Oh Burberry…

Rule number one of makeup addicts anonymous – don’t ever visit a Burberry counter unsupervised. Here’s my justification for the visit. I’ve actually tried a fair amount of their base makeup products, much with resounding success, and an exclusively Burberry makeup tutorial has been on my ‘to-do’ list for a while. But I needed to pick up some finishing touches, so I somehow ended up with two lip products, an eyeshadow, a blush and a full bloomin’ face of slap on due to a counter makeover as I joyfully skipped out of John Lewis the other day.

Lets talk lip products. I had intentions of just getting the one, but of course I came out with two – the Lip Mist in Nude Peach No.212 (top left and second picture) and the Lip Cover in Cameo No.02 (top right and third picture). In my defence they are in different formulas, the Lip Mist being Burberry’s version of a gloss/lipstick hybrid with sheer colour and the Lip Cover offering a more satin finish pigmented colour to the lips. Both come in the most fancy packaging ever and you can forget about the ‘expensive car door’ closing snap of the Tom Ford Lipsticks, Burberry lippies close in an über satisfying magnetic motion. Swoon. They also both have that classic Burberry makeup scent, which is Rose Water so I was told by the Makeup Artist. One thing I love about Burberry is much like my other favourite beauty brands like Laura Mercier, Jemma Kidd and Chantecaille every single item is subtle, no crazy colours here, just naturally-enhancing makeup. The Lip Mist in Nude Peach is very much a brown toned nude with a hint of peach. A little different to what I’m used to, but flattering nonetheless, plus it gets major props for being so moisturising and glossy. The Lip Cover in Cameo is much more of a pinkier affair, still with a hint of brown. It’s sits nicely on the lips, not too opaque or too sheer but just a natural lip-like satin finish.

Now these babies don’t come cheap – £22.50 each. Woah. And yes I will officially be eating Boots Meal Deals for lunch instead of my fancy Pret baguettes for the rest of the month. You can get them online and in selected stores from John Lewis and Harrods. So keep your eyes peeled for an all-singing, all-dancing and all-Burberry makeup tutorial coming soon. Have any of you guys given Burberry things a go? Or what would make your Burberry wishlist?


  • Katy // Rottenotter

    I love the packaging of Burberry lipsticks! Will have to go to a counter and do some swatching 🙂 x

  • Emily B

    I love Burberry make up!!

  • I love Burberry lipsticks wish i could afford to buy more these colours are gorgeous. xx

  • Margaret

    these are gorgeous, indeed! Both of them suits soooo well! Beautiful! I’d love to try them but I have to save a lot of money :/ love the post anyway xx

  • Claudia

    I love the Burberry Sheer Foundation!
    but these lipsticks look pretty amazing too, especially the Lip Mist. I just love moisturising lipsticks 🙂

  • Phoebe

    I’ve never tried any Burberry make up, but the lip cover looks so pretty! I’d happily pay that price for the luxury feel and look.

  • Heather Morton

    i’ve been lusting after a burberry lipstick ever since i never got one in my harrods glossybox, just can’t justify the price tag!

  • I desperately want to try Burberry makeup, but it’s just so expensive and I can’t find a way to justify it. Maybe, I could do something burberry related on my blog, that’d justify it, right? Check out my blog, pretty please.


  • Esther

    Love Burberry makeup, I have 2 of their concealers, 3 lip mists/covers in Copper, Rosewood And Field Rose. And three eyeshadows, pale barley, midnight brown and rosewood. As you said very neutral subtle shades which is me all over (apart from I like a brighter lip colour and blush for summer) I was sceptical at first because I have a darker complexion, NC50 and I they don’t go dark enough in their foundation but the individual makeup products are just lovely. Stars of the range in my opinion are the eyeshadows and concealers though. Gorgeous!

  • Seraphina Sheridan-Toombs

    The lipsticks are sooo pretty!! I’ve never tried any Burberry make up, although I am a lover of their perfumes. After reading this post I’m really tempted to go to the counter and do some swatches! x

  • Yu

    Ahh love the first lipstick! 🙂 I’m lemming Cameo blush.. but like you said – have to sacrifice Pret for a while for that!

  • Wow these lipsticks look amazing! I’m liking the texture they have in the photos, I think I prefer the Cameo 🙂
    Daniella x 

  • alissia.deighton

    The lip mist looks absolutely gorgeous! 
    I’ve never really looked at Burburry make up, but after this post I sure as hell am going to check them out next time I’m in the city! 😉 x

  • Sarah S.

    I want the eyeshadows more, tbh!

  • You look lovely! Lusting over the Lip Mist 🙂

  • Chloe Salmons

    The lip products look amazing! I really hope you do a tutorial 🙂


  • Ecetargit

    What foundation or concealer are you wearing? Your skin looks so natural!

  • Completely agree with you about the Laura Mercier, Burberry, Chantecaille subtlety thing. It’s just so natural and understated. The Burberry makeup counter is a no-go area for me most of the time as it’s just way too dangerous! Lx

  • anothercinderella

    I loved the formula of the lipstick I got in my Glossybox but the colour really isn’t my thing, that Cameo shade is absolutely gorgeous though! Definitely worth sacrificing Pret lunches for! x 

  • You look so beautiful. Can’t wait for the tutorial. 

  • megi_megi4

    I have the lip mist in “field rose” and it amazing! Perfect neutral colour, with a hinf of rose and brown. And I love the formula of these, Iwant them all ;)x

  • Lorna Patrick

    in love with the second one, it’s stunning!!

  • Angela

    They are lovely on you. Hoping they are coming to Holt Renfrew in Toronto. I have heard so many good things about this line already. Cannot wait to do some birthday shopping. 

    • Irina

      They’re already there! In the one on Bloor Street. I had to cover my eyes as I walked by the counter so I wouldn’t buy everything. Happy shopping 🙂

  • Diyana

    I am dying to own some Burberry cosmetics because they look really luxurious indeed. Perhaps I will when I get a full time job! I’ll definitely go for their blush and lip products.

  • Orna

    Really hoping to take a look at the Burberry line in Boston next week, we don’t have a counter in Ireland 🙁

  • Orna

    Really hoping to take a look at the Burberry line in Boston next week, we don’t have a counter in Ireland!

  • Kat

    Your skin is looking so stunning… I’ve discovered a certain Ms Hirons thanks to you, so hopefully I can join you in Smooth Skin City soon! xoxo

  • Anh

    I love the color on the right! and you should do a skin care routine!!

    Trend I loveNo heat curlshttp://pinktistic.blogspot.comI really appreciate your feedbacks 🙂

  • i recently picked up burberry lip mist in copper, it is amazing! so natural and the color is perfect. it is a must have to me. ill have to check out nude peach lip mist….

  • They look cool! 🙂
    Regards from…

  • Justaspoonfulofsugarblog

    The colours are perfect on you! I’ve never tried Burberry make-up but I will!!

  • Bebe Badkon

    The eye shadows are definitely on my wish list! I have been lusting after them for so long I just can’t justify the price…..luckily for me there is no counter at all where I live. I am sure if I went near a counter all logic would be out the window and I would end up with a couple of eye shadows (at least!). 

  • Rachel

    My bank balance seriously hates you and your blog. By the way, your skin looks amazing in the close up pictures! xx

  • Kayti Clayton

    Received one of these in my May Glossybox and I love it! Really would like to try out Cameo, looks lovely.


  • Joanne

    Those are gorge!! I think I am gonna try Cameo!! Both look gorgeous on you! 🙂

  • I really love what I’ve seen of Burberry in online reviews, though I very rarely have a chance to check the line out in person. Looking forward to your tutorial!

  • Diane11792

    The lipsticks look lovely and right up my street. I’ve been lusting over Burberry make-up lately. Their eyeshadow in Midnight Brown is simply a must buy for a neutral girl like me. 🙂

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  • memememe

    gorgeous. you have great taste. but the thing is i don’t want my lips to taste or smell of roses or flowers. i don’t get why they went with an old lady rose scent. they should have used more sweet. i had to return mine.

  • Anna Mitropoulou

    Have you tried ghe new range of Burberry lipies Kiss & lips or sth? Soooooooo moisturizing and summery! ❤