Five Things To Do This Sunday


Sundays with no plans are sometimes my favourite. The day is your oyster – not exactly how that saying works, but we’ll go with it – and you can make of it exactly what you want; food filled, pamper-a-licious or a Netflix marathon because who doesn’t love one of those? I think my favourite Sunday includes some kind of ridiculously filling meal that contains stuffing, yorkshire puddings, dumplings or a combination of all three, with a little bit of organisation in (because I love to feel all prepared for Monday) and a nail painting session slotted in there somewhere because I always struggle to find the time to do a whole mini mani mid-week and end up with a busted up paint job complete with raggedy cuticles and stained nails because I didn’t do a base coat, come Wednesday. Throw in some friends and family time and we’re on to a winner. If you’ve got a no plan day stretching out ahead of and need something else to do aside from binge watch six seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race (an activity that I highly recommend), then here’s a bit of inspiration for ya…

1. Have an exploreAlthough a lot of my ‘exploring posts’ are focused on London or Brighton, the principles are the same – head to the local park, rent a bike, visit a market or a museum – basically act like a tourist in your home town. It’s always fun. Slap on the SPF and head outside.

2. Some new reading material. I’m always on the look out for some new reading material to get my eyeballs into (if you have any faves you think would be up my street then do pop them below!), so have a gander at this post for some of my more recent finds. It’s a topic I touch on a lot round here, so there’s plenty more posts like that if you have a dig.

3. Get your blog on. If a read of your favourite blogs has got your juices flowing then why not start a blog yourself? Seriously. Whenever I’m lucky enough to meet readers, there are always a few who want to start a blog but are worried about the hate or it considered being lame from friends and family members. I say – go for it! Quit the what if’s and put fingertips to keyboard. Then promptly send me the link because I love having read. Please and thank you.

4. Clean up, clean up. I love a good clear out on a Sunday. There’s just something so cathartic about it. I’ve shared my top tips here, but my forays into good clear outs and organisational breakthroughs (sounds dramatic, but there were big moments yo!) are scattered all over this blog if you have a root around.

5. Bake off. The other morning I was up at the crack of dawn baking a cake for a friend’s birthday. I. LOVE. BAKING. And not just for the fact that you get to lick the spoon at the end (though I must admit that that is a major factor). I use a mixture of books, online and Instagram to source out my recipes, but I collated my favourites here. All easy to make, without any fancy ingredients and all taste delicious. Tried and tested baby.

Whatever you do – have fun, relax and don’t think about Monday too much, eh?