My Boot Collection: High, Higher, Highest

It’s a well-known fact in my social circles that I love a good boot (just watch the Mr & Mrs Challenge that Lily and I filmed for evidence). Boots are a design of shoe that have all bases covered; pair a hardy fabric with a low heel and you have yourself an everyday footwear option, but sling on a heeled sole in a fancier cladding option and there you have yourself a slightly more comfortable than your classic heels evening accompaniment. Heck, I even wear them in the summer. My toes barely ever see the light of day (for good reason). So for this heap of style serving I thought I’d bring the best of my boot collection to the table. Ranging from the slipper-like flats to the towering pair that I can just about totter around in.

HIGH: Whistles Lauren Cross Strap Ankle Flat Boots, last picture. Unfortunately these are no longer available in the beige shade as they were a Whistles sales purchase that I managed to score at a fraction of the price and I’d been eyeing them up for months. It was a good day when these arrived. Be warned – the soles on these have no grip and I may have gone flying at the cinema last week which caused a bystander and myself to let out a big fat swear word, but they’re an aesthetically pleasing pair of shoes. They’re not flat per se, but the heel is a mere fraction compared others that I own and I propose these are a wicked pair for daily use (just keep an eye out for slippery surfaces).

HIGHER: ASH Jalouse Suede Mid Heel Ankle Boots, middle picture. Welcome to the most comfortable pair of heeled boots, ever. I picked these up in two colourways late last year (in my defence I had a gift voucher burning a hole in my pocket) and they’re already one of the most well-worn purchases I’ve ever made. With a heel that gives just enough lift to make legs look long and lean and a dipped front that gives a flattering cut on the ankle, I don’t have one bad thing to say about them. I picture them being a fab pick for summer too paired with dresses or the odd skirt (pah – who am I kidding? I wear jeans all year round). Is it wrong that I also want the black?

HIGHEST: Whistles Canter Black Block Heel Leather Ankle Boots, top picture. Now I must firstly say that these looked a lot less ‘heel-y’ in the picture online – when they arrived I walked a few times around my flat in a Bambi-like fashion before having a moment of madness and agreeing to keep them. Despite the heel situation – which I’ve just about managed to master with a swagger that includes some serious knee bending – these are a stellar pair of soles. Part leather, part suede, with a golden button tie these are my go-to pair for evenings when I’m CBA-ed with my stilettos. Which is basically every time.

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  • Evelyn Morales

    I love the whistels shoes, they look so classy and chic. Shame that they are out of my price range as I am looking for a good ankle boot with a medium heel. I just bought some nice high heel boots from mango but they are definitely not for everyday wear.

  • Anna Blush

    I love the Whistles boot! You’re absolutely right about the versatility of boots, they are such a wardrobe staple x

  • Love them all! I’m really a boot-kinda-girl, too 🙂

    Scent of Fashion

  • Love all of these! I am exactly the same, Anna. I live in boots and am always on the look out for the latest perfect accompaniment to my wardrobe. SO MUCH BETTER for nights out than bloody stilettos haha! 🙂 x

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    Sophie x

  • Josephine Fear

    Oh my gosh I practically live in my Whistles Canter Boots, I can barely remember life before them 😉

    Josie xoxo

    Fashion Mumblr

  • Love all 3 pairs!

  • sarazbeautytonic

    i love the high one..i have been on a look for perfect pair of boots for absolute ages ound one in selfridges the other day but they dint have my size :S

  • Ruhee

    All these look great. The Ash pair are my favorites. I was never much of a booties wearer before this winter( sneakers had my heart) but a pair ( or two) from Zara made me a convert. I now own three pairs and have my eye on another rad one from Toms. Good to know that you are a fellow boot lover too!!

  • Boots are the best! I’ve got loads of pairs from all over the place and they always win in a contest with shoes. What I have yet to find, though, is a comfy, stylish and durable pair for wearing on my motorbike. Apparently female bikers don’t care about having stylish feet – well I beg to differ

  • Holly Cooke

    I adore boots! The Whistles ones in the top picture are just gorgeous! x

  • Eleisha

    I always wear my boots, people ask me all the time do my feet not hurt etc. but they’re the best shoes! I own 6 pairs, all from different shops – however All Saints is fab!!

    -side note-
    I wear black all year round too. My absolute fave colour!

    Eleisha x

  • Laura Stanley-Bratley

    The Canters are my favourite boots ever. Unfortunately can’t afford these ones but I found a New Look dupe in the sales (amongst all the other boots that I bought in the sales – why are they all so nice?!)


  • Harriet

    Oh girl do I love me some boots! Totally with you – and I also have the Whistles canter boots- they are so comfy I couldn’t do without them now 🙂 Itching to buy some more boots even though I really shouldn’t!! x

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    I love the high Whistles ankle boots! I go an visit them in Whistles every time I’m shopping 😛 ! If they’re still there in February I’ll get them I think!

    alex @

  • Stefanie Meier

    I love booties, they can be dressed up or dressed down and these are just perfect


  • Lilly

    Gorgeous heel collection, and I NEED these Whistles boots in my life!!

  • Catherine Alice

    The first pair is amazing, yet I always tower over everyone if I wear any heels over 2 inches high! So annoying 🙁

  • Lys

    The highest Whistles boots are gorgeous!

  • JoySteib

    Loving your style of boots….which comes with that little humor mixed in with your blog!!

  • Amber Hunter

    I love your highest heeled pair! It’s the kind I’m looking into before I go to New York. There’s a Rag & Bone version I’ve fallen in love with but I have to find a good alternate because they’re waaaay out of my price range haha. Thanks for sharing these Anna!


    Lovely Notions

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    Lovely collection! I don’t have boots. At all! None! But you are making me want to buy one (or more).
    What is ‘CBA-ed’?

  • I love those brown flat boots! And omg I fee, your pain about the smooth bottom boots! I did that in my apartment complex- I was taking a step off the escalator and I did one of those ‘feet-up-in-the-air’ comical falls. I was wearing headphones and I could hear everyone gasp UNANIMOUSLY- the LAUGH AWFULLY LOUD. And to add insult to injury, no one even checked if I was okay. I’m not saying I need the pampering, but it’s just courtesy, ya know? I treated myself to a LOT of chocolate that night, LOL

  • I have some boots from next while have a slight heel with I can wear comfortably for school 🙂

    Kate xo /

  • Beth

    The midi heeled black suede pair are gorgeous!


    Beth Young Makeup

  • Chaitra

    i love the second one 🙂 Looks really comfy !

  • Carrie Ward

    You aren’t the only one who loves boots. They can make any outfit dressed up or dressed down in my opinion. So are you going to get the Acne Pistol boots at all? I remember you saying you wanted those ones. 🙂 I am seriously lusting after the Ash ones now you have posted this

  • I love boots, they can completely change an outfit and are so comfortable too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • The top ones are my favourites! Soo gorgeous. I bet they look amazing on as well.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  • siska

    love the first one:)

  • Alice Wright

    I love boots too! They’re just so versatile. My toes also never see the light in summer haha! x

  • Amy

    The highest pair are my favourite here Ana, they are gorgeous! 🙂

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  • Izzhowden

    i want them all, especially the last pair wow!

  • Francisca Ferreira

    loved the 3rd ones!!

  • Eleri Roberts

    I’m such a sucker for boots. Love the Whistle bad boys! x

    Eleri Roberts

  • Stephanie

    Fab selection, I love a good boot and yours are to die for! I’m much more a black boot fan than brown though!


    Follow @ bloglovin:


  • Jolien

    I do love a good boot, myself. I wouldn’t say they’re “slightly more comforable” than regulr heels. Heck, I can wear high heeled boots all day with only a slight discomfort whereas I want to kick off heels after an hour.

  • Bella

    LOVE this post!!! I have at least 6 pairs of black ankle boots. Isabel Marant Dickers, Ash Jalouse, Rag & Bone Harrow (Amelia-inspired purchase), 2 pairs of Acne Pistols, one pair with brown heel and sole and the other with all black, and the Acne ones with the strap around the shaft of the boot (Cypres? Whatever). Regularly my husband says, all 6 of these pairs of boots are the same, shall we throw 5 out? And I flip him the bird :p.

  • Celina

    I love boots! The ones you have here are all so lovely!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • Allison

    These are all so great! I just picked up a completely flat pair of black boots yesterday! Its quite odd compared to my 4 inch high boots!

  • dannii ofe

    love the highest pair, i’m a sucker for a black heeled boot!

  • PeonyandPeach
  • These “higher” ankle boots are just perfect! Amazing xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • Those Canter heels are gorgeous, but I just know I would never wear them, I could never get used to being that high! All lovely pairs though Anna 🙂 xx

  • Haha, good use of CBA!

    Love love love the first pair of Whistle boots, they do look high but perfect for a night out.


  • Khannablog

    Love the canter heels, they actually inspired me to buy black heeled boots, which are much higher than I usually wear! Wish me luck. Thanks for the inspiration xx

  • Major boot envy! x

  • Liesa V

    Ohh, I love boots! Especially ankle boots. Lovely collection you’ve got! xx

  • Karen

    I love the boots in the first picture!!