Five Workout Videos You Can Do At Home

Whilst watching TV – WIN


Sure, sometimes I love going to the gym, but other days I really can’t be arsed. Maybe it’s because weather is gross and I don’t want to leave the house on a Sunday or if I go it means I have to shave my ankles (#ShortLeggingProblems). On those days that’s when I roll out my mat in my front room, get out my hairy ankles and pop on a YouTube video so I can get a sweat on without even needing to change out of my pyjamas if I don’t want to. Here are my top five favourites that cover everything; from ab burners to leg routines that will make your butt hurt bad (in a good way)…


Yoga With Adriene’s ‘Yoga Revolution’. Adriene’s videos are my favourite kind of at-home workout videos. The chances are that I want to workout at home because I’m feeling a lazy and I just want to do something that’s quick, but effective and doesn’t leave my hair so sweaty that it looks like I’ve been out in the rain for half an hour (and therefore need to wash it – gross, but true). There are a tonne of videos on her channel, but her 30 day-long January challenges are my favourite. I’ve been following along and enjoy how I feel lightly warmed and really darn chill after each one. Things click, there’s a bit of stretching, a bit of heat – perfect. All you need is a mat and you’re ready to go.

Whitney Simmons’ ‘Leg & Booty Workout at Home’. Whitney is my latest fitness crush. She’s always posting new things on her channel from meal prep videos to at-home workouts and gym routines to resistant band exercises that you can do whilst watching TV. She’s fun and doesn’t take the whole thing to seriously whilst being an absolute badass (scroll down in the comments to see her witty replies). This routine is a burner (trust me!) and includes limited equipment that can easily be substituted in with things that you can find around your home. If you do it be prepared to not sit down for at least two days.


Carly Rowena’s ‘Best At Home & Gym HIIT Workouts for Beginners’. HIIT (short for High Intensity Interval Training) kind of terrifies me because I see it as code for ‘getting really sweaty and not being able to breathe’. Now it kind of is code for that but the upside is that although there are periods of extremely high intensity stuff, there are rest periods where you get to do nothing/drink water/pant/pass out on the floor. It’s basically a silver lining workout – you do the hard moves knowing that a moments rest is just 30 seconds away. Carly’s video is great because offers a smorgasbord of HIIT routines suitable for beginners – most which you can do at home.

Zanna Van Dijk’s ‘At-Home Abs’. Zanna designed this core crunching routine to be completed at home and with minimal equipment. All you need here is a yoga mat or towel to give you a bit of grip on the floor and then a wine bottle or something that’s slightly heavy that can be dragged or rolled across the floor. It’s a great one to either complete as many circuits of as you can with minimal rest for 10 minutes (OUCH!), or to squish on to the end of an arm or leg routine for an extra dose of abs. Once you’ve got this one committed to memory after one round, switch it off and turn up the TV. 30 seconds will fly by – promise.

Tally Rye’s ‘No Equipment Home Strength Workout’. If you want something that’s really going to make you sweat and targets everything from arms to legs, then this is the one to go for. Again all you need is a mat as Tally takes you through two repeated circuits and a plank challenge at the end; jeez it makes me puffed out just thinking about it. Again all you need is a mat (they’re handy to have around – TKMaxx always have them in stock if you want to pick yourself up a bargain!) and there’s no weights required, just you and some gritty determination. It’s a good one to get your energy levels up if you’ve been sitting on the sofa all day eating leftover Celebrations *raises hand*.

Photos by Lauren Shipley