How To Organise Your Wardrobe & Clothing Care Tips

Say goodbye to the floor-drobe…


Because I’m an absolute freak who loves nothing more than to spend my time at the weekend organising boxes in the loft or clearing out my kitchen cupboards (LAME!), I thought I’d share the results of my latest chill-day task – my newly organised wardrobe. I just made a few tweaks that have streamlined things a little, given me a bit more space and made my clothing easier to store and find. The best bit is that they all include things that are pretty cost-effective that you can pick up from your nearest DIY spot. Have a scroll down below for my ‘Wardrobe Organisation 101’ video, but in the meantime I thought I’d impart some of my top clothing care tips on you…


Brush it out. I’ve only just discovered the amazing world of fabric combs. You can pick one up on Amazon for under a fiver and they get to work eating up any areas of piling on everything from cashmere jumpers to gym leggings. I’m like a machine removing every little bobble – even Mark’s side of the wardrobe has been combed through. It’s rather enjoyable really and makes sweaters especially, look brand new.

Spray away. I always thought fabric sprays were a bit of an unnecessary step, but not only do they take the worst off odours between washes, they also contain ingredients and scents that keep pesky fabric-munching moths away. I like to use The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Spray.

Breathe. Any clothing in your wardrobe that’s made from a natural fibres needs space to breathe – especially silk. Never keep these items covered up with plastic and don’t try to pack or store them in too tightly.

Fold it up. I’d heard this nugget of advice knocking around for years, but always ignored it and happily hung up my knitwear in my wardrobe. I’ve since been left with misshapen jumpers that when I put on I look like I’m drowning in them slightly. FOOL. Now I fold all my knitwear and it makes me feel like I’m employee at GAP and there’s no droopy shoulders to be seen.

Become a hand-wash pro. Hand-washing is a real pain in the arse, but it’s a great way to care for delicate items so you can have them in your wardrobe for years and years. It’s definitely still a process that I’m trying to get to grips with too, but Caroline from Un-Fancy has some great tips in this post.


Inside out. Remember to wash all dark clothing inside out, especially denim. This helps them to hold onto their colour and stop rubbing up against other garments in the drum. It’s a bit of a faff to remember to do every time you’re throwing everything in the wash, but it becomes a habit once you get into it. Trust me.

Eke it out. It sounds kind of grim (and it is), but I try not to wash my clothes too much. Aside from removing pongy scents, it’s just not that great for them. The one exception to that rule is gym gear. I wash my whole outfit after just one gym session on a low-temperature wash and I never use fabric softener.

Hanging. Investing in a set of matching hangers not only makes your wardrobe look the part, but a good sturdy set can help keep your shirts in shape and those with a dip on the ends or made out of a grippy fabric can keep strappy tops and dresses in place. Mine are from ZARA Home.

Tumble don’t. When it comes to clothing, I’m not a huge fan of tumble-driers. I find they tend to shrink things and poor Mark has to go to work looking like he’s wearing some serious ankle bashers. Instead I save it for bedding and towels and hang my clothing on driers around the flat next to radiators and in  sunny spots until they dry.

Box it up. Lakeland do some brilliant shoe boxes if like me, you haven’t got another spot in your home to store your outdoor shoes. If you’ve been savvy enough to keep your old shoeboxes pop a little polaroid on an easy to spot area of the box so you know what’s inside. Or just add a note. LEOPARD PRINT BOOTS IN ‘ERE!

Photos by Lauren Shipley