Essie Fiji

Essie, I bloody love it. Do I even need to go through it again? Ever since their reformulated, wider brushed, slightly cheaper diffusion line started popping up into Boots and Superdrug stores I’ve slowly been acquiring every colour under the sun. One of my favourites is this beauty, Fiji. Ladies if you loved Models Own Utopia last year then welcome the new polish that will be adorning your talons this Summer.

I’m really into white-based pastels at the moment; Essie Absolutely Shore does it for me with it’s minty green creamy colour, and Fiji is giving it a runs for it’s money with its whitey pink hue. Not exactly the most of subtle of colours, but one that looks sleek, minimal and sort of sophisticated. When I announced on Twitter that I had purchased this colour I was greeted with a chorus of ‘Oh hell no’s’, with quite a few of you complaining about it’s streaky application. But with the improved wider brushes, I can happily say that this didn’t apply too badly – you do need a steady hand and a bit of patience, but two coats and slick of Seche Vite is all that was needed. Oh and it does look fab on the toes as well, I couldn’t stop staring at them on the train – sounds stranger than it was, promise!

I picked this up from Boots for £7.99, but it’s also available from Superdrug and it’s on a 3 for 2 offer right now – I know where I’m going on my lunchbreak! Any idea what your go-to Summer polish is going to be?


  • Florence

    This is beautiful! Looks so clean and pretty x 

  • This colour looks gorgeous! It will be so nice in the summer with a tan 🙂 xo

  • Emily

    Lovely colour!
    I just can’t bear to spend £8 on a nail polish, £5 is my maximum aha

  • Thebellebook

    I love this colour! Absolutely Shore – next on me list 😀 xx

  • Megan

    Love that colour. I wish my local Superdrug stocked Essie so I could use the 3 for 2 offer on them. Luckily my Boots have them though 🙂

  • This is so lovely, it really reminds me of Orly Cupcake but appears to have a much better formula! I blame my new found Essie addition entirely on you :)!

  • gembear

    i wish the superdrug near me stocked it 🙁 x

  • Nicola

    My local boots and superdrug don’t stock essie! I wish they did, they are gorgeous ive heard such good things. I really love the colour mint candy apple. 

  • that’s such a lovely colour, i really need to pick up some of these polishes soon!

  • gorgeous colour need this in my life! x

  • Zoe

    I really need to get some Essie polishes in my life, their prices here in Australia is extortionate.

    Zoe xx

  • ginalu95

    This is so pretty! I am in love with mint candy apple, it’s so beautiful! xx

  • Gmhmeredith

    I always get go much into nails polish in the summer! This colour is really pretty and understated 🙂

  • Diane11792

    It looks so pretty 😉
    My go to summer nailpolish? My beloved Avon Nail Enamel in Viva Pink. Such a nice bold hot pink which looks even more gorgeous during the Summer months. I would highly recommend it to anyone 😉

  • I don’t normally buy from Avon, but Tanya Burr recommended Avon nail polish in pastel pink and it’s gorgeous. A really pale pink which makes your hands look so tanned!!

  • Danielle Clements

    I have Ballet Slippers, how does this compare as they look quite similar shades? x Danielle x

  • This was my first ever Essie shade and it didn’t disappoint. I always use a ridge filler underneath as it gives an even smoother application but its such a pretty colour. x

  • Alina Vinik

    definitely ole caliente!

  • Becky

    Ah this is the one colour I love but have a slight love hate relationship with the application. Granted the new brush makes applying so much easier but this took be approximately 3 coats to get full opaqueness which is a little painful but I have to say with the Seche Vite top coat to boot its made it slightly easier and quicker. 

    Beckys Makeup

  • Oooh, I love how this one looks. I was looking at it in the Boots the other day but couldn’t bring to mind, how it would actually look painted on the nails. Well, now I know, so prettty!

  • This has been on my wishlist for months! Might have to take the plunge soon…

  • kjaskunaite

    This HAS to be the most perfect neutral nail polish ever. I can’t wait to pick it up and slap it on my nails! 😀 xo

  • Ellie

    This is actually so gorgeous, your hands looks so tanned and healthy 🙂

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Such a pretty shade ! xx

  • Clare Palmer

    I think I might need to get this purely for the fact I am planning to go to Fiji when travelling! Very nice colour 🙂 xx

  • Isabelle

    Have it & love it!

  • Serena

    such a pretty colour!xx

  • Emilia

    So nice! I hope they have this diffusion line in Sweden as well! :) 

  • Louise Parker

    can’t get enough of essie at the moment! LV x

  • I love that color on you! I’m a huge fan of Balletslippers. Can’t seem to quit my Essie addiction. :) 

  • Labeauteobsession

    So pretty.  I was looking for a nice pale colour!

  • One of the bests summer colours ever – LOVE! 

  • oh dear!! i literally just got 8 new essie polishes in the post (im from australia and they are $20 here eep so i buy online) and now i want this one too!! so milky and nice.

    • gabbi.fowler

      I’m from Australia too and love buying Essie online!

  • Ela

    Love love love Essie polishes! You should try Shifting Power, it’s lovely and a bit different to what you usually wear! 

  • I absolutely adore your nail polish picks 🙂 I think I’m going to wear Fiji next…thx for sharing xx

  • Sophia Moir

    What’s the difference between Fiji and Ballet Slippers? Which one do you prefer? Xxx

  • Lasurfeusedebisca

    Do you put a base before ? which one ? thanks 🙂

  • Rebecca Simon

    Chanel’s June is my favourite summer shade – L-O-V-E

  • Alice Byers

    So gorgeous. I don’t own any Essie polishes. I keep going to the stand and staring because I don’t know where to start!
    This colour is gorgeous but think I’d need to tan up before I could carry it off!


  • I don’t own any Essie Nail polishes yet! but I’m going to have to get some when I go to America in August and I will probably pick up a load then as I know they are pretty cheap out there!
    Going to have to add this to my America must buy list!!
    Check out my channel here:

  • Beth

    such a gorgeous colour! Utopia is one of my fave shades so I really want to try this xxx

  • I think you are the only person in the world that understands my obsession with Essie nail polishes!
    We are twins. Because I cannot stop buying them!
    I haven’t seen any of these new brushes in the U.S yet. But I hope to soon!

  • Jennifer Garlick

    I have this color. I probably got it about a year ago. I find the formula a bit goopy and hard to apply. I don’t really have this problem with any of my other essie polishes though. It’s very frustrating because the color is so cute!

  • This looks sooo pretty and clean, I need it in my collection X

  • Sophia x

    I am definitely going to be picking this up! So pretty! xx 

  • Once again, enable by you! 😉 xx

  • Amy

    Looking up a Fiji review and I’m brought straight to you 🙂 Can I ask, would the Fiji polish being sold in Boots today have the new brush do you think? I’d hate to spend £8 and get the old one :/

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    • Catherine

      I’m pretty sure all of the Essie nail polishes in boots and superdrug are from the diffusion line and so have the new wider brush 🙂

      • Amy

        oo thank you Catherine, I appreciate you answering my question 🙂 x