I Shopped My Stash and Here’s What I Found


As much as I love a good riffle around Boots (side note: if anyone ever wonders why I always refer to Boots over Superdrug it’s because I absolutely despise the sticky tape that Superdrug wrap round all their products which is an absolute pain in the backside to remove, I can’t be the only one), sometimes a similar rush of new makeup purchasing excitement can be experienced just by having a dig around your personal stocks. I’ve been a beauty junkie for years and with only one face to shovel the stuff onto everyday it’s only natural for some products to sit on the sub bench. But that’s where the phenomenon of ‘shopping your stash’ comes in. A term I believe was originally coined by Laura, back in the early days of beauty blogging when there was just no space left at the inn for any incoming additions. With that exact situation setting in I thought it was time to play shop and here’s what I found:

Chantecaille Just Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturiser in Nude. Good skin in a tube. How could I forgot about this? To me this is one of the best tinted moisturisers out there and the finish it leaves on the skin is just so juicy. The coverage is good, the shade Nude is on point and it just looks like skin – good use of naming Chantecialle. I remember how much this cost me and just to think that it was sitting in a drawer makes me feel a little ill. It’s going back into the rotation pronto.

Dior Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond. Throwback or what? I think if you were a reader of beauty blogs around 2011-ish, then the chances are that you own this. It was one of the first real highlighters I guess and everyone went mad for it. It’s a high-shine, ‘hello I’m here’ kinda texture, but you can’t help but love it and it really does look lush on the eyes too. I look forward to just getting my serious shimmer back on again with this.

NARS Pleasures of Paris Eyeshadow Palette. One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes ever. There’s a pearly highlight, the pinky Nepal, a rich brown Fez and some purples and a dark golden black for if I’m ever feeling adventurous. I need to keep this one in mind next time I’m travelling because though it’s small, it’s perfectly formed; and with a humongous mirror in it too it’s all you need for day, night and everything in between. I still remember the struggle to get my hands on this. It was winter time and the postman couldn’t deliver it for days due to snow, but when it was in my hands, the constantly stalking of the package’s progress online was all worth it.

By Terry Aqualip Tint in Dancefloor Flirt.Two years ago this was my summer lip jam. A water-like texture that flushed lips with a pop of pink that once dried you couldn’t even feel was there. And boy did this stuff last. With my current blushed lip moment that I’m having (more on that on Friday), I just couldn’t reclose the drawer on this. Unfortunately it made only a limited edition appearance in Terry’s line, but check out her summer drop this time round because I think there’s something very similar amongst it.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 1, 30 and 34 and Shine in 5. I still remember my first ever YSL Lipstick purchase like it was yesterday. It was the first high end lip product that I’d ever allowed myself to purchase and it was the shade 1 and from CheapSmells because it was a bargain. To this day they still remain one of my favourite pout washing formulas; they just glide onto the lips without any drag and coat them in a dose of colour that never looks too done and with a shedload of moisture. The newer ‘Shine’ additions are rather tasty too. But common’ – how could I not have such gorgeously packaged lipstick in my daily grabs drawer? I can only apologise. Come to mama and I’ll dust you off…