Bring On Spring: My Current Style Wishlist

…and a mid-season ASOS haul


Who else is over having to bundle themselves up with countless thermal layers, a coat, a big scarf that could easily double up as a blanket, hat and gloves every time they leave the house? *Raises hand* I’m so over the Frozen-esque climate and I’m at the point where I do a little sundance when I wake up in the morning. I mean, I don’t want it to be hot hot just yet, but a temperature where I wouldn’t have to resemble the Michelin Man each time I’m outside would be fab. Bring on spring!

It’s coming I tell you and with my Thailand trip just a couple of days away now, where the climate is (hopefully!) going to be the complete opposite of what we’re currently experiencing over here, I needed to do a quick ‘transitional’ haul, pick up a few bits for my adventure and get a new pair of slippers because I’d worn a hole into the soles of my old pair. Oh yes, it’s a bit of an odd mix, but I filmed the whole thing to show you how I online shop and also did a try-on haul when it all arrived. Wanna see that? Well have a scroll to the bottom of this post. In the meantime I thought I’d have a ramble about the items that are currently on my ‘PLEASE BE SPRING ALREADY‘ wish list…



I’m a boots gal. I wear them even in the height of summer when they make my feet excrete pools of sweat. I don’t know what it is about them, but I just don’t feel like the world is ready to be exposed to my veiny, boat-like feet, so instead I keep them covered up. I think I might have found a compromise though in a leather loafer that should be able to see me through to the summer months. I can’t quite seem to get the Gucci Horsebit-Deatailed Leather Loafers out of my mind and have spent many hours online browsing reviews (all good I should add), but these ASOS Movement Leather Loafers seem like a good dupe that I’m pencilling in as a spring purchase.



Trouser buying is up there in my most-dispised shopping categories, along with jeans, underwear and swimming costumes. I’m a big fan of online shopping and I feel like it’s tough to do for not only something that you’ve never really purchased before, but also when it’s a clothing item for your bottom-half. I asked for recommendations for a tailored, but still casual pair of black trousers in my latest video and it seems like J.Crew and Joseph are where to head. I’ve got my eye on a couple of pairs, but I feel like it’s something that I’m going to have to lug myself off my arse to actually buy in person. I’ll keep you updated.




You know I love a shirt. Knitwear is fab too, but it’s obviously more of a seasonal buy whereas shirts, depending on the material, can be a year-round wear. I feel like I’ve got my basic shirt stash down thanks to purchases from Equipment and & Other Stories, so instead I’m focusing my attentions on shirts that have a little something different about them. I love this & Other Stories Dotted Wide Cuff Silk Shirt. See? It’s patterned but still monochrome. Although Warehouse always do pretty well in this category too. I always have a search on ASOS and am pretty chuffed with the results. This Pleated Placket Shirt has the whole ‘flared sleeves’ thing going on, but not to the extent that it would brush over your plate of dinner each time you took a bite. Practically people!



I only own one belt and if I’m leaving the house and aren’t wrapped up in my dressing gown for the whole day then you can pretty much bet that I’m wearing it. It’s from & Other Stories (they’ve just got it back in stock!) and I love it. It’s simple, with gold hardware and it helps keep my jeans up on days when I haven’t eaten Coco Pops for breakfast, but also doesn’t cut in when I’ve had three bowls of the latter to start off my day. There are two that I have my eye on in particular; this Frame Circular Belt with has a bit of ’70’s vibe going on and then this ASOS Tipped Jeans Belt which makes me feel like singing ‘Wild, Wild West‘.


Photos by Lauren Shipley