A Neutral Array

A neutral makeup look from me, non? What a wonderful surprise. I jest, I jest. Yesterday was a day I’d been looking forward to for a long while; an afternoon of cocktails followed by evening filled with some of the most bendy, fearless and incredible performers I’ve ever seen at Cirque du Soleil. I’m not sure I’ve ever had my inability to touch my own toes rubbed in my own face so vigorously. The event called for my usual makeup look with an extra bit of ‘somethin’, somethin’, and when occasions like this roll in there’s one trusty quad that I know will do the job…

For base I layered on the Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation in 2 all over, Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer in Sand under my eyes and the Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Concealer in 2* on any redness – I think I’ll leave that explanation of my well-loved and often repeated products there. I paid a little extra attention to my cheeks and striped on some of the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium, with a touch of Estée Lauder’s Tender Blush in Peach Nuance on the apples and a slick of Jemma Kidd’s All Over Radiance Dewy Glow in Ice Gold over my highpoints. Face completed. A brush through of the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel* and L’Oreal’s Telescopic Waterproof Mascara on the lashes, sorted those two areas, then onto the good bit. One eyeshadow that does that whole ‘one shade and you’re sorted thing‘ is MAC’s Soba. A greened, yellowed golden brown with a few sparkles, never fails to do a simple and subtle smokey eye. I paired it with a little of MAC Espresso in the crease and got down to some serious blending. A fix of MAC’s Patisserie on the lips and out the door I ran.

Like I said that trusty little quad never fails to amaze, oh and All That Glitters and Smut are the other shades in the palette, just incase your MAC loving brains were wondering. My task for the day? Must. Touch. My. Toes.

*PR Sample


  • Catherine Westcott

    That eye shadow is so pretty on you! I’ve been wanting to make up a MAC quad palette for ages and when I do some of those colours may well make an appearance.

  • Nicole

    I must pick up Soba! And of course that EL Tender blush looks soo appealing! Presentation always gets me! Great post!

  • Abby

    You look gorgeous 🙂 what colour do you use for your eyebrows? xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  • Sarah

    Love this neutral look! That EL blush looks amazing 🙂 x

  • Love Patisserie on you! Am now lusting over those MAC pans, the whole quad looks very wearable and classic.

  • I love it when you wear eyeshadow! Also that Estée Lauder blush looks SO beautiful. I can’t stop staring at it longingly.

  • meneksh

    What a lovely look, gorgeous colours! I’ve been doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred for the past while, it made me realise how inflexible I am and how difficult I find any sort of bending or stretching, ha. I would *love* to see the Cirque du Soleil!

  • Grace

    Great post and photographs as always! This is such a pretty look and has secured a MAC eyeshadow quad firmly on my shopping list!x

  • I need Soba in my life! It looks really good on you. It looks like a colour Clémence Poésy would wear and she’s gorgeous!

  • joysteib

    How can such a plain and natural look take you to the height of beauty??? It does!!! You look so fresh and yet sophisticated!!! 🙂

  • Rita

    I love the makeup! x

  • Kavita

    Never fails to disappoint?? Bit confuzzled on that one, but lovely post Anna 🙂 This style is right up my alley!

    • Thanks for pointing that out – an error produced by my 7am writing sessions 😉

  • Lorna – Studs and Dreams

    Patisserie looks beautiful! I neeeed some more MAC products stat!

  • Jess

    Now that I see Soba in action, I’m really impressed how it jazzes the whole look up

  • Katie Hello

    Beautiful look Anna!

    Katie xx

  • Pippjones

    Loving the colours that you’ve put together in your mac quartet. Pretty neutrals!

    pipp xx

  • I love neutral make-up looks and i too also have a coordinated natural MAC palette made up of similar shades to you! The Estee Lauder blush is gorgeous, but i have never seen it in the stores~ I must look into it (although i am hoping its not limited edition) After this post, MAC patisserie lipstick is on my wishlist because it looks so pretty and effortless on the lips 😀 Thank you so much for telling us the products you have used~

    X x X x

  • Ellen T

    Gorgeous look! MAC Soba is on my wish list!

    xx Ellen

  • Natalia

    Absolutely GORGEOUS makeup! This has got to be one of my favourite looks from you so far. I love Patisserie by MAC it’s actually my favourite lipstick! I now need soba in my life it’s gorgeous, nothing like it! x

  • oh that is such a pretty look. That blush is absolutely beautiful in the palette and on your face.

  • Denise F.

    NIce look!

  • Victoria

    Gorgeous as always! You are my new eyebrow hero. Trying to grow mine to get them shaped a bit thicker and more natural. Yours are amazing!

  • kezkitten17

    love that mac lipstick! not a shade im familiar with but its lovely!

  • xXTessabonbonXx

    Hi Anna, I was wondering if you could do a review of the YSL Touche Eclat foundation or the Origins Plantscription one? Xx

  • Emily

    That eyeshadow is gorgeous!! Loving simple eyeshadows at the moment!

  • I love your lipstick. Looks very natural.

  • Sarah

    Hi! Was just wondering what the other two eyeshadows are in the quad other than Soba and Espresso! I am looking for four shadows to make up a quad. I’ve been researching so I know I want Soba but am still looking for a highlight, dark color and a neutral shimmer color 🙂

  • Lou S

    That Origins concealer has got to be mine… I’m drooling with your products, love all of them!

  • Liora

    That blush looks gorgeous! Looks like you could be enabling me to buy another product… xxx

  • katherine.parkes

    that blush is beautiful, love the eyeshadow on you too 🙂

  • that color really looks good on you

  • Emma

    Do you think you could do a video about how to do a good neutral look? I’m not so good at it, and would love to see!

  • avmademoiselle

    Love the neutral look, you look very beautiful!

  • Why did Jemma Kidd have to end #sob

  • Jessica Ringle

    I love your writing style. You communicate your personality so well. Now that the scholarly bit is out of the way…you look so preeeeeetty! Haha.