Fake Tanning 101


I still remember the first time I fake tanned. I think I was about 12 and had somehow managed to get sneak a bottle of the stuff into my Mum’s weekly shop. I was forbidden to apply it inside so I stood out in the garden in my undies, sprayed it on and unsure whether to rub it in, I left it as it was spritzed out the bottle. Cue me having to do P.E with big orange splodges over my legs for the next week. I’ve come along way since (I now tan inside – whoop!) and through the years have had a few faux glow triumphs with many, many fails. So I thought it was time for a fake tanning 101; what to use, how to use it and my tips and tricks I’ve picked up in my 12 years of tanning. Leave your fears of looking tangoed at the door.