Get the Glow Back

After flicking through some old pictures from last year on the boy’s phone the other day, including many screengrabbed FaceTime shots of me pulling the most hideous of faces from our long distance days that he keeps stored for black mailing purposes, I came to a conclusion. I look a little better with a pinch of sunkissed colour in my cheeks. Well all over actually. I’ve toned down my tanning activities over the past months, one – through laziness and two – due to the purchase of cream bed sheets (why did I ever think that was a good idea!). But with the official arrival of spring and promise of some sun in the near future (maybe?), I’m prepping to uncover my limbs for the first time this year and reclaim my glow…

Faux tanning aside, a good makeup base always manages to eek out that radiance. My ‘Luminous Skin Lineup’ video gives a pretty comprehensive list of my everyday glow-getters, but there’s two new additions that have been added into rotation. Tom Ford’s Illuminating Primer* has had me sitting in front of a mirror in broad daylight, inspecting my face in a variety of angles and giving an approving nod. Sheeny without looking shinny, paired with a satin finished base just peeking out underneath – it’s dewy skin (pricey) perfection. To top up your tan pre-primer, I’ve been reaching for my latest purchase, Chantecaille’s Radiance Gel Bronzer. Heads up: this stuff is dark. The tiniest of tiny amounts, blended all over the face ramps up the glow and pretty much negates the need for foundation. I’ve been pairing with concealer, mascara and racing out the door with a piece of toast in hand, how cliché. Could a new favourite be in the works here?

Onto body, now I remember my Rimmel Sun Shimmer filled Uni days very well. Always the dark version, layered on heavily for any night out – I’d do my mates back and she did mine. If ever a drink was spilled, we’d come to each others rescue patting away to save us from streaky legs as our tan washed down into our tottering high heels. Well this problem’s solved with Rimmel’s Water Reistant Sun Shimmerphew. I now plump for the Light Matte version, a more daytime friendly shade that blends in nicely for an instant tint if you’ve been slacking on the tanning front. Talking of tanning, you know the Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe reigns supreme in my eyes, long-lasting with only a once a week dose needed. However my scraggy old bottle is in no fit state to be photographed right now, so I’m backing my second favourite Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel*. It’s a clear coloured formula with no colour guide so is best suited to those a little handy with a tanning mitt, but with not a hint of orange and a colour that hangs around for a good four days before reapplication is needed, it’s a safe choice for the second spot. For a face faux glow, you know what I’m going to say here – Clarins Light Bronze Self Tanning; the only gradual tanner for the face that I’ve found to be non-greasy and gradual. I soak in a cotton pad every other night in the evening, sweep over as the last step in my routine and wake up looking that little more sunkissed. Score.

So I’m back in the the swing of my tanning ways; prepare for some tan hand mishaps and muddied sheets. Oh joy.

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  • I always read your posts through squinted eyes when I see a Chantecaille product in the line up. Resistance is futile though and I’ve just added another of their products to my wish list. Saying that, if a little goes a long way, then I guess could kind of justify doing some serious damage to my bank account…! x Becky

  • I keep seeing the Clarins light bronze self tanner popping up on blogs so I’m definitely going to get myself a bottle!

    Lottie x

  • Abbey Rosete

    I love bronzers!


  • K Davis

    Everybody looks better with a tan. FACT.

  • oleta

    I really want to try the Clarins light bronze tan! I haven’t false tanned in ages now as I’m lazy but when the weather picks up I’m definitely going to start xx

  • Lucy-Jane Funnell

    Completely get you on the cream bed sheets – one of the reasons I DREAD staying at hotels! Sun shimmer was also a faithful friend at mine at uni… think I may have actually shed a tear when I spilt a drink all down my legs once…jeez. What is it about uni encouraging fakes tan habits ehh?!

    Lulu – xx

  • Rocio Letitbecosy

    I really want to try the Chantecaille gel bronzer, sounds lovely!

  • Maddy Cane

    All these tanners look really nice, I may have to get one before going on holiday! xxx

  • Amy

    I want to try the Clarins light bronzing gradual tan! i look so pale these days, i really need to mix it up a bit! xxx

    Amy |

  • Alittlebitunique

    I love clarins for a gradual tan!

    A little bit Unique – Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  • talisa

    This post is amazing!!

    To celebrate the start of my new blog i’m giving away Roberto Cavalli’s latest perfume, i’d love if you could enter 🙂

    talisa xx

  • Hollie Galvin

    The Chantecaille Bronzer looks great for a hint of colour on the face. I’m not one to tan the whole body, just the bits that are out. This looks nice for a touch of colour in the evenings 🙂

  • yanksgurl613

    I too look that much better with that golden glow and although spring isn’t quite here I have been going a little crazy with my jergens self tanner moisturizer. I really want to try the rimmel and clarins ones. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Laura Galve

    I love that you like the Clarins Light Bronze! I bought it the other day because you mentioned a while ago that it was easy to apply and it is! So glad I bought it…x

  • jas

    I like the look of the clarins light bronze tan! xx

  • I always thought you had a very bronzy pretty complexion even without fake tan 🙂 I never tried fake tan but I’d like to give it a go! Xx

  • Chloe Robinson

    I’ve never been one to tan really – I’m as pale as a ghost! But I’m thinking I might have to start using just a gradual tanner for my holidays this summer…can’t go to Miami looking too pasty 🙂

  • Pippa Jones

    The rimmel self tan story was the same for me, Spilled drinks were a nightmare on your skin!

    Splashes of white here there and every where.

    Pipp xx

  • Allie T.

    Suddenly, though I’ve never had a desire to, I want to fake tan. Thanks Anna… 😛

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  • Gemma Stables

    Great post, definitely making me want to get my tan on now! It’s been so long since I fake tanned..but I agree you just feel so much more healthy when you’ve got a bit of bronze 🙂
    I love the Xen tan mousse! Haven’t tried the lotion might have to give that a go.
    Really love your blog and your writing style, it’s so nice to read. I am new to blogging, would love for you to check out my page if you have time.

    Gemma xx