My Skincare Routine

From the picture of my vanity draw above, it’s pretty obvious to all that I am a skincare junkie. In recent months I have skimped on makeup and expanded in the skincare department and after 3 months or so of using my routine I’d say that it was about time I shared. The products that I use aren’t the cheapest out there, but you only get one face so why not treat it! I also quickly mention the Clarisonic Mia and if you want to see a more in-depth review of that let me know and I’ll see what I can do!


  • Jess

    Hey, I am so tempted to get the Estee Lauder night repair, I was wondering if you think it would be good for more spot prone skin types with some scarring?

    Thank you! xo

    • leetal

      i had the same question too and the lady at my counter said it’s really amazing for diminishing scars from spots. my skin feels plump and soft and a lot brighter. highly recommend it!

      • Jess

        Thank you for your help! I may just have to purchase it, I’ve heard good things about ‘Heal Gel’  too, but I think Estee Lauder looks like a great all rounder! 

  • Thank you so much for this video! Since arriving in the UK at the end of December my skin has been absolutely horrible and my products from home (Australia) are starting to run out. I will definitely be investigating some of your recommendations; I think I’ll start with the Liz Earle line and the Origins spot remover.

  • Poppilicious83

    A Clarisonic Mia Review would be great!! 🙂 x

  • I’m also I skincare junkie, I take care of my skin. I love Estee Lauder products for skin care,  I have face mask, which is amazing. I want to try out more things. x

  • charlotte_queen

    Can’t wait to watch your video, xxx
    Charlotte Couture Blog 

  • Nicola

    Can’t wait to watch, your skin is lovely! 

  • Ellis

    Do you use the Origins Night-A-Mins as your everyday nighttime moisturiser?

  • Yet another wonderful video! I’ve had the clarisonic mia for about eight months and I still adore it, I’m sure you will too 😉

    It actually seems like we have very similar skin types, so it’s a lot of fun to see what products you use! I desperately want to try that Bioderma makeup remover because I’ve heard so many great things. I’m a huge fan of Bobbi Brown skincare products,  but maybe once those run out I’ll have to check out some of your favorites!

  • thanks for the great video 🙂 

  • Babebaloo

    your skin has been looking incredible lately. i’ve been noticing an amazing difference on camera and photos! 

  • guest

    Hi Vivianna! I’ve noticed an Omorovitza bottle in the picture above the video. can you please do a review on what ever it is 🙂 Have heard a lot of good things about this brand but want to hear your  authoritative opinion 🙂 Many thanks!

  • koren

    your nail polish looks so nice, what shade is it?? xx

  • Im a total Bioderma convert!! I love it and can already see myself buying more! lol Iv wanted to try a few of the Estee Lauder products for a while now, a friend of mine uses their products and swears by them, i think im going to have to invest! 😉

    Hayley xo

  • Fatima Lux

    hiya, i love n enjoy watching your videos, just wanted to ask have u ever tried becca products n also the glow enhancer omorigzo? dont know if iv spelt it correctly is that any good? many thanks

  • I really want to know what is your skincare routine. I think that it would be great to follow it than make my own routine. I know that it would make my skin beautiful and lovely just like yours.

  • alice_eve

    hi anna, would love an in-depth review on the clarisonic please! thanks! i think i’m using farrrrrrrrrrrrrr too much of the bioderma solution, i’m getting through one a month! x

  • Jojo Blog13

    Hi, I was wondering if you have ever used une floral cleansing water? Do you know if it’s similar to dioderma at all?
    You seriously have me considering buy a clarisonic!

  • Elvirasbeauty

    I have the Clarisonic plus and I use it with cleansing milks -