Five Highlights From The Month of June

Sun, sea, sand and sitting at my desk

June has been an absolute whirlwind. It both felt like it went on forever and went in the blink of an eye at the same time. Isn’t this year just flying by? When you were at school it felt like the years just dragged on forever and you’d never get to senior school and these days? Shut your eyes for two seconds and you’re nearly thirty and everyone and their dog are asking you about babies. MATE, I’M ONLY 13!

But looking back on the past four weeks, they’ve been pretty glorious. I mean the weather has been absolutely stunning, especially for the latter half of the month, and that makes everything seem better. Which is good in a way as I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed by my to-do list. I’m a positive Polly most of the time, but even I’ve had my moments this month as I’ve jogged faster and faster in the ol’ hamster wheel and still felt like I haven’t gotten anywhere. I ain’t moaning because I know I have it good, but sometimes it’s nice to hold your hands up and say ‘Today has been pretty shit‘. I’ve been hot and bothered and stressed. It happens to us all. Apparently there’s a shedload of planets in retrograde, so let’s pinpoint it down to that and a severe lack of motivation to do work and sack it off for the beach on my part. High procrastination levels aside, it’s still been a cracker of a month work and social-wise and seeing as it’s Monday AND a new month, it’s time to pull myself out of this funk…

At Home With… After months and months of prep behind the scenes – sourcing guests, researching, finding a producer and sorting out all the cogs that need to turn in order to churn out a podcast series – this month saw us actually begin the recordings for the next series of ‘At Home With…’ We’ve got a fair amount of episodes under our belt now as we’ve travelled back and forth between London and driven across the U.K since the beginning of June. The trailer came out last week, but the official first episode hits the airwaves this Wednesday morning, bright and early. We’re excited for this season to finally start as we’ve tweaked the format a little, upped the audio quality thanks to feedback from you lot and just feel way more relaxed about the whole thing. If you don’t want to miss an episode then subscribe on iTunes or Acast so the episode is ready and downloaded all ready for your commute. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

So many socials. A change in a friend’s situation has meant that we’re all rallying around and have upped the event count in our social calendars by about 200%. Silver linings and all that, eh? We went to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z (have to say I wasn’t wowed considering the ticket cost the price of a five-star two week holiday with travel by a private jet), have partaken in day-drinking and night-drinking and have become partial to sitting out in the garden and eating Waitrose Lemon Yum Yums (THE. BEST.). Sometimes life throws some seriously sucky curveballs in our direction and I’m beyond proud of my mate for how she’s handling this tough time. What’s the phrase they put on tote bags these days? ‘When life gives you lemons, made G&T?‘. Amen sister. And lemon yum yums.

LOVE ISLAND. I know this is a majorly lame move to include a T.V show as a monthly favourite, but it really does provide me with so much joy and entertainment that I just had to include it. Jack and Dani! Alex’s musings that they might be going on a fishing trip when they were actually going to Casa Amour! Last Wednesday’s episode that was so good that I was on an adrenaline high after watching it and couldn’t sleep! It has its flaws and its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but as someone who has not been single now for donkey’s years I find the mechanics of the show fascinating and spend a lot of time thinking that I just wouldn’t be cut out for it for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because I’d turn into a lobster in about 24 hours thanks to the constant bikini wearing. To those who have suggested that I watch the Australian version too, I’m saving it till the U.K one has finished so I will be able to continue my Love Island fix for at least another six weeks. Forward-thinking.

Snap! Snap! This month saw me take some pictures for the blog with some new photographers, which was actually really fun. I wouldn’t say that I’m someone who is particularly comfortable in front of the camera which is so fab given that I’m a blogger and all, however my mornings spent with Amber and Emma were actually a real laugh. I’d pre-scheduled pretty far ahead with photos and so it’s great to have some fresh pictures on here for you. Look I’ve had a haircut! Kinda. Being someone who works for themselves at home alone a large majority of the time it’s always good to actually have another human to talk to and work with in a collaborative way. A COLLEAGUE! What a treat. Thanks to both of these lovely ladies for being complete and utter babes to work with.

Trying Equipment Pilates. At the beginning of the year I set myself the resolution to give four new exercise classes a go by the end of 2018. Back in the spring I gave a local spinning class a go, and although the exercise wasn’t a new one for me, the studio and instructors were. I haven’t gone regularly since (mainly because I find it the toughest workout EVER!), but my mate has recently started to go too and so we can head there together, so I think spinning will be in my routine a little more than it has ever been before which is good for my cardio levels (and bad for the amount of hair washes I have to do a week). It had been a while since I tried something new, so last month I tried an equipment class at my local pilates place. I’d only ever tried mat work and reformer classes before so this was completely different. During the one-on-one we identified my weak points and areas that needed a bit of extra work (hello left hip!) and being a slightly slower paced and stretchy workout, it actually felt like I’d had a massage by the end of it. ABSOLUTE BLISS, let me tell you. If you find yourself hunched over a laptop for any amount of time during the day, this would be a glorious addition to remedy it.

Photos by Emma Croman

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