Shimmer, Spring and a Surprise Trip to Edinburgh

It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away:

1. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Cleopatra in New York. I do feel a little naughty sporting such a festive shade at such an uneventful time of year, but screw the trends – I’m currently sporting black and gold tips and loving it. I’m not usually a glitter gal myself, but something about the way this formula floated around the bottom meant it found its way to the top of my mani pile instantly. It does take a good four coats to build up the colour (after the first lacklustre layer I ended up googling swatches to see if the magic was ever going to happen), but patience wears off and leaves a multifaceted effect that I could quite easily stare at all day.

2. Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush. I picked this up as part of a recent Selfridges spree and I can hand on my heart say it’s one the best things I hauled making foundation application ridiculously easy peasy. I can see how this isn’t the best pick for ‘precise’, full-coverage base days, but for when you want to get something slapped on in a matter seconds and aren’t feeling your fingers, this is the brush to go for. It manages to blend a sheer wash of tint all-over in a few strokes. The domed tip makes it good for concealer too.

3. Spring 2014 beauty launches. The beauty industry are treating us to a sea of springtime shades to wave away our winter blues and I for one am excited. I opened up the forum to you in Thursday’s post and now have a rather long shopping list – cheers guys. But top of the pack for me is the NARS NARcissit Eyeshadow Palette. Swit swoo. Review coming soon. 

4. Beauty Junkie in London’s ‘Incoming #1’ VideoSpeaking of spring launches, Jen’s complied the ultimate guide to spring newness in video format for you to feast your eyes on. Now I’m really excited. 

5. Edinburgh! Non-beauty related, but as this post publishes I’ll be on my way to Edinburgh as part of a birthday surprise for my boyfriend, Mark. I’ve secretly booked flights, a hotel, booked him a day off work and packed his bags while he was out, then as his final gift that he opens this morning he’ll find a Edinburgh city guide, flight tickets and boom we’ll be at the airport an hour later. So, any food or to-do recommendations please do shout you bonny lasses.