Getting Back on the Tan


It’s been a while since I layered on the tan. I’m not talking weeks here, it’s more like months. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, it’s been cold and 99% of the time all limbs have remained covered since around September-time last year. All that peeks out from my all-black ensembles are my sun-starved hands, neck and face. Secondly, it’s because I don’t really care what I look like these days. I always used to feel ‘better‘ with a bit of colour on my chops, but let’s take last week for instance when I went to the supermarket with my retainer in, eyebrows that were due to get threaded the next day, hair I hadn’t washed for four days, with not the scrap of makeup on and my pyjama top hidden under my coat – I really don’t give two hoots what I look like in public. Big hello to the lovely reader Sally, who saw me in this very sorry state. I’m not sure I was even wearing a bra – perhaps I’ve taken it too far?

Anyway you get the picture. I’m just much more comfortable in my untanned skin these days to bother to slap on the faux glow every few days. With that being said there’s been a few sunny spells recently where I’ve felt like T-shirt weather is just the round the corner and this has awakened an interest to dip my toe into the tanning pool again. See how I did a little 180 there? Now I’m not talking about resuming my ’18 year old Anna, fake tan every two days using the darkest formula you can get my hands on’ deal. I’m thinking more subtle than that. So after applying a base coat of the St Tropez Express Tan at the weekend (I love it so much that my Xen-Tan is quite literally gathering dust these days), I moisturised mid-week with the St Tropez Tan Booster and I’m now considering even going tight-less for a wedding I’m attending at the weekend. Mad stuff.

When it comes to matching up my face with my newly bronzed neck, I’ve resumed use of the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner. I won’t bore you with the details of that for the millionth time, but it’s delivering as always. Then I’ve put my NARS Bronzer in Laguna back into action. I hadn’t used this for aaaaagggggeeees, but it’s back in my daily grabs drawer and I’m kinda digging its warm shimmer again. A new addition to the face bronzing crew is the CHANEL Les Beiges All-In-One Heathy Glow Cream in No.50 (even just the name of this makes me want to slather it on). When I was in Paris, the head CHANEL MUA, Elsa, showed me how this could be used as a subtle cream contour and so I’ve been dutifully sweeping this under my cheekbones, but also mixing it in with my paler bases to give them a bit more oomph.

I’m sure this routine will last about two weeks before I end up an un-sunkissed, unthreaded, un-bra wearing mess again, but hey ho – I’m a happy chappy either way.