My Five Favourite Purchases For The Home…

It’s a miracle that I didn’t include the Magimix…


The shopping switch inside of me has tuned back into ‘Home & Interiors’ mode and right now a late night spent browsing West Elm sounds like the absolute dream. When it comes to most rooms in our flat, I’d say that they are about 80-90% kitted out, but there are still a few finishing touches – a floor lamp here, a small coffee table there – that would really tick-off the ‘room completed’ box. It’s got me thinking what are the things that we purchased, almost two years ago now, that I love the most. Here are five of them…

Heal’s Slouch 4 Seater Sofa. I took some real convincing when it came to this sofa. I was looking at much ‘prettier’, structured seating areas, but Mark really twisted my arm and I couldn’t argue my case whenever we went to go and sit on this because quite frankly it’s one of the comfiest sofas I’ve ever sat on. It’s like a big hug and most nights I fall asleep on it before Mark prods me to wake me and point me in the direction of the bed. It’s pricey, but it goes into the sale all the time. Keep an eye out.

Minted Crystallize Wall Art Print. We still have quite a way to go when it comes to tarting up the walls because most in the flat are still bare due to us being extremely indecisive. This one though that hangs in our bedroom is perfect. It’s one of those things that whenever I look at I see something different. Right now I’m seeing a pug and something that looks a bit like Voldemort. It’s pretty huge and takes up most of the wall that it hangs on, but I like that. It’s big, it’s bright and it reminds me of seaside-life.


John Lewis Bedding. For someone who loves sleep as much as I do, bedding is somewhere where it just makes sense to invest. I spent a good eight hours of each day in there so I want it to be the softest, most luxe-feeling bedding there is and for that I head to good ol’ John Lewis. I can’t remember exactly what we bought, but we have some dove grey and white options from their ‘Croft‘ range. You just can’t go wrong with it. The sheets are pricier than other high-street options, but they last forever. Mark and I are still using ones that we purchased back from when we first moved in together. Love ’em.

Vincent & Barn Apothecary-Style Drawer Unit. Ah you knew that this would be in here, right? I spent months trying to find the perfect home for my beauty stash and this was well worth all the hours of internet trawling. It’s annoyingly no longer in stock, but places like Not On The Highstreet or Etsy are a good place to look for more personalised furniture offerings. I can fit so much in here and now since my various makeup clear-outs, it holds all my camera and stationery goods too.


John Lewis Grayson Floor Lamp. We really tried to make an effort when it came to lighting fixtures in the home as I reckon that something interesting or a bit different really catches the eye and makes things look much more styled and polished than they actually are. They range from IKEA buys to West Elm blow-out purchases, but this John Lewis number sits somewhere in the middle and is our lighting of choice in the evenings. I wanted a floor lamp that reached out into the room, Mark wanted a floor lamp that had a lampshade on it and this was the perfect compromise. Sitting directly underneath it can feel slightly like you’re being interrogated, but overall it gives off a moody light and adds some interest to an otherwise boring corner.

Photos by Lauren Shipley