Channeling My Inner Gwen


Back in the day I most definitely went through a bit of a ‘Gwen Stefani Wannabe‘ stage. Despite the obvious hair colour hurdle that didn’t stop me stomping around my bedroom to ‘Hollaback Girl’ and dreaming over that flippy summer dress she wore in the ‘Don’t Speak’ video. In fact ‘Don’t Speak’ to this day is one of my favourite songs of all time and I love nothing more than when it comes on the radio and I can belt it out. ‘DONNNN’T! DONNNN’T’. Ah jeez – it’s making me want to put it on now. I digress, back to the subject of today’s post which is Gwen’s collaboration with Urban Decay

What a win, huh? She’s a beauty icon and so anything that she puts her name to in the makeup world I’m game. The second drop of her Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani range features six lipsticks (finally!) and boy am I in love. There are some nudes and some pinks, but it’s the reds that I’m into and my favourite one has to be the Gwen Stefani Lipstick in 714. It’s the kind of red that she’s known for; a letterbox shade that’s not too warm or cool and so matte, like really matte. Yes it’s powdery and yes it’s a tad drying but this stuff doesn’t budge and is a toughie to remove – basically it’s exactly what I want out of a bold colour. There’s a matching Gwen Stefani Lip Pencil too (there’s one for each colour of the lipsticks) and it helps with application as it means you can get a super crisp outline à la Gwen. I bloody love this combo and feel super kick-ass whenever I wear it which I’m pretty sure is the main purpose of red lipstick.

Right, now I’m off to go and sing my heart out to ‘Don’t Speak’.