My Halloween Makeup


Since I covered a scary side of beauty this morning, I thought I’d briefly touch on my Halloween makeup – which was a whole new level of makeup hacking. Let me paint the scene. With about two hours on the clock before I needed to exit the flat en route to a Halloween party I had just a small pea-sized dollop of white face paint I’d thrown in my basket at my weekly food shop and not a whole lot else, so who you gonna call? Michelle Phan, that’s who. So I dialled up her ‘The Beautiful Death’ tutorial and got to work with a white face paint loaded-up brush in one hand and the most colourful items I could find in my stash in the other…

I started off, as Michelle instructed, by outlining my eye socket with Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Waterproof Eye Kohl in Bright Blue – not too tricky. As I was lacking on the blue face paint front I painted from the lids up with the Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow in Sapphire, set with Blackout from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and mixed the cream shadow, Rimmel pencil and a bit of the white face paint to apply from the lids down, all held in place with a bit of transparent powder. A bit of mascara and black kohl followed. Then I got in there with my white face paint (though mine was a little crap so I had to use Lily’s more professional offering to touch it up), stroked on with an unwanted foundation brush – again all set into place with a transparent powder (it’s all about the transparent powder).

Around the eyes I painted on a pink scalloped pattern using the Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Perfect Wave mixed with a little transparent powder (told you I engaged in some questionable improvisation) and drew round the eye sockets again with the Rimmel pencil. The nose was penned on using a combination of a liquid liner and a matte black powder eyeshadow to fill it in. Then I got to work with the most colourful eye pencils I had drawing on a load of mis-matched, unsymmetrical swirls and scribbles – my steady hand needs some work. The ‘rose’ on my forehead was created using eye pencils too and coloured in with Tease from the Naked 2 Palette. To finish off I scrawled on some teeth with black eye pencil and blend a little of Blackout on the centre of my lips.

I paired it will an all-black ensemble, not too different from my usual get-up to ensure the whole thing wasn’t too ‘Lindsay Lohan from Mean Girls at the Halloween house party’. Though that doesn’t mean I didn’t cop a few odd stares on the tube journey there. It was very entertaining indeed. It’s amazing what you can do with a lipstick, cream eyeshadow and a handful of eye pencils, eh? 


  • Looks scary and cool. Love it.

    xx Mira

  • Ella

    Love it! If only I had the skill…

    I’m running a topshop makeup giveaway!

  • Kristin

    You look amazing!

  • I saw you and Lily on the daily mix’s video and I was hoping you would write a post on your look, I really want to try it but I don’t have the most steady hands love how you have used products already in your collection :p xx Emmi

  • Charlotte Lucy Philpotts

    It looks amazing! I love original Halloween ideas like this one! x

  • This is amazing! I have a little bit of an obsession with sugar skulls haha

  • Maquillage Magic

    wow looks so good!! I can’t wait for Halloween! L xxx

  • Isabelle McWilliam
  • roshkud

    You look gorgeous! I think you did a great job 🙂 I think I’d have too shakey hands to pull this off

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Evelyn Morales

    I think you did a really good job, it looks awesome!!

  • Maddy Cane

    You did an amazing job, I definitely couldn’t have managed this! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Melissa

    Great job! It looks great! Hope you had a good time at the party! – EVERYDAYMELISSA

  • Oh wow, well done on pulling this together with what bits and bobs you had, it’s great! x

    Leanne | |

  • Sick and tired

    Seriously, this makes me SO mad. Please Google ‘cultural appropriation’.

    • Sandra Hernández

      Is not as bad, as long as she really knows what she is dressed up like. In the other hand, we are here for the make up tips and bits, although it would make me happy to know Anna has the cultural part covered as well.

    • agreed

      I was worried about that… what culture is this from?

      • Sick and tired

        Mexican – these are ‘sugar skulls’ which are used in the Day of the Dead celebrations.

  • Wow – it is amazing what you can create with your makeup stash! Well done 🙂

    Sarah x

  • sarah

    yeah…sugar skulls are not really appropriate halloween looks, google cultural appropriation

  • I’ve wanted to try Michelle Phan’s look ever since I saw it! Love your recreation.

  • Rachel

    I agree with others who’ve said that wearing a Mexican sugar skull when you’re not Mexican is problematic. I hate that cultural appropriation crops up so frequently at Halloween.

  • Olivia Rickert

    wow!! this a great tutorial!! I love this blog!(:

  • Felicity Kerstin Richards

    I second the comments about cultural appropriation, it makes me sad that sugar skulls are such a ‘trend’ for Hallowe’en this year. I know that it’s unintentional though by you and most people, and I still love reading your blog!

  • Lydia

    This looks great Anna! It’s impressive what you can do with a bit of improvisation! 🙂
    Lydia x

  • Rachel

    great tutorial! love your blog

  • Eilidh MacRae

    This is a really creative look, and the step by step guide is really helpful. What make-up look will you be going for this year?

    Have a look at my Halloween make-up tutorials if you’re stuck for ideas:

  • Jennifer Kurtz

    Great Halloween tips. I will definitely apply that.