Friday Fails? Boo.


The best way to spread Friday cheer is post about ‘meh’ products for all to hear (got to love squeezing in an Elf reference in July).  But in all seriousness Friday probably isn’t the best day to chronicle recent products fails, but having just popped up a ‘Disappointing Products’ video not too long ago I felt the need to drop these in somewhere and with that Friday feeling to balance all that negative Nancy-ness back out I thought no day was like the present. So here it is, a trio of beauty bits that just didn’t hit the spot for me…

Ciaté Lash Lights Luminous Lash-Tip Colour – Ciaté are making their first foray into colour cosmetics and have chosen an ombré-style neon-range of mascaras as their first drop. Not an obvious choice, but still, kinda intrigued I gave it a whizz. Mark watched on in bewilderment as I layered it up starting with a darker navy at root, a blue in the middle section and a lighter turquoise on the tips. I must note that not having the world’s longest lashes meant that I’m not the best candidate to test this out but I just found things to get really clumpy, wet and generally create a big ol’ smudge of rainbow gloop on my lids. I’ve tested it out as a straight-up mascara on my top and bottom lashes too and though I quite (surprisingly) like the pop of the colour, the formula just isn’t a winner for me.

Xen-Tan Ins-Tan-Taneous Daily Tan – (forgot to snap a picture of this before I gave it away to a mate – my bad!) a Xen Tan product that I’m not a fan of? I know, shock, horror and all the rest. This is an instant faux glow formula which is a category of tan that I usually reach for when I’ve plucked up the courage to bare my legs but haven’t been arsed to tan up the night before. That exact occasion arose a few weeks ago and with this stuff freshly in my grips I gave it a go. The colour is good but the application left me rinsing it off and restarting again with a different tried, tested and trusted formula. It goes on like a gel, but literally stains the area that you first swipe it on making blending impossible. I’m sure this could be rectified by working on smaller areas, but if you’re a swipe and go gal like myself then this isn’t the one for you.

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Kensington Passage – I was already a fan of this formula – hello Porchester Square! – so when I saw this neon coral/orange/red hybrid doing the blogging rounds I picked myself up a bottle. The colour is beaut, but Houston we have an application problem again. It was streak city. Perhaps I grabbed a bottle from a bad batch? But this stuff just wasn’t having any of it. Three coats it took and things still didn’t look as uniform in opaqueness as I’d want them too. One redeeming feature though? The lasting power is goooood; two weeks later and my toes are chip-free. You win some – you lose some.

Take note, shake it off and bam you’re back in that Friday mood. Have a good one.


  • mo

    Great post love the elf reference 🙂 🙂

  • Glad to see I’m not the only one making Christmas movie references year round. I remember Chanel releasing colored mascara around a year ago I believe its called Le Volume De Chanel. And if you aren’t feeling too spend there’s always the Miss Manga colored mascara. Perhaps those will tickle your fancy.

  • Love reading about disappointing products, I’m writing a post for tomorrow about a product that really disappointed me. Going one at a time because I’m quite lucky to pretty much always love what I try, but it has to be said when it happens!

  • I really like reading disappointing product posts – lets me know what to keep an eye out for!

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

  • Not sure i’ll be rocking neon mascara any time soon!!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  • Pau B.

    The colored mascaras sound fun. Have you tried the Chanel colored mascaras?

    xo, Pau

  • I really wanted to try the Ciate lash lights, but I can’t stand clumping – and i’m probably not daring enough anyway!

  • That nail colour looks lovely. Shame about the streaks.

    Emma Be Beauty</A

  • I’m not a fan of the gel nail polish, they all seem a bit streaky 🙁

  • The slow pace

    I recently bought the They’re real mascara by Benefit and I hated it!

  • I have heard a few people complain about that particular Nails INC colour, I just think it’s the Essie Fiji of the collection. I can’t wait to try something with this formulation though, they just started stocking Nails INC. where I live!

  • Emily Knott

    When a brand who specialise in something like nails and then venture into makeup, I’m not always convinced!

  • emily couture

    I wasn’t so sure about the ciate mascaras either.

    emily xx

  • PeonyandPeach

    So surprised to hear the Nail’s inc one didn’t work well for you!!

  • I like the colours of all the products but not the mascara idea, and it’s a shame the polish is a bit poo 🙁 I have many skincare products that just left me disappointed

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Charlotte Copeland

    I love posts like this, helps to know what products to stay clear of x

  • That tanning gel does not sound good!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • It’s a shame about the Nails Inc Kensington Passage polish formula, as the colour is so beautiful!

    Grace’s Beauty Space xx

  • Rachel Polansky

    i’ve also had problems with nails inc gel, such a shame

  • The Ciate mascara looks lovely, shame it didn’t work out!

    Roshni’s Journey

  • I’ve been iffy about trying coloured mascara too- so glad you did this mini review! 🙂

  • Emily Lupton

    The Ciate lash lights aren’t designed to be used as a regular mascara. They suggest using on top of black mascara or false lashes for a pop of colour which is probably why the formula is quite gloopy and wet.

  • I’m not sure I’m brave enough for coloured mascara! x


  • I’m so glad you mentioned Kensington Passage. I’ve been eyeing that color for a while and now I’ve saved a little money. I was trying to buy the dupe mentioned for Porchester Square but I’m having trouble getting it in the US. #beautyaddictproblems haha!

  • Color mascara scares me! I’d rather just do a colored liner and black mascara.


  • Daniella

    I’m not sure about coloured mascara. I remember too many disastrous looks from when I was 13 to ever venture into that zone again!

    Daniella x

  • Moa

    It´s so sad when Products don´t work all that well 🙁

  • Claudia

    just stay safe with Kiko products 😉

  • i hate when products don’t work 🙁 thanks for letting us know your thoughts!

    Magee /

  • Daniella

    not a fan of the mascara euther



  • Colored mascara? Wow, that’s a really cool idea! not sure if can pull it off though..


  • I was interested in trying out those mascaras, so I’m really glad that I’ve gotten a heads up that they’re badly formulated!
    It’s a shame about that Nails Inc polish, too… there’s nothing worse beauty-wise when you’ve tried a nail polish formula out, like it, and then go to pick up another shade and it’s gloop city!

  • It’s such a shame when a product fails, but Im glad I know about that nail polish because I was thinking of getting it! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Jilian Rose

    I’m so bummed about the nails inc gel polish. I’m going to be doing a similar post on my blog sometime soon. I tried a NYX mascara. Soooooo disappointed.

  • Ah, glad to know to approach this with caution should I have them in my possession. Thanks!

    Carolyn | BLOG

  • shame on the nail polish , the color looks so great and yet the formula sucks -.-‘
    At least it works properly on your toes


  • Connie

    Aw, it’s a bummer that nail polish didn’t work out. It looks like such a great color.
    xo, Connie

  • don’t think i will be trying out ciate’s mascara ! Partly its just because the packaging is awful for a brand which I think of a fairly ‘classy’.