The Blotted Lip Look With Bobbi Brown | AD

You ready for a balm-like texture with a lipstick look?


*This post features an advertorial from Bobbi Brown

Last week, Lily and I headed off to New York with the guys from Bobbi Brown (PINCH ME!), to have a tour of NYC headed up by their girl crushes and to be introduced to their newest launch – the Crushed Lip Colour. It was completely dreamy; a whirlwind of awesome women who I all want to be my new BFF, candy floss with edible glitter (YES) and more makeup than you could shake a stick at. I even had a makeover courtesy of Marc Reagan, Director of Global Artistry at Bobbi Brown that was so good, I told him that if I’d met him before my wedding day I totally would have called on his expertise. The main purpose though, aside from eating my bodyweight in pasta and sugar, was to get familiar with these lipsticks which were inspired by the effortlessly cool and easy beauty routines of the brand’s girl crushes. Think undone beauty, a bit of lipstick and a low ponytail and I have to say I’m SOLD.


Ok, so here are the deats. There are 20 shades of the Crushed Lip Color in total, so when I say that there’s something for everyone, there really is. The shades span the whole smacker spectrum from nude hues, to peachy pinks that are making me want to turn up the dial on the sun again, and tomato reds (YES!), to burgundy bullets that will have you sorted for the upcoming winter months. Each comes in classic Bobbi Brown packaging, but if you do treat yourself to more than one they’re easily decipherable thanks to the band of colour around the centre which corresponds to the shade inside. Each one costs £24 and they’re available now to buy through this link if you fancy filling your basket with lipsticks. HEY, it’s cool, it’s Friday.


The USP here is that they’ve been designed to give a ‘blotted’ effect on the lips. You know how I always apply a lipstick and then go and smoosh it in with my finger which always looks so attractive? Well this gives that effect without the smooshing step needed. Genius. It means that the finish is not matte, nor glossy and the actual feeling of them on the lips is more like a balm, thanks to the hefty hit of vitamins E and C and beeswax in the formula. They’re beyond comfortable to wear, but actually hang around for a decent length of time given how soft they go onto the lips. The idea is that they’re supposed to look lived in, which is completely my beauty bag. No liner necessary, no mirror required – a.k.a) the perfect ‘lob in your bag’ lipstick. Can you see why I’ve fallen head over heels for these?


Right, let’s talk colours. There’s no surprise that ‘Bare‘ is the one that sings to me the most (it’s the nude I’m swatching on the back on my hand). It’s easy; it’s not too brown, pink or orange and is a classic ‘looks good on everyone’ shade. If you’re in the market for a new nude I’d point you in the direction of that one for sure. The one I’m testing out on my lips in the pictures above is ‘Babe‘ which I’m not going to lie, I was originally drawn to because of the name, as it’s what Mark and I annoyingly call each other (whenever we have to call each other ‘Anna’ and ‘Mark’ it’s SO WEIRD). It’s a little rosier than what I usually go for, but given the blotted down effect I actually really liked it and it’s definitely something I’d reach for in the upcoming autumnal months to add a pinch of colour to my look. If we’re talking real colour though then it’s ‘Sunset‘ that has got me going all heart-eye emoji. It’s the tangerine – you must have spotted it in the header image! – and I’m pretty sure that when we got to meet Jenna Lyons on the trip to NYC last week (I KNOW), she was wearing this and it looked flippin’ fantastic on her.


So there you have it, 20 new lipsticks that I highly suggest you have a swatch-party with next time you head to a Bobbi Brown counter. Speaking of BB, if you’d like to see my other favourites from the brand then head over here to see what products have become staples for me over the years – YAS Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil in Grey. Throw that on, with a bit of lip and you’re channeling some serious Jenna Lyons vibes right there.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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