Essie Fear or Desire

Grab some shades or at least cover your eyes cause I’m cracking out a bright and it’s bloomin’ neon – the epitome of ‘in yer face’. I’m usually a neutral lass when it comes to nails, Essie’s Fiji, Ballet Slippers or Nail Inc’s Porchester Square* are regular frequenters on my nails but while I was on holiday I had a sudden urge to lacquer on some orange. Perhaps the sun had gone to my head or I’d watched the episode of Made In Chelsea where they’re all getting their nails painted in bright shades in a fancy nail bar too much.  But whatever the reason I was a woman on a mission so in I stomped into Walgreens while I was away and picked up the most outrageous orange they had, which just so turned out to be Essie’s Fear or Desire.

Part of Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ collection for Summer 2012, which is stunning by the way – Essie can do no wrong in my eyes, Fear or Desire hits it up as a vibrant orange with a cream finish. Although it did take three careful layers to build up the colour, I only used two coats on my toes and they look fine, just me being a streaky-free OCD. I painted them on Sunday and looking down at my nails four days later I only have a slight chip on my pointy finger; that is with the help of OPI’s Nail Envy as a base and Seche Vite as a topcoat of course. If it can last till tomorrow I may have to start dubbing Essie ‘The One Week Mani’, it always lasts so well on me. My favourite thing about this shades is pairing it with a load if rings with hints of turqouise – Summer hippy nail perfection!

Now unfortunately this isn’t going to be a shade you’ll be able to pick up in the Boots or Superdrug diffusion line as it’s limited edition. But you can pick it up from BeautyBay, but do bare in mind that as it’s part of their normal line it does have their usual thin brush applicator – fiddling around with that made me realise just how good the new brushes in the diffusion line range really are. Any of you guys going crazy for orange this season?

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  • Rebecca Brittle

    I ordered the summer collection from ebay and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I wasn’t sure about this shade but after seeing your photots I can’t wait to try it!

    • Ah yes – lucky you picking up some other shades too! x 

  • Emily burto

    I love essie polishes! But i sometimes find there brush is a little bit small. OPI has thr best application by far!

    Love this colour!

    • Ah try some from the diffusion range if you can – those brushes are amazing! x 

  • mondaynightfashion

    I recently bought a magazine (SI Style) that had a lilac essie polish as a complementary gift. The mag plus essie only cost me 4 euros!! Unfortunately, now i realized how amazing and long lasting the polishes are 🙂

    • Ah-mazing, what a bargain! x 

  • M

    i’ve seen this a few times but always felt it was too crazy for me. I ended up with L’oreal’s tangerine crush, which is a bit more red/pink (

    • Ah pretty 🙂 x 

  • this is such an amazing colour. Tangerine is really this year’s colour!

    • It really is! x 

  • An Nuyen

    that color looks great on your nails!

  • Ana

    Beautiful colour, it’s stunning!

    Lots of Love, Ana

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    • Thanks hun x 

  • I’m using O.P.I’s ‘Roll In The Hague’ orange polish at the moment, but I hate the brush, and I really hate the diffusion Essie brushes (and polish quality) and love the classic ones – so this looks perfect for me – thanks for the swatches!

    • No worries hun, glad you like it x 

  • Lorna Patrick

    oh wow! been looking for the perfect shade to purchase as my first ever essie polish – i think this might be it!

  • Thats a lovely colour, I’m not sure it would look so great  on pale old me though! I’ve been using Barry M’s Peach, a more coral, paler orange this summer 🙂
    Daniella x

    • Ah I think it would look gorgeous on paled skinned lovlies too 🙂 x 


    This is such a beautiful colour. Its so in for this summer, I may have to invest in it.

    Jess x

    • Oh so – it’s a very summery shade :) 

  • ginalu95

    This is such a beautiful colour!!! xx

  • Em_brown1

    Have you tried models own beach party omg that is neon really fun though am loving a bit of orange just now 🙂

    • No I haven’t but heard amazing things about it! x 

  • I haven’t seen the summer collection here in Germany yet…I’ll have to keep an eye out!

    • Ah do – it’s such a cute collection:) x 

  • Sophia

    I’m loving orange nail polish at the moment! Really want to pick up some orange neon colours :)! xxx

    • Oh do it, apparently Models Own has a gorgeous neon orange 🙂 x 

  • Lauren
  • Margarita Castro Quintero

    My favorite orange is Revlon in Siren

    • Thanks for the rec 🙂 x 

  • Frowardfashion

    Love this shade, looks great with your tanned skin! Gotta love going on vacation! I just did a blog post about my favourite summer lip products, if you get a chance I would really appreciate it if you checked it out 🙂

    xx Veronica

    • Ah thanks hun! x 

  • This is such a perfect summer colour! By the way Anna, how do you always get the tan on your hands so even, my hands always look like oranges when i try and tan them haha! xx

    • Thanks Hannah 🙂 I apply handcream then use a mitt and lightly dust it over my hands 🙂 x 

  •  I ADORE bikini so teeny!! I adore not only the actual product and the colour but the name as well..”bikini so teeny” so cute!! The whole collection is one of my favourites ever! I got All tied up as well but now that I see it Fear or desire looks my wishlist;-)

    • Haha yes I thought the same – the names are just too cute! x 

  • Emily B

    I really like this aha!

    • Thanks :)x 

  • This is such a gorgeous colour, like you I usually go for nude or pale nail colours but I think you have just given me some brightsperation!

    • Thanks hun! Do it! x 

  • Sophia x

    This is gorgeous! Perfect with a tan 🙂 xx 

    • Thanks :)x 

  • TattooedTeaLady

    Love, love, love! Love bright oranges and corals! xo

    • Thanks, me too now 😉 x 

  • caityd14

    If you want it super vibrant try putting white under it – makes it look extra neon! 🙂 xx

    • Ah thanks for the tip 🙂 x 

  • Charlee Greenhalgh

    Wow I adore this shade so bright and perfect for the summer. 


    • Thanks hun 🙂 x 

  • That’s a gorgeous color! I just happened to pick up two colors from this collection yesterday, after much debating. You can’t go wrong with Essie. Now I have to purchase this one as well. 

    <3 Rubiiee

    • Ah you can’t, such gorgeous shades 🙂 x 

  • I’m on an orange kick at the moment too. I currently have Essie’s Meet Me at Sunset on my toes and it’s the perfect summer colour – too bad I’m back in Aus. in the middle of winter haha.

  • Clare

    After reading your review and some other really good comments i’ve decided to stock up on a few bottles for my holiday coming up. Im not great with nails, they usually end up really chipped – do you use a top coat when using polish and do you have any favourites.  I had looked at the Essie top coat but there seem to be so many, have also heard good things about the nails inc one too!


  • I have this one on my nails now. I tweeted to you about how I was unhappy about Tart Deco, I felt that TD wasn’t true to the bottle when applied to the nails. This varnish, however, made my July favourites.

    I definitely agree that it needs three coats to look absolutely perfect. This is the perfect bright orange for summer.

    Alexa @stealingb:twitter