Get Up and Go

The title for this feature would have most certainly been ‘Get Up and Glow’ had I not raved on about radiant dewy skin in yesterday’s post, but ah well – what can I say, I’m loving a sheen at the moment. I’m up nice and early for a special shoot today, makes a change from the office – woo (will spill the deets when I can, and no doubt be posting some sneak peeks on my Instagram ‘ViviannaMakeup’), so need to look presentable. That means hair washed and brushed *groan*, a nice fresh base for makeup and a non-chipped mani – all things that have usually slipped by the wayside by a usual Friday morning. So last night I entered SOS mode and a post on that routine will be up this weekend, but today I thought I’d share my morning regime to get me looking at least half decent to be thrusted in front of a camera or any other day for that matter…

Hair first and I’m keeping it simple. I flit between my clarifying shampoos and the Redken Body Full Shampoo, today’s pick which I use when my hair isn’t looking too oily. Then for conditioner I’m trailing the Oribe Conditioner for Magnificent Volume* – so far, so good. It smells incredible, like all other Oribe products and the gel-like consistency doesn’t weight my locks down. After slathering on my ‘Triple Threat Facial’ routine last night my skin ain’t looking too bad this morning, so a quick massage and hot cloth off with the Emma Hardie Firming and Lifting Moringa Cleansing Balm* gets me started. Then a quick swipe with my toner of choice recently, Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris and a dollop of my frequently used daytime moisturiser, Emma Hardie Amazing Face Hydrating Lighter Lotion* is applied. I leave it to sink in for 10 minutes or so, then go back and apply another layer of moisturiser (ah yes, I’m going for some seriously pumped up, plump skin here) – this time the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle (duh!), for a bit of tint and glow. An eye cream never goes a miss, so I dab a small amount of the This Works Perfect Eyes Recovery Cream* on my bags. Skincare done, I moved on to nails – after a quick whizz with my cuticle tool, I layered on a few coats of the OPI Nail Envy for some shine and went wild with the Essie Cuticle Pen for some cuticle hydration.

Makeup is a whole different story, but I couldn’t leave the house without a curl of the lashes and some balm and to save the last dregs of my beloved By Terry Baume de Rose, a little of the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine will do for today. So wish me luck! ‘Break a leg’ and all that 😉

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  • Heather Morton

    good luck! excited to hear what you’re doing! really, really want to try that EH cleansing balm too

  • ah I really want to try that shampooo

  • Cristina R.

    I wanna try the OPI nail envy!

    Check out my blog!

  • JoySteib

    Good luck today and have a totally rockin day!!!!! <3

  • Onthedressingtable

    Hi from one Anna to another! I’ve been loving a Clarins Cleanser/toner lately too, ive just written a post on it if you’re interested

  • Fernanda

    I love reading a bout people’s little routines like this, thanks! Good luck on your shoot! xx

  • Good luck on your shoot! I’m very interested to hear what it’s all about! Great post – I love nosy ones like this where you get to see people’s routines. xx

  • Rebecca Bridger

    I’m using the Perfect Look Skin Miracle as well! Such a good product. Love your blog as always! Rebecca xx


  • Emilie Garnes

    Would you reccomend the Perfect Look Skin Miracle for me with slightly oily/combination skin? I know you have said before that you have combination skin but still, is this greasy? 🙂

    Love you and your blog!


  • Beth Bradley

    Can’t wait to see if you rate the Perfect Eyes cream. I need a new eye cream and this is a consideration. Xx

    Beth @

  • thebeautyheroes

    hope the shoot went well hun ! xx

  • Daria

    I’ve just come across your blog – it’s stunning I must say. I adore the layout and simplicity you have here, not to metion the content. I’d love to keep in touch.

    Sending lots o kisses from Poland – hope you visit my blog if you have some time.