Life & Work Organisation Tips & Tricks


I love to tidy. I love to be organised. And I love nothing more than writing a good ol’ list. I know – classic Virgo. So this weekend I thought I’d share with you my top tips and tricks for planning in the life and work departments and they also just so happen to all be pretty Sunday appropriate…

1. To-do lists rule. They really do. Whenever I have some kind of to-do list rolling my day seems to be that little bit more organised and productive. Whenever I don’t bother to write one I feel all scatty and out of sorts and end up starting tasks without finishing them and jumping from one thing to another. I like to section my to-do lists out to make them even clearer and easier to organise, grouping similar activities under each heading.

2. Tidy room, tidy mind. When my workspace is messy, so are my thoughts (oh so deep). Whether it’s your desk or you work from home having a quick tidy-up before you start your day will make the whole thing run more smoothly and mean that you don’t end up loosing a Pret sandwich under piles of paper, product and panda-shaped highlighters (yep I’ve got them – Paperchase).

3. Don’t follow Buzzfeed on Twitter. You will never get anything done ever again. Period.

4. Schedule in a seasonal clear-out. This is a step that I’ve even managed to get my hoarder boyfriend, Mark, to buy into. A quarterly clear-out of every single room, drawer, crevice of the flat (that sounds like a huge task but our flat is teeny tiny), is a good way of streaming everything from kitchen cupboards to in-shower supplies and clothing. Donate to charity shops, clothes banks and recycle where you can and aside from doing your good deed of the day you’ll feel like an organisation QUEEN.

5. Have a Sunday pre-game plan session. Each Sunday evening I like to take a bit of time – 10 minutes if that – to get myself mentally prepared for the impending Monday and the week ahead. I take a look through my diary to see how my week is shaping up, write a master list of what I need to do each day work, socially and any errands I need to run, which is what I use to populate my daily to-dos. It sounds super nerdy but it doesn’t take too long out of my evening pamper schedule and gives me an idea of what the next five days will look like.

My plan for today? Tidy, clear-out and have a pre-game plan sesh tonight. My inner Virgo is one happy chappy right now. That combined with a big ol’ roast somewhere along line is what Sunday’s are all about.

P.S) I purchased the 12 week workout planner from Daily Greatness. I’m planning on noting all my Half Marathon training in there which starts December 1st, so I’m sure I’ll let you in on how it goes.