My Spring Style Wish List: A Dream Shopping List

Did someone mention yellow!?

Sometimes scheduling has a funny old way of working out, eh? I often try and schedule a week or so ahead with blog posts, so I have a couple under my belt to give myself some wiggle room for writer’s block and unplanned visits from Mum and Dad in which I witter away for about two hours too many. I was due to write this post last week, whilst the U.K decided to dip to sub-zero temperatures and spring jacket and t-shirt combos seemed like a long-lost dream. SO, I guess it was meant to be that I should be sitting down to write this blog post on the go-live date at 8am. But hey, at least we’re almost back into double digit temperatures here. Spring is back on the cards and it now doesn’t seem utterly ridiculous to be discussing things like cropped trousers and short jackets; in fact, it’s just around the corner. HELLO SPRING.

This weekend I completed the first part of my spring capsule wardrobe re-jig (video coming towards the end of the month with my planning process/haul included too!), by stripping back the extreme cold weather items out of my wardrobe and re-introducing back a couple of spring-appropriate pieces. But what’s on my wishlist to add in next? We’ll you’ve come to the right place…


I love wearing black from head to toe. I love wearing navy, grey, denim, camel – basically any colour that don’t register outside the realm of ‘neutral’. However I’ve realised that I don’t mind an injection of colour from time to time and this season I thought I’d experiment with a coat that isn’t black. HA! I’ve never really gone down that route before – aside from a foray into leopard print of course – but I think that something a little punchy in the outerwear section of my wardrobe could really work wonders. Sling an  all black outfit on then throw a red coat over the top and POW. I’m super into jewel-tones – if you can’t already tell by my selection below – or colours that veer off just very slightly from a neutral; like a cobalt blue that’s a more exciting version of navy, or a mustard that’s not a million miles away from camel. You might have seen that I’ve already prepped this Topshop Blouce Yellow Coat that’s currently hanging in my wardrobe, but here are a few of my other favourites…



I’ve tried and tried with skirts and dresses and aside from wearing them with tights (like in this post here), I just don’t ever feel comfortable attempting them without my second skin pulled on. I have a bizarre fear of flashing my bits, paired with my patches of Psorasis and the fact that I’m ALWAYS COLD and therefore actually need some insulation, during the spring and summer I just don’t think that they’re for me. So I have a new mission in mind: JUMPSUITS. I love them and they’re basically all I’ve worn whenever I’ve had a fancy event to attend for the past three years, so why not invest in some more casual styles to wear day-to-day? It makes sense, right? I’ve already started my hauling here and picked up the Winser London Utility Jumpsuit in Black, which fits like an absolute glove and I think has the potential of being one of those ‘dress-up/dress-down’ pieces given what direction you take your shoe choice in. There’s also this Next Mix/Kitri Studio Tailored Jumpsuit that I’ve been swooning over, plus this Madewell one too. Expect to see WAY more jumpsuits around these parts ASAP.



This isn’t the most ground-breaking addition here, but I just love denim and that’s OK. IT’S COOL. I’m not crazy about skirts and dresses (hence the emphasis on jumpsuits in my spring wardrobe), and so it’s good to have a solid variety of styles, washes and cuts to at least give my bottom half a little bit of differentiation from day to day. I feel like I’ve got my pale wash game DOWN (have a look at some of my favourites in this post here), but I feel there are a couple of categories that I could look to expand. I haven’t found the perfect pair of black straight leg jeans yet – although I’m hoping that these Topshop Slim Leg Orson Jeans might do the trick. So I’ve currently got them winging their way in the post to me. I’m also a little lacking in terms of a cropped kick-flare and coloured denim option and although I have yet to see a pair that have taken me from swoon to click, I’ve listed a couple of styles that have taken my fancy so far, down below. Maybe a mustard is on the cards? I KNOW, were you sitting down for that?


Photos by Lauren Shipley

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