Jumpsuits: My New Capsule Wardrobe Essential

A way to wear trousers that aren’t jeans. HOORAY!

Aside from the pondering one of life’s most deep and brooding questions, ‘Can Antoni from Queer Eye cook?!‘ – which I must add that I am a fierce Antoni defender and blame the show’s short running time for any editing that may make it look like the only thing he can rustle up is Guacamole – I’ve been contemplating how I want my spring capsule wardrobe to shape up. In fact, it’s so on my mind that I wrote about it last week, where I stated my intention to incorporate more jumpsuits into my wardrobe. Today I thought I’d unpick that wish a little more as I really do believe that jumpsuits may have been the answer to my incessant ‘jeans and t-shirt’ wearing of the past 15 years all along. I mean, they’re basically trousers with an attached top; no leg on show, with no need to shave higher than mid-ankle length. SOLD. Need some convincing? I’ve got your justification and future shopping list below…

Aside from my Ganni dress, which I feel will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the only dress that I own, jumpsuits have been all that I’ve worn to formal occasions for the past three or so years. They’ve usually been from Whistles or ZARA and I’ve loved the way that they make me feel all fancy, without the need for a dress. They just feel very ‘me‘, which is hard to find when you dress up twice a year and it’s not a place that particularly feels like your comfort zone. I’m not sure why my love for them has never truly filtered down into my everyday wear because it makes so much sense! They’re comfy and practical and aside from having to get naked on the train when you need a wee (the first and only problem that I’ve ever encountered with them), they just help to add some interest to my wardrobe that can be a little lacking with it’s choices. I can go for long-sleeve, long-leg versions in the winter and go for something with straps in the summer. I can wear them with boots! Sandals! Trainers! Heels for an evening out! The possibilities are endless and as I’ve started to look into the genre more, I’ve realised that there truly is something for everyone and every slot that needs filling in your closet.

The Utility Jumpsuit. This is my favourite category that I’ve recently discovered. My interest was piqued by a video that Sali Hughes uploaded with Zanna Roberts Rassi, one of the founders of Milk Makeup, whom was wearing a cracking jumpsuit. If you’ve ever visited the Glossier showroom, you know that the sales gals wear these millennial pink boiler suits that are exactly that, and Zanna’s looked to have that same thick quality, which oddly creates the most flattering cut. It took a while for me to find highstreet dupes, but Calvin Klein do a good one, as do Madewell (who now ship to the UK!), Mango and the one that I ended up buying from Winser London. I love it and I apologise in advance for wearing it solidly for the next four months.

The PJ-Style Jumpsuit. You know the slightly slinky, silk-effect or actual silk slouch quality, with a wide leg and a folded-back collar? That’s the type I’m talking about right here. I actually love these ones because they are by far the most comfortable choice, although I do struggle with what footwear to wear with such a wide-leg fit. In my experience they look best with a flat open-toe sandal worn with them, or a high-heel for an evening out or just daywear if you fancying looking like your legs are about 10 inches longer than they actually are. I’m currently coveting this Mango Polka-Dot Jumpsuit which has FANCY MEAL OUT written all over it, although I feel like this one from Whistles is a little more day-appropriate for me given that the pattern isn’t so in yer face. I like my PJ-style jumpsuits to have some kind of pattern in the fabric as I feel like it distracts from the loungewear-like drape of the fabric a little and stops them looking too pyjama-y.

The Denim Jumpsuit. Given that I’ve been spending so much time recently in my dungarees, this was the category that sparked the whole jumpsuit thing and now I’m tempted to upgrade to an all-denim overall. Head to toe baby! It’s the ultimate casual outfit and who doesn’t love a Canadian Tuxedo, eh? There are so many different ones out there and because denim as a fabric isn’t the most flexible of, finding the perfect fit is going to take a lot of work, so there’s been some serious back and forth between my online basket and the post office returns depo. I’ve yet to find the perfect pair just yet, but there are plenty of contenders out there. If you fancy a splurge, Alexa Chung has one that looks like it would bring the goods, although ASOS have a washed-black version for a fraction of the price. If you fancy a slightly more relaxed fit then & Other Stories might be up your street, or this M.i.H Jeans version has some seriously ’70’s vibes.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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