My First Jo Malone Purchase

Jo Malone is a perfume pool that I’ve always wanted to dive into. Distinctively British, simple and sophisicated, luxe yet inviting, founded by the lady herself back in 1994. I’ve dabbled in a few spritzes on a fancy paper stick whenever I’ve walked past a store or counter but never indulged. That was until the other day…

After a handful of visits sniffing the same fancy paper stick soaked with their Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne I knew that one was the one for me. Sweet and citrusy in equal amounts; juicy nectarine, peach and cassis are delicately paired with Spring flowers and acacia honey to create a refreshingly girly scent. Perfect for the season! I don’t think I could really compare it to any other scents I own, it’s got much more of a citrus kick than the others. A few sprays of this in the morning and it’s still subtley there by the evening. That’s the one thing that really stood out to me about Jo Malone, all their fragrances were simplistic and subtle but beautiful. They cater for everyone with woody, heady scents but equally sweet and powdery. Everyone is going to find a Jo Malone that they love. I also adore their clean branding – minimalistically set-up stores, no-fuss bottles and a nod to their ever classic black and white logo.

I always thought that Jo Malone scents were extortionately expensive, but a 30ml bottle of one of their classic colognes will set you back £38, which is quite standard for a higher end acent. They do encourage you to purchase two and mix and layer your fragrances, which obviously bumps up the price! I bought mine from the Jo Malone counter in the new beauty hall in Oxford Street John Lewis (which is well worth a visit!), but there are a few stand alone stores throughout London or you can purchase online.  Have any of you ladies indulged in Jo Malone? What’s your favourite scent? Or will you be adding it to your wishlist?


  • I too visited the new JL beauty hall Jo Malone – gorgeous isn’t it. I picked up a sample of Orange Blossom. It is really lovely x

  • WY

    Sounds like the perfect summer fragrance, and I absolutely love citrus. I find it refreshes me immediately!

    Would love to smell some of the JM fragrances, too bad they don’t sell it here. And they only ship within the UK. 🙁 x

  • Silvia Quirós

    I have one and I love it, it perfect for me, so I love Jo Malone, thanks for sharing!

  • Sounds lovely, i thought it would be more expensive but that doesnt seem bad at all! x

  • Emily B

    I always walk past my Jo Malone shop and never go in, might have to take a trip in one day!

  • Ying_Cheung

    I have been tempted by the Jo Malone perfumes but never indulged in one. Theres so many scents that i like that i cant decide which one to buy. I think if i find one that i really really like, i may have to ask my boyfriend to buy it for me as a gift on a special occasion 🙂 I love the simplicity of the packaging and it’s so sophisticated that i cannot wait to add one of these to my perfume collection 🙂 hehe

  • I think I’ll be picking up Orange Blossom before my holiday as there’s a shop in Gatwick. I love the packaging, it seems so sophisticated! And it’s a good size for throwing in your bag xx

  • That’s the one I bought a while back. It is just so gorgeous. I did a blog post on it x x

  • Daphne

    You should really give a try to English pear, it is just so refreshing and unique! I bought the small bottle in december and am now half way through using it every day, so it will last you.

  • I’m liking the sound of a perfume pool! Haha. xx 

  • Octoberchic

    You’ve officially become my new beauty guru go to! I love your reviews and always go out and check out what you do recommend. I have also been eyeing Jo Malone products but never purchased anything, I think that’s about to change! Love your stuff.

  • Every time I go in to the Cardiff store I fall in love with Dark Amber and Ginger Lily but it’s only available in 100ml 🙁 sad times! I may treat myself soon though… x

  • earthtopetal

    I’ve been after the Nectarine and Honey Blossom Cologne for ages! x

  • Beth Bradley

    I really want to try Jo Malone, so many people love her products!


  • Jodi Jean

    My boyfriend got the Nectarine Blossom delight for me for Christmas. It smells like summer vacation with home made cobbler. I’m going very easy on it because it’s one of those indulgences. I love her fragrances and I love that not everyone wears her. So glad you did a post on it. 🙂

  • Ellie

    This sounds devine, I must try Jo Malone, it’s such a luxurious brand that everyone loves 🙂

  • I really want to get my hands on a Jo Malone perfume but sadly enough it’s not available in Belgium, not even online. Oh well I’ll just have to plan a trip to London 🙂



    I always watch your YouTube videos and u inspired me to write myself a little bloggie!!! My best friend just gave me my first Jo Malone fragrance! She gave me the Agave and cacao!!! I could drink it because it smells so good! Have u smelled that one? I don’t smell cacao at all, but it goes on my skin like it was made for me! I’m so happy you got your fav!!!! I can’t wait to try the Basil one and the one you have! Will you check out my blog?

    I’m such a newbie, if u have the time could you give me some pointers? I feel like it’s my first day to blog school! I only have a quick intro, but I’ve taken loads of pics of things I want to share with likeminded people!!! Maybe I’ll talk about my new Jo Malone fragrance for my first post. If you have a few minutes could you email me back?

    Hope u are well!!

    Courtney (bluemchen2009)

  • Mine’s English Pear & Freesia! Vanilla & Anise is really awesome too!

  • Sonyafby

    I’ve got pomegranate noir and it’s gorgeous!!!

  • CharlieWarlie

    I’ve got nectarine and honey blossom and wild fig and cassis. I like them on their own and layered too, they smell like a really fresh ripe peach together!

    • Oooo that sounds like a lovely combo! x

  • I adore her perfumes. I think they are all I will want to wear, and having worked in a fragrance hall and smelt pretty much every perfume around, thats saying something! I love Pomegranate Noir. I wear that and have the fragrance chronicles which includes some other scents to combine with it. I love it 

  • Mary

    So glad there is a Jo Malone store in Nottingham now 🙂 don’t have to go all the way to London to get my perfume fix :) 

  • becky_satc

    Love the sound of this, I only have one Jo Malone fragrance – Dark Amber & Ginger Lily – but I think it might be my all-time favourite fragrance!

  • I’ve been wanting to try Jo Malone for a while now, I think now I’ll finally take the leap!

  • Karaaa92

    This is my favorite Jo Malone fragrance. It goes very wel with pomegranate nior. Try pairing the two up sometime, it is simply divine!

  • I’ve had a sniff of this yesterday (a little late, I know but there’s no counter near me) and it is really lovely! But the peony & blush suede was nice too.