Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance

It’s stating the obvious to say that these days I embrace a ‘dewy’ makeup finish. Pass on the powder, rank up the highlight and job’s a good’un. There are plenty of cream shimmers, powder glimmers and liquid luminizers swimming around in my makeup sea, but one thing that I’ve never tried and tested is a primer targeted at primarily boosting radiance. I’ve had my eye on the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance for a while, which unsurprisingly serves the outlined above purpose. I added it to my Christmas list (yep I’m a 23 year woman who still writes one), crossed my fingers and would you believe it – after having to draw a map directing my Mother to our local Space NK store – there it was under the tree. Babe.

It’s worth noting that I’ve tried a Laura Mercier Primer previously, the Oil-Free formula to be exact and we didn’t see eye to eye. It left my skin feeling a little tacky and had a whiffy ‘plasticy’ scent, so off that was shipped to a willing family member. But I’m pleased to report I’m getting on better with it’s Radiance counterpart. It ticks all the boxes a dewiness injecting primer should. It leaves a sandblasted glow to the skin, pronounces natural highlights and adds a little more longevity to your base, all without a chunky glitter particle in sight. So far, so good. When paired with something light over the top, like the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle or the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser, all the cogs start roll, everything aligns and it looks like fresh skin perfection. But when layering on more of a medium to full coverage base the effect isn’t so good. The shine is lost, shimmer engulfed and you need to layer on some sort of highlighter to get the original effect of the primer back. Lesson learned – low coverage bases are the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance’s perfect partner.

So it looks like another product to add to my summertime stash. First the Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Tinted Balm and now this? I’m developing quite the kit. But with snow forecasted for the weekend I think it will be quite a while till I can rock the faux-beach glow…


  • Kim

    great… been on the market for a ne primer.. thanks

  • Emilie Garnes

    Might have to try this together with my LM tinted moisuriser then..Oh dear my “I want” list is getting longer for every review you out up! Lots of Love xx Em

  • Natalia

    Anna, did you try LM Silk Creme Foundation? If yes, what do you think about it? Thank you.

  • Ellen T

    Sounds like a great primer! I may have to give this one a try 🙂 great post!


  • Ellen T

    Sounds like a great primer! I may have to give this one a try 🙂 great post!


  • Ally

    Lately I’ve been using RMS Beauty for that dewy, glowy look. I’ve had a deluxe sized sample of this primer sitting for months, I don’t know why I haven’t tried it! Must give it a go under my LM tinted moisturizer! Thanks for the review.

  • Aww bless your Mum! 🙂 I’ve never really got into primers and I’m yet to try Laura Mercier products… I may have to kill two birds with one stone and give this a whirl! 😉

  • katherine.parkes

    sounds beautiful, I had the same problem with the oil free primer too so maybe I should try this! x

  • Aine

    Fab review, also bought this recently and am loving it! Add the bronze and summer ahead is set! X

  • Julika

    ok… I already planned getting the tinted moisturizer for the summer, now I’ll have to add this one. but there’s enough time left to save money – I can see some snow in front of my window 🙂
    thanks for another great review!

  • I tried this and unfortunately the scent is really terrible..idk if i’m the only one who smells how plastics it can be..though it didn’t do much on me 🙁

  • Hadiya

    this seems to be lovely product 🙂

  • Elizabeth Malm

    I don’t know why, but this made me break out so badly! Even though it is water based…I cannot figure out why. I was so bummed because it is such a gorgeous product!

  • Tamara Lois

    So I’ve been looking for a foundation primer for ages, would you definitely reccommend this then, from what you’ve written it looks good! Also, I love your writing style, you’ve got a great blog going on:)

  • Nelle

    I just tried this primer this week and haaaated it! It made every poor and fine line jump out. Totally awful. And then I put a light/medium coverage foundation on and it just made my skin look oily through the foundation. Ick. It just goes to show that every product works differently with every face!

  • Interesting to see that this isn’t great with high coverage bases, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I tend to only wear light coverage bases when my skin is behaving (funny that!) but I do like the sound of this.

  • I have this and didn’t notice much ‘radiance’. Maybe it’s because I use a heavier coverage! Will try a lighter one and see how I go 🙂