Desk till Dawn

The desk till dawn drawer edit, you know the drill. Beauty bits, kept desk side to jazz things up for post-work shenanigans without even having to leave your chair. It’s an overdone concept but when questioning some mates at a recent dinner about what topics they’d find most useful, this came out top. So Emma, this one’s for you…

Elemental Herbology Flower Harmonising Mist – A foundation freshen-upper is probably the most integral part of this edit. This can be used later on in the day to re-dew your base up and to prep it for any touch-ups that are coming its way. Another spray post-powder means things won’t look too cakey but should stick around till bedtime. It also has a hint of rose to it which gives it a body spray-like quality. Is there anything it doesn’t do?

L’Oreal Perfect Match La Touche Magique Concealer in Ivory Beige – Finding a foundation that looks good layered over a base that’s been there for 12 hours is a near impossible brief to fill, so I propose just dabbing on concealer where required. Whip out your fingertips, snub the brush and get blending. This one in particular gives good coverage with just the right dose of illumination.

CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder in B20 – I’m not hugely into powder but even I can accept that after a long day a quick dusting can work wonders. Something that’s light with a hint of colour is your best bet here. Extra points if it comes with its own brush and mirror. This CHANEL one scores on both counts.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Creme Bronzer in Riviera – For adding colour to the cheeks, practicality-wise you can’t beat a good cream colour. No brush required and you don’t even really need a mirror (just feel out the fatty, fleshy bit of your cheek). I’ve gone for bronzer over blush for one reason; it can double up as a quick wash of colour over the lids too. Simples.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Bronze – I sometimes find mascara over mascara to be a bit of a gloop-tastic crumbly disaster zone, so to oomph up the eyes for the evening I rely on a nice slick of eyeliner. Outer corners, top lashline, under eye smudge – whatever you fancy.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 401 – It’s cliché, but a well-executed red lip is the easiest way to take things from desk to ‘dayum‘. I went for this Armani pick because it doesn’t require any fancy application techniques; no liner is needed and it balances being long-lasting with adding just the right amount of moisture to your pout. Perfect if you’ve neglected the lip balm all day. *Raises hand*

Diptyque Volutes Solid Perfume – A solid perfume is the most compact way to keep any whiffs at bay. Personally I’m a fan of this scent from Diptyque: it’s sort of smokey, sexy without being obviously so and somehow manages to say ‘TGIF, someone pass the G&T’. Prod your finger in and dot on pressure points.

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray – The spritz to blitz those flat Friday hair woes. Common’ you knew this would be here, right? It plumps, breezes locks with a matte texture and leaves things looking styled without the use of a brush (one less thing to house in your drawer). Plus the scent helps to freshen things up; it’s an all-round win win.

After work Friday drinks? Sorted.

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  • Evelyn Morales

    Great picks, I so want to get my hands onto the oribe spray.

  • Zazie Bibi

    that scandaleyes eyeliner shade is so gorgeous! xx

  • I need to bite the bullet and just buy some Oribe, I feel like I am missing out on so many big hair opportunities!

    Lottie x – UK Beauty blog

  • rab

    the chanel powder is so pretty!
    rabia from RepeatPiece

  • sarazbeautytonic

    red lip!!!aahh.i’ve been soo into red lips offlate!!!love the gergioarmani one!

  • Emma and Emily

    Ah amazing! I wanna get dressed up and dance the night away now 🙂

  • Tijan Serena

    Loved this post – I always need a dusting of light powder on my t zone after a long day to freshen things up and Les Beiges healthy gow is the bomb at both mattifying and ‘glow’ enhancing. I have my eye on the L’Oreal concealer now!

  • Jessica Rose

    Love the Diptique solid fragrance…but if its the same I use to use…I remember it feeling like it weighed a ton!! ;(

  • Stephanie

    Fabulous picks Anna, ashamed to say I haven’t tried any of them, although, who doesn’t need an excuse to go shopping?!

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)

  • Sunshine Nici

    We all know you’ve got blutak under those products!

    • Strawbry_Blonde

      Haha this was my first thought too! Lovely post Anna xx

  • Naomi Watson

    This is a great post but unfortunately I found the gif in the link to the ‘Converting to blush’ post distracting and it took my focus off this post, making it harder to read. I liked the use of the gif in the main post but I don’t think it works as well for a link. Sorry for moaning!

  • Bella

    so intrigued by the harmonising mist…does it actually work? Any chance you could do a fuller review of it, Anna? (if you haven’t already!)

  • Lys

    That solid perfume sounds so good!

  • Chelsea Leigh

    I have to try that Rimmel Pencil in that bronze shade, I love bronzey colors on the eyes!

  • I really want the Oribe Texturising Spray!

    Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion, Life ♥

  • I love the look of the solid perfume, and the scent sounds amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Love the look of the solid perfume, might have to add it to the list.. 🙂

  • Not even remotely surprised that you have the oribe spray near by hehe, gosh that chanel powder looks so pretty, I may have to treat myself to it x


  • Iqra

    I adore the liner from Rimmel! I think that line of liners (no pun intended) is just perfect..though I’m yet to try the black one bizarrely!

    Ohhhh the only solid perfume I’ve tried is from the body shop because of the novelty of it, that one looks amazing ^_^

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe


  • Katie

    I really want to try the Oribe Texturising Spray, looks so fab and I’m yet to see a bad review about it xx

  • Love this idea for a post! I definitely want to try that Chanel powder (sounds perfect for touch-ups) and that Armani lip colour looks stunning 🙂

  • The first thing I thought of when I started reading this post was “I wonder if she’s used blue tack to hold some of the products in place?” Definitely been sitting at my computer blogging for too long!

    I’ve heard a lot about the Elemental Herbology Flower Harmonising Mist, will have to put it on my wish list 🙂 xx

  • Ines Saiid

    I can’t find that solid perfume anywhere!

  • lenahpolih

    where did you buy the storage thing you have for your make up??? so pretty!!

  • I love using MAC’s Fix+ to refresh my makeup before touching up xx

  • Annflo

    Same question: where did you get such a great make up storage?
    Thanks dear!

  • Charlotte Frances

    Great post as usual. I love the Muji draws, they are perfect makeup storage.