My Multi-Tasking Wardrobe Heros

My lowest total baggage weight yet…


I can’t believe that it’s been over a week since I got back from New York with Lily. Whilst the balmy days sloping about SoHo are now a distant memory, the french toast gut unfortunately remains. We had a blast eating our bodyweight in sushi at BONDST (our favourite spot), model spotting (it was the beginning of fashion week and I’ve never seen so many people snapping Instagrams out in the wild) and shopping to the point of needing blister plasters. In fact, have a watch of the video below if you want to see what we picked up. It’s quite ridiculous actually, given that this is my third visit to NYC in the space of six months, but there’s something about the city that switches my shopping mode on. Chunky knits, new shoes, a year’s supply of dry shampoo – I managed to squeeze it all in my suitcase on the way home.

Speaking of suitcase squeezing, I think I managed to pack the lightest I ever have for a five day trip. I really got my inner packing geek out and thought about what to roll-up inside; opting for pieces that gave me a tonne of options and with versatility to be super casual or kinda fancy if everyone got their glad rags out. Here are the four items that if you don’t have in your wardrobe already, you NEED; whether it be for day-to-day wear or to pack for your next adventure…



I’ve bleated on and on about the merits of a leather jacket, but in these transitional moments weather-wise they really do show their true worth. I know it looks really wanker-y to rest a jacket on your shoulders without putting your arms in the sleeves (my Grandma finds the whole thing extremely bemusing as I try and explain that it’s just very cool these days to not wear your clothing properly), but during the oddly humid, yet windy afternoons in New York I actually realised that wearing it the wanker way gave me just the right amount of warmth. I know, don’t hate me. However, whatever way you decide to wear it they’re just a great piece and often I find they’re good for evening soirees too when you want to dress down your formal attire a little. I got this one about four years ago now from & Other Stories and whilst it wasn’t exactly the cheapest purchase, I’ve managed to get the cost per wear of this seriously down. I’d recommend there or Maje as good places to start if you’re looking to invest in some leather.



I’ve been meaning to have a chat with you about straight-leg jeans for a while, because I have a new favourite style that I’ve ordered in practically every single colour they do. Whilst the Urban Outfitters BDG Axyl Jeans are fab – still love ’em – the stretchiness of the denim means that they need re-shrinking after a couple of wears. I also struggled to find a good fit in other washes, as the sizing seemed to be a bit all over the place depending on the colour. So in search of a similar style, that had a bit more resistance in the fabric I came across the Topshop MOTO Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans. I have this wash, but I also have a deeper one and a black on order too. They’re exactly what I was looking for and I love that they’re a bit heavier (whilst still being comfortable), and give a nice lift to the butt too. Unflattering mom jeans these are not. When we were away I wore these most days, whether it was with Vans for a more casual look or some stilettos for something dressier (see below). I can’t see me growing out of this straight leg denim trend anytime soon (much to Mark’s disgust!).



These shoes will always have a special place in my heart because they are the ones I wore on our wedding day. Pfft, ain’t no way I was ever going to walk down that aisle in a nude number – LEOPARD PRINT 4EVZ. Seeing as I managed to score a bit of a bargain with my dress, I went balls out with the shoes and got myself a pair of the Gianvitto Rossi Portofino Leopard-Print Sandals, which I don’t remember being quite that much when I purchased them, but I may have just had an accidental/completely on purpose blackout. The heel on these is only 70mm, which might not be to everyone’s taste because it doesn’t exactly deliver on height, but for me it works well because I can actually walk in them. Find yourself a pair of comfy heels and you’ll be able to take a jeans and t-shirt outfit and elevate it into something so darn chic. I also love that these are pattern because the rest of my colour palette in my wardrobe is so darn plain, these are my eye-catching style trump card.



I picked up my Celiné Trio Bag at the beginning of the year, just after I’d made my ‘No more silly purchases’ New Year’s resolution. LOLZ. Was it my smartest move? No. But I have to say that I have worn it a tonne since I got it and it’s my daily go-to bag of choice. I’ve been asked if I’d recommend it and the long and short of it is, probably not. It’s not the best leather and it’s a lot of dollar for what it is; however it’s extremely spacious (get the larger size because you could seriously fit a tent in there) and I love that it transforms before your very eyes. Both the front and back pouches completely pop off, so instead of lugging a clutch bag with me to New York, I just whipped off the front section of this and loaded it up for evening events. How snazzy is that? I mean, I guess that kinda justifies it. Emphasis on the ‘kinda‘…

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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