My Daily Habits for 2023 & How I Plan On *Actually* Doing Them

…for real this time!

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Why hello there! Happy 2023! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But one thing I’d love to be better at this year is blogging. Call me old school, but I love it. It’s just such a great centralised hub for ALL THE CONTENT. Plus, from a purely selfish aspect it’s like an online diary that handily allows me to find the protein pancake recipe that I used to make all the time back in 2015. So here’s to blogging more this year! The posts might be a little snappier, and they’ll more than likely be little less heavy on the picture-front, but hopefully they’ll be more of them. So keep an eye round here for lists, brain dumps and just handy resources and round-ups. First, up my 2023 daily habits…

In terms of resolutions I’ve kept it simple this year. I thought I’d give the whole ‘12 Week Year‘ thing a go; an idea in which you split the year down in quarters and set your goals for the 12 weeks ahead only. They might mount up to a big change throughout the whole year, but at that one point in time you’re just focused on the immediate steps ahead. Simple, right? My first goal – start a craft as a hobby (hence the crochet hook – I’ve knitted three squares so far), and complete a simple project before the end of March. My second goal – travel more, which for the next 12 weeks has broken down into the steps of sort out Ralph with a passport and book a summer holiday for us all. My third goal? Complete a hard reset for January. For me that means completing all my daily habits everyday for the first month of the year. So far, so good and in doing so I hope to establish some habits that I begin to do without even thinking about them. This girl needed a kick up the rear to do some simple steps which ultimately leave me feeling really good, sleeping better and overall just being a happier me. Each is noted in a habit tracking table on my Notion (because you know I just LOVE THAT STUFF), and as I do them each day I tick them off. Here’s how I’m making them really easy for me to complete…

HABIT #1 – Journal. Towards the end of last year I started the Five Minute Journal* and do you know what? It’s fab. I feel like it really puts me in a good mood for the day ahead. I’ve now transferred this into a template into my Notion that I start afresh everyday because doing it digitally means I can do it on my phone in bed without waking anyone up in the morning!

HABIT #2 – Daily supplements. This is a simple one, but having a small child during the winter months is an endurance test of your immune system – let me tell you! I’ve bought myself a Pill Box* that I refill weekly so I never miss a dose. Plus I keep it in my skincare drawer so I make sure I see it every morning and every evening.

HABIT #3 – Eat whole foods. Blah, blah, a cliche I know, but I was just so sick of eating a gigantic bag of crisps for lunch because there was no other food to eat in the house. The irony is that I LOVE feeding the little man delicious foods, but I was not prioritising myself. So the plan here is two fold. Firstly, pushing food shops up the priority list and making sure they are full of ingredients that can sustain us ALL, all day long. And secondly, I’ve created a meal ideas template in Notion so whenever I’m feeling a bit uninspired, it’s easy for me to find things that I want to eat and are quick to cook.

HABIT #4 – Movement. Ahhh again, you’ve got me. I’m a walking, talking new years cliche BUT I felt myself slowing getting into the swing of daily movement towards the end of last year and I’d love for it to be something I just do. Mark and I have booked in our favourite Pilates Teacher to come to the house weekly – so no excuses there! And I’m giving some different workouts a go, so hopefully my week will consist of spinning, pilates and walking with a bit of strength training thrown in too – like the old days! I used to write my weekly schedule down on paper, but I now schedule it in Notion which gives me a bit more flexibility when it comes to moving things around and keeping track. I just feel so much clearer in my mind and sleep so much better when I’ve moved my body. Boring, but true.

HABIT #5 – Beauty self-care. This a nice one. I really wanted to have a daily habit that was all for me. A way to carve out some time of every single day for myself, which I personally just find so, so imperative to my mental health. So whether it’s a nice long bath, 10 minutes with a LED Mask*, a little Gua Sha* routine, a full body fake tan – not only do these things make me feel great physically, they help me mentally too. If ever I’m feeling a bit uninspired, I’ve made a list of things in my – yep you’ve guessed it – Notion.

HABIT #6 – Whering app. It’s a simple one, but I lost my way with digitally diarising my wardrobe during the months of November and December and I’d love to do it for a whole year just for the analytics alone because I’m a NERD. So I’ve updated the app with any newer purchases I’ve made and usually log my outfit for the day whilst I’m brushing my teeth in the evening. This a real easy one to tick off.