My Boot Collection: High, Higher, Highest

It’s a well-known fact in my social circles that I love a good boot (just watch the Mr & Mrs Challenge that Lily and I filmed for evidence). Boots are a design of shoe that have all bases covered; pair a hardy fabric with a low heel and you have yourself an everyday footwear option, but sling on a heeled sole in a fancier cladding option and there you have yourself a slightly more comfortable than your classic heels evening accompaniment. Heck, I even wear them in the summer. My toes barely ever see the light of day (for good reason). So for this heap of style serving I thought I’d bring the best of my boot collection to the table. Ranging from the slipper-like flats to the towering pair that I can just about totter around in.

HIGH: Whistles Lauren Cross Strap Ankle Flat Boots, last picture. Unfortunately these are no longer available in the beige shade as they were a Whistles sales purchase that I managed to score at a fraction of the price and I’d been eyeing them up for months. It was a good day when these arrived. Be warned – the soles on these have no grip and I may have gone flying at the cinema last week which caused a bystander and myself to let out a big fat swear word, but they’re an aesthetically pleasing pair of shoes. They’re not flat per se, but the heel is a mere fraction compared others that I own and I propose these are a wicked pair for daily use (just keep an eye out for slippery surfaces).

HIGHER: ASH Jalouse Suede Mid Heel Ankle Boots, middle picture. Welcome to the most comfortable pair of heeled boots, ever. I picked these up in two colourways late last year (in my defence I had a gift voucher burning a hole in my pocket) and they’re already one of the most well-worn purchases I’ve ever made. With a heel that gives just enough lift to make legs look long and lean and a dipped front that gives a flattering cut on the ankle, I don’t have one bad thing to say about them. I picture them being a fab pick for summer too paired with dresses or the odd skirt (pah – who am I kidding? I wear jeans all year round). Is it wrong that I also want the black?

HIGHEST: Whistles Canter Black Block Heel Leather Ankle Boots, top picture. Now I must firstly say that these looked a lot less ‘heel-y’ in the picture online – when they arrived I walked a few times around my flat in a Bambi-like fashion before having a moment of madness and agreeing to keep them. Despite the heel situation – which I’ve just about managed to master with a swagger that includes some serious knee bending – these are a stellar pair of soles. Part leather, part suede, with a golden button tie these are my go-to pair for evenings when I’m CBA-ed with my stilettos. Which is basically every time.

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