June Favourites

Ah favourites time has rolled around again. How is it even July? I wouldn’t know the month due to the awful weather at the moment – but miserable weather rambling aside June was actually a pretty good month beauty-wise. I tried out plenty of new skincare bits, fell in love with some Summer favourites on holiday and visited the place where makeup dreams are made, Sephora (but more on that later!). So here’s my June faves offering – select to ‘Watch on Youtube’ for all the extra links and info. What products have you discovered this month? We’ve reached the half yearly point now, anything you think would wheedle it’s way into your 2012 favourites?


  • suzannemichellemartin

    I need the after sun, will have to pop into Boots and get some before I head off on holiday

  • Lauren
  • cescafrancis_x

    Loved your favourites, I follow your blog so much that I always know whats going to pop up in your Favourites videos!

  • guest

    can you do a video on moroccan oil vs macadamia oil and what one you prefer?

  • oh cant wait to watch this video!

  • Lorna Patrick

    love your videos so much! :)

  • Justaspoonfulofsugarblog

    The Ren cleanser looks great, love your videos!

  • Jomard Anne

    Hey, I’m a faithful follower for about a year now from France and I just felt like telling you that I feel you have  amazing taste in both makeup and style (although, our tastes are the same, so I’m biased). Thank you for your blog, I always enjoy reading it and discovering new things 🙂
    Anyway, I’m moving to London for Uni next year and I hope everyone is as lovely as you!

  • T & M