs of sandals, shirts and pale wash denim to see me through – we’re all good here. Don’t mind me as I scuttle around the house in my new sandals desperately attempting to stretch them out by wearing five pairs of socks with them on. It’s a LOOK.

However, if I were to reopen the gates, here’s what I’d add. I thought it might be worth sharing what still remains on my wishlist incase you’re still in summer prep-mode and fancy a little more inspiration, plus it will come in handy next summer when I’m sourcing ideas for items to add. Remind me of this post! I feel like these are holes in my wardrobe that I can handle remaining unfilled for now, but fast forward another 12 months and I reckon this is what you’ll see me adding…


I don’t find myself wearing my pale-wash denim jacket too often, probably because I’m always rocking exactly the same thing on my bottom half and I don’t always fancy channeling the Canadian Tuxedo look everyday. However I do like how it’s always a super casual option and can basically pair with anything in order to tone the formality down a little. During the weekend especially I feel like it’s something that I’d like to reach for more often. T-shirt, jeans, denim jacket, Vans – DONE. So that’s why I feel like a white option would be a little more multi-tasking in my wardrobe as it won’t feel so double-denim and will go with whatever type of trouser/skirt (LOZ) I’m wearing.

There are tonne of options out there available, both designer and high-street. I think my favourite, favourite is this J Brand Slim-Fit Frayed Denim Jacket because of the creamy denim – there’s just something that feels a little less stark because it’s not a bright white. Although this Mango Contrasted Seams Denim Jacket is a bright white and feels really cool and different thanks to the black stitching; got love to love a twist on a basic. For something simple this Pepe Jeans Jacket could be right up your street and has cropped sleeves which means that you won’t spend the whole dry trying to push back up your sleeves (and it has gold detailing!), or this Mads Norgaard Jacket is basically like a slightly beefier shirt and so would be great for those who like minimalist designs.



I mean do we really need to cover the ‘Anna hearts jumpsuits 4EVZ‘ ground again? For a 1000-word essay on why I love them have a read here, although I’m sure you’ve got better things to do with your time than that, so I’ll try and summarise here. Being someone who hates shaving their legs above ankle height and just generally isn’t a fan of getting their legs out, a jumpsuit is the perfect option for mixing things up a bit, instead of living in jeans Monday through to Sunday. I’ve got a couple in my wardrobe, but most are long-sleeved and slightly heavier in fabric, so I’m thinking that something lightweight and perhaps even mixed in with something like linen, would be a great addition.

If you want a one-stop shop for this category then it has to be Mango. Nowhere else even comes close to the range that they have available and they’re all fairly priced, well-made and easy to order online (the stores just don’t do in the same way for me). If stripes are your thing then they have two linen-blend ones that are very similar, but this one has a cream base colour and this one has a biscuit base colour and a slightly larger pattern. Of course this mustard Polka-Dot Long Jumpsuit caught my eye, but if you fancy something that’s really summer appropriate then this Bow Linen Playlist is going to be exactly what you’re after – the fit looks incredible.



If you saw my summer capsule wardrobe haul video then you’d have spotted that a mini leopard print skirt has made it’s way onto my rails. It’s a great find that I’ve surprised myself by how much I’ve worn already. However also in that video I mentioned that there’s something in me that feels the need for a midi version of it. I’m just imagining it with a black t-shirt, a pair of trainers and a leather jacket thrown over the top and I’m FEELING IT. Not only would it be a most-worn piece during holidays, I feel like it could work well in the U.K climate too, given that it’s a little longer so will provide a bit more warmth to my calves. I mean if I’m going to go out of my comfort zone and purchase a skirt, then I need to stay in my lane and make sure it’s leopard print.

I searched high and low for leopard print midi-skirts, but the results were a little lacklustre. I feel the high-street had a drop of them – remember the pleat ones that were everywhere? – a month or two ago, then they all sold out and we’re left just the unwanted scraps. In all honestly nothing does it for me quite like the Realisation Par The Naomi Wild Things Skirt. The pattern is subtle, fit stunning and I can just see it being something in my wardrobe that I love and love for years to come. Unfortunately it’s out of stock and currently unavailable to ship to the U.K (that’s changing soon apparently!), so it looks like I’m going to have to sit tight on this one. Maybe next year…


Photos by Lauren Shipley

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