My New-ish Everyday Makeup Routine

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.17.27

While I don’t think I’ll ever steer away from my slightly bronzed eye, dewy complexion and peachy lip uniform – I’ll still be the one whipping out MAC Patisserie from my handbag when I’m in my eighties – that doesn’t mean that I can switch up the products a little. And that’s exactly what’s happened in my daily makeup stash recently; a rotation of products that still serve a similar purpose as my old go-tos but are just tickling my fancy a little more right now. There’s a new foundation that’s got that skin-like texture down, a brow product that’s aiding my sparse bits and a mascara that is my favourite I’ve tried in months. So there you have it – a new-ish serving of my everyday routine.