Evening Makeup Routine

Oh hell yes, another makeup tutorial – what can I say, I’m a roll at the moment! Last weekend I went on a very rare (and very entertaining) night out, so I thought I would try and recreate the look, which is a little more than I would usually wear in a video for you guys. You know me, of course it’s still neutral – but with a little added definition around the eyes and a slightly more done-up complexion. I go by a bit of a rule that you either play up one of three features – you’re cheeks, lips or eyes and on this occasion I went for some metallic bronzed up peepers. The star product for me, aside from the amazingly beautiful Estée Lauder eyeshadow palette that I used, is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s not something that I reach for too often, nor is it in any way shape or form luminous, but it is the perfect night time foundation. No SPF, so it doesn’t give you flash-back face in photos, it stays pretty well put, is slightly more on the matte side which is great for when you’re flailing around wildly like I was, and comes in a great range of shades. Daytime no way, but night time? Come to mama.

Select to watch on Youtube for all the extra links and information and if you’re going out tonight why not give it a go (hey if I can do, then you could probably do it with your eyes closed!). Let me know what you think and I hope you all have a lovely Friday night! TGIF.


  • Justaspoonfulofsugarblog

    I really enjoyed this video! Your eye make-up is stunning! 

  • Beth Bradley

    Love this look, it still looks natural, it’s such a gorgeous look and I’ll be trying this next time I go out.

  • Alexa

    Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous and your skin is flawless! xxx

  • JoySteib

    This is in my opinion your BEST!!! The eye make up made your eyes stand out so much!!  You did an awesome job and I am sooooo impressed with this look on you!!  Loved all the products you chose to enhance the beauty that is naturally there to begin with!! Great job!! Waiting for your next one!! 🙂

  • alissia.deighton

    Your lashes are stunning! Great makeup vid! :) xx

  • Sabz

    U r just absolutely gawgus girl…love watching ur videos and reading ur blog…carry on with the great work… 🙂

  • jessica moore

    love the eyeshadow palette, gorgeous colours 😀

  • Emily

    you are unfairly beautiful!

  • Aletia Laird

    I nominated your blog for The Liebster Blog Award because I love reading it so much and watching your YouTube videos. All the information is on my blog if you want to pass on the nomination to your favourite bloggers 🙂 

  • Looking absolutely gorgeous, as ever, Anna! xx

  • Anh

    Natural and beautiful makeup
    I love it and you’re very pretty too!!! really appreciate your feedbacks!If you like, then follow me:)

  • sch

    you really should have your make up done by someone else, just to take you out of your comfort zone!  you know so well what suits you and you are fab at recommending products but you have a great face for make up – let a friend make you up with a smoky eye and dark lipstick – and let us see the results please!!

  • Your lashes are insane!! Are they naturally this long or did you use something to make  them grow faster? In any case, I love them! This is exactly how I like to do my lashes: long, black, and perfectly defined!
    Amazing post/video as usual 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, xx

  • WY

    love your brows, mine are still in process of being perfect haha. I just can’t find a person that knows how to shape them – including myself… could you do a post all about (shaping)  brows? 🙂

    Raves ‘nd Ramblings

  • uftade_34

    looks so pretty and natural

  • Margaret

    Looks awesome, it suits you so well! Your eyes are brightened up and your lashes look fabolous! stunning! xx

  • Your brows look great! Didn’t you just say you mauled them? Well I didn’t see what they looked like then, but I think they are fab now! 

    Also love how you manipulated the shadows on your eyes. 

    <3 Rubiiee 

  • your eyelashes look amazing!!

  • Serena Elliott

    I love this look, it suits you so well. i really enjoyed watching this video, i love watching you apply makeup haha! more tutorials please! 🙂 xx

  • Lyndseytindle

    i love your youtube videos! espesh your tutorials, i ve got he flu and when i was up at 4 this morning i wandered to youtube and saw tis video and it cheered me up so much hehe x

  • Diane

    This look is simply gorgeous. You call this your evening make-up? My oh my it’s my everyday make-up look. Does that mean I pile on too much make-up? *hangs my head in shame* What can I say -I’m a huge fan of neutral seductive, sultry smokey eye. 😉 Guess everybody is different.

  • Hey Vivianna, I am the same as you and don’t wear many eyeshadows! I made a collage on my website of the Dior 2012 look and fell in love with it here
    I was wondering how you would integrate this into your style! 


  • Allison Finnie

    love your blog! 

  • Allison Finnie

    and octavia,  i checked out the post you made on….really cool! i am going to try out a few shades inspired by dior 🙂

  • watched this video the other day & i quite like the look. 🙂 I love that it is really subtle & fresh, and you look natural and gorgeous!  

  • FloribundaR

    Love this so much! You look stunning. Really enjoying seeing you with a stronger eye look. xo

  • Hayleyann

    it looks the same to like every makeup tutorial ;D nice though! xxx

  • The Librarian

    Hello, It is the first I watched your tutorial and I LOVED it very much!

  • Lexie Blush

    This mascara is insane on your lashes!! It’s beautiful