Essie Fiji

Essie, I bloody love it. Do I even need to go through it again? Ever since their reformulated, wider brushed, slightly cheaper diffusion line started popping up into Boots and Superdrug stores I’ve slowly been acquiring every colour under the sun. One of my favourites is this beauty, Fiji. Ladies if you loved Models Own Utopia last year then welcome the new polish that will be adorning your talons this Summer.

I’m really into white-based pastels at the moment; Essie Absolutely Shore does it for me with it’s minty green creamy colour, and Fiji is giving it a runs for it’s money with its whitey pink hue. Not exactly the most of subtle of colours, but one that looks sleek, minimal and sort of sophisticated. When I announced on Twitter that I had purchased this colour I was greeted with a chorus of ‘Oh hell no’s’, with quite a few of you complaining about it’s streaky application. But with the improved wider brushes, I can happily say that this didn’t apply too badly – you do need a steady hand and a bit of patience, but two coats and slick of Seche Vite is all that was needed. Oh and it does look fab on the toes as well, I couldn’t stop staring at them on the train – sounds stranger than it was, promise!

I picked this up from Boots for £7.99, but it’s also available from Superdrug and it’s on a 3 for 2 offer right now – I know where I’m going on my lunchbreak! Any idea what your go-to Summer polish is going to be?