My Motivation Tips: Work & Fitness

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Motivation is a funny old one, isn’t it? Sometimes I’m in the mood to do all the things, other times I just want to roll into a ball, snuggle under a blanket and eat my bodyweight in Dairy Milk Giant Buttons (I mean, let’s be real – that’s my perfect Sunday right there). I mentioned that I was thinking of putting a video together on my top tips that I pull out whenever I’m in a productivity slump and with so many of you revising for exams right now there was a resounding ‘HELL YEAH‘ reply, so here it is.

These tricks can be deployed whenever you’re lacking motivation with work-related tasks or even fitness related stuff, as well as revision and trust me guys and girls – I feel ya – I’ve been there, done that, pulled the multiple all nighters. Something that I forgot to mention in the video is sleep. I often think that my energy levels are related to whether I’m feeling in the game or not. If I’ve stayed up late cramming in episodes of Line of Duty, then the chances are that I feel like the poop emoji in the morning. So an early bedtime, coupled with a relaxing pre-sleep routine that’s screen-free, is another thing that I try to do in order to feel in the mood to get shizz done.

So have a watch above for my five top methods to amp up motivation levels, along with some reading material and podcast recommendations. Anything else you’d add to the list? Any top tips that you use to give yourself a procrastination-ridding kick up the backside? I’m all ears.