A Touch of Winter Glow

I’m not one to give up my glow (read: fake tan), just because a cold snap is on it’s way – oh no. If anything it makes me worse. I like a bit of ‘oomph’ to my face all year round and I may just have found the Mr Right for the job. Enter, the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning…

The priming properties of something like Benefit’s The POREfessional, without the dryness, the tint of my beloved This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle and a self-tanning ingredient like in any other wonder-tan Clarins product – that’s what you get all rolled into one with the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning. A dollop of this caramel-coloured whipped gel on the face in the mornings under makeup and after moisturising preps your skin perfectly. On it’s own with a touch of concealer where needed is where this product really shines – the result is very similar to that of the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle but it smooths the skin slightly and leaves a lasting gradual tan to the face. It looks nice in the morning – but by the evenings – wow – golden glow central. I love. It does have a slight fake-tanny scent, but don’t be put off, about five minutes after application it’s blissfully disappeared.

I picked mine up for £17.50 from Boots, but if you shop around online you can find it for a little cheaper. I think I’m converted – Clarins just whack any other brand out of the park when it comes to face tanning. I’ll be applying the Liquid Bronze Face Tanner in the evenings, smoothing over a touch of this in the mornings and singlehandedly attempt to bring some bronze to the biting British winter.


  • Emilie Garnes

    Well this sounds like some kind of a wonder product! I might go give it a try!

    Thanks again for a great Review Anna 🙂

    Lots of love,

    Em xx

  • Michelle K.

    Hi Anna! Thanks for this lovely review 🙂 Is this product okay for oily / acne-prone skin? Or do you think it’s then “too moisturizing”? Thanks!! xo from Switzerland

  • Fernanda

    This sounds great, I love Clarins skin care but have never tried their self tanners! xx

  • Yu

    I didn’t get on with this but I’ll give it another go 🙂

  • Beth Bradley

    Another product added to my list because of you Anna. 😉

    Beth @

  • Abby Vickers

    Really want to try this! What self-tan do you use other than on your face? Being rather fair skinned I struggle to find ones that’s aren’t orange based, would love some recommendations!


  • Sheila

    Hey Anna, I use the non-tan version of. This and love it so this is going to be a definite buy for me, tks xxx

  • thebeautyheroes

    oh this sounds lovely ! you’re always so perfectly tanned ! xx

  • This sounds perfect for winter, I love Clarins I think their products are such good quality!
    Daniella x

  • Essjay

    Ooh, feeling inspired to get a bit of a glow on tomorrow now. Have you tried Make Believe, I used to really like their winter self tanning cream.

  • Sounds like an ideal product for autumn and winter when we are a little pastier! xx

  • katherine.parkes

    love the sound of this! x

  • wow this sounds amazing

  • liz

    how would you say this compares with Perricone’s sunless tanner ? any chance you could do a review comparing the two. I bought Perricone’s after reading your blog !!!!

  • Gem

    I got half way through reading this and then went and ordered it from Feel Unique! It sounds absolutely fab Anna!!

    Gem x

  • OH that does sound nice. I didn’t think of wearing this for day in place of a tinted moisturizer… hmm i might have a sample of this laying around. Now i have to go and see – must try this product! 🙂

  • natasha

    Anna – can you please do an undated tanning route? You just inspired me to buy this little beauty! www.