Cream Blushers for All Skintypes


Back in the day I was a straight-up powder gal when it came to cheek products. Did they even sell cream formulas back then? Matte finishes were the dish of the day – every morning I powdered my skin until it resembled the texture of cake – and anything that promoted shine in any way shape or form was shunned in the makeup aisle. But in recent years complexions have had a makeover. Now it’s all about healthy, sheer, skin-like formulas and my previously powder-clogged pores are certainly happy about that. With this glowy movement, comes a wave of cream-based cheek products which actually I’ve come to find, are some of the most natural, easy to apply, fuss-free ways to add a pinch of colour without going overboard. Texture-wise it’s a hard one to judge with the oiler skinned among us shrugging them off as a grease-giver and drier skin types not knowing where to start. But I’ve got an edit that depicts cream blushers all *insert The Office GIF that seems to semi-fit in*…

FOR OILY SKINS: The key here is to go for cream to powder textures or stains to avoid the ‘TMO – too much oil’ look. My top one for a cream to powder finish is Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 Nude Velvet, which blends on creamy, dries matte and so you still get that light wash of colour but without too much of the sheen. If you want something with a bit more shine to it then the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelée in Poppy Paradise is the best one I’ve found. The formula is weirdly watery and it feels cooling when it’s applied on the skin, but upon contact it gives off a sheer stain that does not budge and lies completely flush.

FOR ‘IN THE MIDDLE’ SKINS: Really you go can either way on this one, taking recommendations from both the oily and dry categories, depending on which way your complexion leans but I’ve got two picks that sit slap bang in the middle of the cream blush spectrum giving off a fresh finish without too much oiliness in the texture. You must have heard me ramble on about the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink before? The easiest to transport from the line-up, it’s pretty much fool proof and the colour works a perker-upper on most. Then there’s the Josie Maran Argan Colour Stick in Coral which is my current favourite. It just does something pretty special to my cheeks that somehow makes me look more awake and I like the fact that I can just stripe it on, blend and go. With all of these I find that fingers are the best way to apply and if I go in too heavy handed I just dust over with the foundation brush I’ve just used.

FOR DRY SKINS: You and cream blush should get on like peas and carrots. The texture hydrates, leaving a veil of sheeny colour behind that doesn’t cling on to problem areas with not a patch of dryness to be seen. The classic formulas are more likely to suit you best as they tend to be a little heavier in ‘slip factor’. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Hibiscus is a good’un that deposits a serious hit of colour with the teeniest tiniest fingertip swipe of formula, but for something with a little less pigment give Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera a go. The latter is more of a soft pink that’s an easy one for fellow blush noobs to master. It’s also worth noting that the creaminess of these two products mean that they’re good candidates for lip colour too. Schwing.


  • I love the topshop cream blush in headoverheels 🙂 xx

    – Chaitra | PinkPot

  • Bella

    I love cream blush. For oily skin Chanel cream blushes are tops, since they are a cream to powder finish.

  • I adore the cheek gelées, the texture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and Poppy Paradise is such a gorgeous colour!

  • I am so big on cream blushes, I recently did a post on some of my faves too!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  • I need to try a cream blush, I love the dewy finish!

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  • Francisca Ferreira

    i love cream blushes!!

  • I adore Max Factor’s offering; to the point where I’d consider it a ‘desert island’ product!:)

    Esmé // CloudEsmé

  • emily couture

    Cream blushers are the best 🙂

    Emily xx

  • Nik

    Would the Max Factor ones be a good birthday presnet? It’s my sisters birthday on the 31st, and she’s relatively new to makeup, so I’m not sure what to get her. Any ideas anyone?

    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

  • I’ve been so obsessed with cream blushers lately! That Josie Maran colour stick is looking very tempting!! Xxx

    The Sunday Chapter

  • Sarah Hale

    Chanel is my fave cream blusher!

  • The Josie Maran cheek gelee and stick are both AMAZING- love love!

  • jasmine turner

    Super gorgeous shades, i love the Topshop cream blushes!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  • MaquillageMagic

    I’d say I have normal skin but I do really like the bourjois cream blushes because of the powder finish!

    Laura xxx

  • I love the look of the Josie Maran one, is sounds so nice!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • After being skeptical for years I finally tried the cream blushes and love them so much now.Josie Maran stick in neutral pink is my staple.


  • The bourgeois cream blush sounds lovely – I’ve always been a powder gal but deffo need to try cream!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • I really need to try the Bourjois ones, they have such pretty shades! I always get the packaging of the eyeshadows and blushers confused in store, though!

  • Emma and Emily

    I love the Bourjois blushes, they are so pigmented and stay on the cheeks for ages!

  • Clementine Buttercup

    I love the Bourjois cream blushers. So easy to apply and the shades are good too. Great for travel as they’re ickle.

  • This is a super helpful post!! thanks!

    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  • Zazie Bibi

    I definitely want to try the Bobbi Brown offerings, they just seem amazing! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  • Thanks for the tips! I always want to get more into cream blushes but I never know which ones to try! I have also heard good things about the cream blushes from Top Shop!

    Bows & Pleats

  • I’ve been so hesitant to use cream blushes. I’m not sure why, I just haven’t really got into the idea, and whenever I consider using them I never know which to buy so this is really really helpful, thanks so much!
    Millie / xx

  • Julia Coldwell

    I really want to buy the max factor one because I’ve always been scared of cream blushes as I thought they would break me out but I tried this one and it looked gorgeous (and didn’t break me out weee) lots of love xx

  • cristy

    such pretty shades, the stilla one looks lovely xx

  • I have oily skin so I will definitely be trying the Bourjois cream blush. I always thought that I would have to stay away from cream blushes, glad to know there’s some for us oily skin gals as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • alice bea

    Ive been dying to try the tarte blushes!

  • I am just joining the cream blusher gang now and I am loving it 🙂

    Pam @

  • Den

    I´m loving the Josie Maran Aragan Oil Cream blush that comes un a tube. Have you tried it? I have to reaply every 4 hours, but the finish is sooo good..

  • So going to have to try the Bobbi Brown cream blushers, I tried a Topshop one and it completely clung to my dry patches!

  • Manouk

    Topshop cream blushes work really well for me too!

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • i’ve just started using cream blushes in the past few months and love them! the make up forever hd ones are great 🙂

  • Love Bobbi Brown cream blusher on my dry and dehydrated skin. I have Pretty Powerful Pink – a limited edition. Don’t know what I’ll do when it runs out though – love it! x

  • Gillian Pidler

    I’m a very recent convert to cream blushes. I’ve dry skin so I went for the Maybelline cream blush in 06 (couldn’t find a name), & I love it. So easy to blend and the colour lasts beautifully and gives me a fresh, healthy glow.

  • I have the Max Factor in Soft Candy, beautiful shade! 🙂

  • I’m currently loving the sleek palette! x


    Stop it Anna, I cant handle all the beaut

  • I’ve been enjoying for years a retractable creamy stick blusher from Shiseido, as well as now I’m so happy about the Make Up Forever creamy blush. It’s the ‘right pink’ for me, has a high blendable formula and most of all it has an awesome packaging. Very very compact and perfect to any handbags. 😉

  • I’ve still never tried cream blush before, I still use traditional powder. But wow the josie maran one looks so dark and creamy…I’d like to try that one! 😉

  • Marijke

    I love the Max Factor one! Such a pretty color!

  • The Josie Maran product sounds lovely! I have yet to buy a cream blusher!

  • The Bourjois one looks interesting!

  • Millie Robinson

    I love the Stila and Bourjois cream blushers! I still need to try the Max Factor one, it sounds lovely 🙂 x

  • ohhhh I want to try that JM Color Stick situation

    annie |

  • This post is amazing, I have been wondering which one to get for a while and now I know! x

    FASHION TREEHOUSE | UK Fashion Blogger

  • Love love love Josie Maran color sticks and of course stila convertibles eventhough I’m combo. Such good picks Anna!

  • Ceren

    Estee Lauder gel blushes! Amazing, wonderful product.

  • I’m glad that the “dewy” skin finish is in…I get that look naturally even when I try to mask it. Thanks, oily skin. 🙂

  • I love cream blushes, especially the ones from Stila.

    Jess x

  • Aly

    I’m loving the Maybelline Master Studio Glaze sticks.

  • I really want to try either the Bobbi Brown pot rouge or the Stila Convertible color! They both seem like amazing products.

  • Kasia Bielec

    I’m looking for now an ideal blusher. I love Bourjois one, but it’s too hard to grab this on the brush.

  • Jas

    YES to the Josie Maran blushes! Also: I used to own a Stila convertible color but ended up giving it away to my sister.

  • I love this post, I have a fair few of the Max Factor Cream Blushers. Have you tried Soap & Glory’s new cream stick blushers. They’re gorgeous and come in three beautiful shades.
    Katie x

  • The little Max factor blush is AMAZING 🙂 I’ve had in for about 2 years now and it’s not ending ! 🙂 Plus the color is gorgeous 🙂

    Love from France, Victoria

  • I’ve been wondering whether to try cream blushes on my oily skin, this post has help a lot! Thank you! 🙂

    Emily x

  • I’ve been using the NYX cream blushes, and I really like that. I might need to try another kind too! 🙂


  • Gorgeous photo! So dreamy. Love the recommendations, great post Anna 🙂

  • Charlotte Copeland

    I totally agree with you here. Back in the day my face was purely matte finish now Im all for the dewiness x

  • Now I really want to get back into using cream blushes! I kind of always gravitate towards powder blushes because to me, they’re just simpler to use? Anyways, maybe I’ll try to work with a cream blush tomorrow.. 🙂

  • I’ve never used cream blushes so this is fab for a newbie like me. Now I have help with what to look for !

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • I absolutely adore the Josie Maran gelees! Those go on so easily and can build them up.

  • yanksgurl613

    I’ve never been a huge fan on cream blushes! but I will certainly try some of these as it could be the ones I’ve used thus far. thanks for a wonderful post! xx. gigi.

  • I love the fact cream blushers always give you that youthful look and glow… great blog 🙂

  • sveti9505

    Thanks for the great post! I should definitely try some of these.

    Girl’s Temptations

  • Samantha Marriott

    Some Josie Maran products are definitely getting in the basket next time I’m ordering from Sephora, that blush looks so pretty!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  • That Broke Life

    Love how you catered this for different skin types!

  • Such a great post! I need to try out the Bourjois ones, I’ve never really experimented with cream blush before xx

    A Little Lucy

  • Wonderful suggestions! I have oilier skin and must give the Josie Maran gelees a go! xo

  • I adore the Stila Convertible Colours, I want to own them all!

    Kate xo //

  • Elena

    MUFE HD Blush all the way!!! It works like a charm on every single skin type. Blends like nothing else and is super long lasting. My super oily skin (as in have to blot after 1 hr) loves it.

  • Such a helpful post! I always gravitate towards cream blush but never knew what was best to choose!:)

    Emily x

    Amongst Thorns

  • I love your picks, Anna! I’m dying to try the stila one!

    Sophia |

  • I love the Bobbi Brown one 🙂 great post 🙂

  • cream blushers are my fave, so easy and quick , also can be used for lipstick!

    Multitasking Damsel Blog

  • Connie

    Love this post! All of these blushes look amazing.
    xo, Connie

  • Daniella

    love it!



  • I’m definitely going to pick up one of those Bourjois blushes on my trip to Boots tomorrow, I always hear Ruth Crilly talking about them and now that you’ve sung their praises too… well, that’s just sealed the deal. Thanks, VDM & AMR!

    Meg |

  • I wanted to try the Josie Maran Cream Blush!! It sounds great!:)

    Fretty Anggeni

  • Christine

    Gosh how do you beauty bloggers know all of this stuff?! All of these sound so beautiful and glowy and fresh and agh.. (did you hear that? its my wallet crying)
    Lovely post as always Anna!

  • Agreed. Josie Maran’s argan lip and cheek colour sticks are really amazing, there’s a complete set of all colours available in sephora which is great because every single colour is so beautiful- even the gold one which is great as a highlight. Worth a peek x

  • I need to check the Max Factor and Bobbi Brown ones! Lovely post Anna! Xo, Alexandra
    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  • Emily Knott

    I have a few cream blushers and rarely use them! Must dig them out and give them a go!

  • Love this post. Cream blushes are my favourites, they are so natural even when you choose an ‘out there’ colour!
    Occasionally I do love the look of a powder though!

  • All of the Stila convertible colours look lovely, I must get my hands on one!

  • Ellie

    i love this post! i wear cream blushes more often than powder. i need to try that Josie Maran blush!

  • I have combo skin and really like the Chanel cream blushes and the Nars matte multiple – both obviously matte and not in themselves ‘glowy’ but they do blend really nicely into skin and look better throughout the day on me.

  • I’ve been meaning to try the Stila Convertible color for the longest! I have pretty dry skin so I will be giving it a try.
    xx, Coreyiel | The Luxe Minimalist

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