An Ode To Camisoles: The Slinky Top Edit

Tit tape recommendations welcomed

As someone who is not exactly wild about bearing limbs, the current heatwave in the U.K has left me with no other choice. You either wear a camisole or risk passing out on the tube in your long-sleeve shirt and jeans and live out the nightmare that everyone has when they are squished like a sardine onto the Northern Line on their morning commute. Yep, you’re definitely not making that meeting on time now. At least your arms or your legs need to breathe and thanks to a slap dash fake tan application that has left some questionable orange smears around my knees, arms it is.

Thankfully last year I finally succumbed to the world of camisoles and thanks to the addition of a handful of high-street ones this season, I’m pretty well catered for in the department. The best bit is that I think they look their most glorious with a pair of straight-leg jeans and a sandal. HOORAY! A great excuse to whip out my favourite denim which I really do insist on wearing all year round. I dub this my ‘summer uniform’…

I have five in total, which seems a little excessive but it’s basically like days of the week pants, but for camis. If you’re a worshipper on monochrome, then you’re going to need a black and a white one. I have a black racer back style from Whistles that I bought YEARS ago, and a white ASOS one that is probably one of my top recommendations because it was so darn cheap. Black for Monday because we’re all in mourning that it’s the start of the week and white for Friday because you’ve probably prepped your weekend tan and are feeling yourself. Then I’d suggest picking up a colourful one. A camisole that adds some colour to your wardrobe in a shade that you feel works for you. & Other Stories have some great ones in, although this mustard number comes from Topshop. One for Wednesday, eh? To celebrate the fact you’ve made it to hump day. Then I have two patterned camisoles, which might seem strange from me giving how darn plain my wardrobe is, but rest assured they are both black and white. LOLZ. I have a cropped polka dot one from Topshop. When it comes to camisoles, if like me you enjoy a high-waist jean then don’t be put off by a cropped top. It saves the whole tucking thing which can be really handy if it’s super hot and will help to elongate the legs if that’s up your street. I also have a tie-dye stripe black and white camisole from & Other Stories last year which is super flowy and the über-thin double spaghetti strap makes a nice design touch. Tuesday and Thursday – sorted.

The good news? I don’t reckon that they’re an item worth investing in. Not only are they ridiculously tiny and so you’d be paying over the nose for a tiny piece of fabric anyway, there isn’t much room for detail and so realistically all you’re dishing out for is material. Which seeing as there’s nothing that comes into contact with my armpit or the rest of my body – again isn’t a main concern for me. I have the ASOS Double Layer Swing Camisole and it’s one of my favourites. Really simple and with adjustable straps and a double layer across your boobs for if you do decide to go braless, it comes in regular, petite, tall and maternity sizes. It’s currently with a friend after she borrowed it for a night out and she remarked how nice it was too and couldn’t believe it was only £12! If are eyeing up some silk, then this & Other Stories Silk Camisole Top in mustard yellow isn’t too pricey and I love the button detail down the front. For something a little different that has ‘HOLIDAY’ written all over it, this Mango Fine Knit Top would look lush over a bikini at the beach. Have a scroll here because I went on a bit of a camisole hunting rampage and now I WANT THEM ALL.


Then finally we come to the most important topic when it comes to camisoles – WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT OUR BOOBS? Whenever I post a picture of me wearing something strappy, what bra/bralette/nipple covering contraption I’m wearing is by far the most frequently asked question and I always feel like my answer of ‘nothing’ is such a cop out. Here’s the thing. I have small boobs. Like there really isn’t much there. A handful at most. This Topshop Yellow Camisole is perhaps the most revealing and possibly boob baring I own, as most others that I have are cut higher, and still I feel relatively comfortable wearing it sans bra. In fact I wore it out dancing last week and I’m sure that various things escaped during the evening – hey ho. However I do understand the need to feel a little extra security and so if anyone has any recommendations for what to wear underneath then pop a comment below. I always had great success with a Stick-On Bra during Uni; which is perhaps not the most comfortable option, but did provide me with some laughs whenever I took it off. Although this Tit Tape comes with rave reviews and is helpful to stick down flappy necklines that aren’t cut out for windy conditions or jaunty dance floor moves. Ain’t no nipples to see here.

Photos by Amber Tanc

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