Bored Of ASOS? Here’s Where Else I Like To Shop

Time to hide your bank cards…


I love ASOS. Let’s just get that out there. I have spent many a night down the rabbit hole that is ASOS perusing, to the point where I have favourite models who I feel I would get extremely flustered over if I saw them walking down the street (FYI the girl that models the Whistles and Warehouse stuff is my fave). The delivery is impeccable (plus it means I get to see my dreamy DPD driver) and the choice extensive to say the least. You order something at 10pm and by 10am it’s on your doorstep at the quibble-free cost of a tenner a year. It’s really quite incredible.

I feel it’s this level of ease, the vast amount of brands available, plus the fact that you can practically do returns with your eyes closed, that makes it so appealing. Because actually when I think about it, it goes against everything I like when it comes to retail. I like small selections of quality pieces; 20 tops to look through on a rail in total, not 10,000 that it would take me until I’m 50 to go through them all. I like things to be curated, pre-edited so that picking out items take a matter of gut-directed seconds. In, out, shake it all about – I basically like shopping to be quick and easy. Which certainly describes the delivery of ASOS parcels, but not so much the continuous scrolling that goes into actually filling them. That’s why there’s a few other places that I like to stalk online for my capsule wardrobe fixes. Here’s the list if you fancy giving your index finger a break…


& Other Stories. If I had to pick a favourite store right now, & Other Stories would win hands down. There’s not too much stock to scroll though and most items have a minimalist vibe with a twist. The pieces look clean and feel luxe, but the price tag isn’t too eye-watering. I feel like their items really take outfits to the next level. For example the Trench Coat that I’m wearing in this post is from there and I love the fact that it’s such a sleek piece, with very little detail actually – but doesn’t it just look so smart and much more expensive than the £95 that it cost me? Bladdy love it.



Mango. Mango is a brand that when I walk in store, I kind of feeling nothing. I never find anything that I fancy and it’s just not a sexy buying experience. However, whenever I look online I end up filling my basket to the brim – what’s all that about, eh? Perhaps it’s the styling or just that the stock is a little different, but it’s fast becoming my favourite for slightly alternative pieces that are a little difficult to source from elsewhere. Case in point – these Flared Trousers that fit like a glove and literally look like they’ve been tailored for me (aside from the length which is probably long enough for Mark), that would cost a bomb from elsewhere.



Jigsaw. I came across Jigsaw in my search for non-denim bottom half options and I basically fell in love with the simple style, muted colour palette and everything on the website. I think it’s the trouser section that gets me the most because not only do they look comfortable and practical, they look pretty freaking chic too. I’ve got my eye on the Portofinio Linen Trousers and the Cropped Straight Leg Chinos. Oh and don’t forget the coat section. It gets me all kind of heart-eye emoji. The Compact Crepe Coat looks like a nice spring capsule wardrobe edition…



Jaeger. I was only recently introduced to Jaeger when I saw that they’d worked with one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Lizzy Hadfield, on a post. The knitwear she was wearing looked beautiful and after a look on the website I realised that their whole jumper selection is pretty dreamy. In a similar way to & Other Stories, they do great ‘basics with a twist’. At the moment I’m loving the flared sleeve trend, but from previously owning a top like this I know that they’re a real pain the balls. However, this Fluted Sleeve Sweater has a 3/4 length sleeve that won’t drag around on your dinner/in your drinks/generally getting in the way. I’m also IN LOVE with their coats and jackets *leans in to whisper*, check them out because there are loads in the sale still available.


Photos by Lauren Shipley