Feel the Burn

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Here’s a little confession for you – I’m horrendously unfit. So unfit in fact that even just a short sprint to catch the bus leaves me feeling a wheezy, panty and I spend the rest of the bus journey with my elbows in the air to resist the pesky sweat patches that are desperately trying to break through. After numerous repeats of this episode, combined with the fact that happy hearts really don’t run in my family and the whole ‘beauty from within’, your skin will thank you etc etc thing (and a new found love for Nike town), I’ve decided to step up my non-existant exercise routine. Feel. The. Burn. Having not partaken in any type of physical activity since P.E lessons at school it’s quite the task, so I’m starting off small. The discovery that a journey round the block equates exactly to one mile was a good one, so I’m treating it as a lap and attempting to jog round every other morning (the earlier the better, not as many people about to gasp and groan in the faces of) until I feel up to increasing the mileage. After a week or two of this routine I still have to hold back the vom when I reach the finishing line, but I’m working on it and slowly but surely I’m coming for mile two.

For mornings where the thought of pounding the pavements if only for a short while makes me whimper a little I’ve been cracking out Blogilates YouTube videos. Short and sweet pilates based workouts that you can perform in your front room (in PJ’s – win!), note: be prepared to be immobile the next day. The Victoria Secrets Ab one is a favourite, but it does mean that any form of chuckling becomes a very painful task for about a week after. Don’t make me laugh…


  • Catherine

    I love the Blogilates videos too! My fave is the Tough Love Handles workout 🙂

  • Amanpreet

    I love Blogilates its the only exercise I’ve actually ever stuck to! Working out six times a week was previously unheard of for me! Lol

  • Rosie

    I’ve never seen the Blogilates videos but I’ll definitely have to check them out. Good luck with your running, I ran a half marathon earlier this year (which I was so badly prepared for it’s ridiculous) and didn’t run again until about a month and a half later, it’s amazing how quickly you become unfit, needless to say I haven’t run since.
    I keep thinking about it though, which counts right?

  • Anna

    When all this blogilates and running 2 miles gets you ready for a bit more, try the ZWOWs on youtube. They leave me absolutely thrashed and I can do them in the living room with a movie on to help me burn it through. And also, when you do that, you can tell me how to revive my sweaty hair afterward. x

  • Aislinn

    I’m obsessed with Pilates and I’m a poor university student so when I found blogilates I was so excited because I can do it at home. And Cassey, the instructor, is so cute and fun!

  • Pippa Jones

    Definitely something I need to start doing! Am so unfit!

    Pipp x

  • Daniella

    hahaha, I love those video’s!

  • Catrin

    Blogilates is brilliant! Seriously I feel all of us get a little unfit sometimes!

  • Alissia

    You should also check out ToneItUp on youtube! They also do great workouts! x

  • Claudia

    I agree with Alissia the Tone It Up girls (Karena & Katrina) on Youtube are great! They put up new workouts so frequently– you never get bored! And they also have a community website you could visit where other TIU girls check-in. Everyone there is so inspiring and motivating.

    Definitely look at some of their stuff!

  • Grace Powell

    I just started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Work out, It comes in levels so It’s not too hard! But I’m feeling super toned and I’m only a week in!

    Grace xx

  • Lisa

    I feel your pain girl. Currently on a mission to get back into shape (its been a while…) Will have to check out those Blogilates videos!

  • Katrina Porter

    I love the blogilates videos, its so easy you can do as much or as little as you want! x

  • bobbieapps

    Try Davina McCalls new iphone app!! Its amazing and it trains and suits to your body! It also has running training etc! It is free to download and then if you like it you can upgrade to get a tailor made workout :-)! I’ve done mine today ahh so hard!

  • Amber

    I love Blogilates! I’ve been following her for quite some time and man, she killlllls you!

  • Kellina’s Thoughts

    Will definitely be checking those vids out!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • disqus_KqkT7hjAY7

    LOVE blogilates! I’m the exact same… super unfit. Unfortunately i’ve just got accepted into a really serious west end training school and have to dance… Blogilates is the only thing i’m going to be doing during the summer! Haha! Good luck with getting fit 🙂


  • Blogilates is amazing! I love it so much! Good luck with your new fitness routine!

  • I really need to start working out for summer! Need to get bikini ready

  • Julia Katherine Whittredge

    Try the couch to 5k app for running–best thing ever!

    • pinklovenugget

      I totally agree – definitely a good way to get yourself from practically immobile to a sneaky jogger!

  • Chloe Ridout

    I LOVE blogilates! It really pays off too! I’ve been doing clean eating which she blogs recipes for tons, combined with some of her video work outs and I lost half a stone in a month! I definitely feel for you with how tough it is, the first video I did was so hard and I could barely manage anything! But it gets better 🙂

    I could not stand running at all, no matter how much I kept trying at it, so I now swim twice a week and it’s great!


  • Ruby@TotalModisch

    I started going for runs a month or two again because I’m pretty unfit, but for the past few weeks I’ve gotten out of routine! You’ve motivated me to start again. I might have a go at those YouTube videos too 🙂

  • Amy

    I’m definitely going to have a crack at those YouTube vids, I need to be more fit and healthy! x

    Amy |

  • I never heard of the Blogilates, but I definitely want to check it out. I’ve been meaning to get moving a bit more, so thanks for the motivation!

  • Holly Gardiner

    Ooh I’ve done the odd Blogilates and love it! I swear by the 30 Day Shred though – Jillian Michaels is a beast and my god does it work!!

    Holly Mixtures

  • Ambi

    Keep at it with the running – your story is just like mine. I was so unfit, got into running and trained for a half marathon… which unfortunately I was advised not to do for health reasons. After that, I got lazy and stopped completely. I should have carried on but at a less intense pace/distance because 5 months later I’m back to square 1… aerobic fitness is a whole other level!

    Definitely going to start with the Blogilates. I did one workout a few months ago and couldnt move for about a week after!

    Good luck 🙂

    Ambi x

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  • leighlovesmakeup

    I loooove Cassie from Blogilates. Good choice to get motivated! xo

  • Courtney

    I am not the most athletic person ever, and I HATE running. I’ve been a member at Curves since I was 18 (that was 13 years ago!) and I’ve never looked back. They have them worldwide and the gym is fantastic! It’s only a 30 min workout and that’s something anyone can fit into their schedule. Good luck with your new workouts!

  • Celina

    I love Blogilates and Tone It Up!

  • mikaylaa.s

    Love your blog, the post is inspirational and very honest! Hope your going to do a follow up (thanks for the motivation!)


  • Blogilates is amazing. I do her workout videos all the time. My favorite is the five minute fat burning cardio, it’s great for when I have no time. Good luck on your fitness journey.

    Kindness is the best accessory.

  • yanksgurl613

    we def. have something in common then bec I too am very out of shape right now. I love turbofire for getting the blood pumping every other day. getting back to it starting tommorrow. hope it goes well for you! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Anita

    Well done! It’s so hard to get started but easy to get addicted!! There are loads of awesome free workouts on youtube. I love a channel called BeFit (which funnily enough came up as a suggestion on the sidebar when I was on your channel!!) and they have an awesome ’30 day butt lift’ which actually works! Keep up the good work – exercise and blog-wise x

  • I also love blogilates video, and exactly the same one as you, the Victoria secret ab routine which is a real tough one but it is so effective! But truth needs to be said as well, no laughing is sight for the next couple of days!

  • Val

    I LOVE BLOGILATES 🙂 cool to see i’m not the only one.


  • Joycelyn Steib

    Good job!!! Keep it up!!!!!! 🙂

  • Laura – Lipsticks and Tea Cups

    I have been doing squats lately and oh dear, I can feel every inch of my bum now!x

  • deydos89

    Can’t watch the victoria secret one from Germany because it contains certain music 🙁 Could you maybe describe it? Or even make a video about it?

  • Hannah

    Love the fit/shape of the tshirt you’re wearing in the photo, what brand is it?

    Love your blog! xo

  • Kate

    Im going for mountain hiking in two months and I think Im even more unfit than you are 😉 But I also went for Blogilates videos along with Tone It Up vids and I alredy noticed the difference. Also, getting myself in a jogging mood 🙂 I was quite sporty before but I suffered depression that caused me spending time in front of my computer and having sweets and junk food. But, I’ve passed it and feel better and fitter :))))

  • Paris

    Love Blogilates, however after doing my first 30 minute video, I had a sharp pain in my chest. Went to the doctor and he told me off for ‘over doing it’.
    Something tells me I’m way unfitter than you!
    Congrats on plucking up the courage to jog around your block. Not that far yet haha.
    Please keep these types of posts up if you can.
    Paris xx

  • Lisa

    Anna, could u tell us abouy how u stay in shape and ur eating habbits, rules??:)anyone else interesting in this topic?

  • dannii ofe

    i need to start doing this, its so easy to just do a couple youtube videos, but sitting in bed with a cuppa is much more appealing haha!

  • Emma Porter

    Blogilates is brilliant! Cassie always cheers me up with her amazing positivity 🙂 I find that I feel much better if I break it up during the day, really helped me get through some intense study sessions at home the past 2 years! Healthy body is a healthy mind 😉

  • I started running in February, I’m up to 4 miles now but sadly still regularly feel like vomming when I’m done! But I’m sure that feeling must go eventually! xx

  • Aurora Ammy

    Your legs look amazing! I’m currently doing the 30 day shred to prove to myself I will look how I want to 🙂