Body Oils & L’Occitane

I made a bit of a deal with myself at the beginning of the year to moisturise everyday. And you know what, I’ve stuck to it pretty religiously! Every night I come home and have a bath (usually with my Neom Organics Refresh Bath Oil*), then I jump out an slather myself in oil, it all sounds rather sexual, but I assure you it’s not. This is usually done as quickly as possible as I am freezing my knackers off in this cold weather! Previous body oils that I have used are the Davina Peace Body Oil* (this one is probably my all time fave), the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and the Caudalie Firming Concentrate*, all of which I have loved, but I fancied a change. You may have noticed that none of the body oils mentioned come cheap, in fact they are all bloody expensive so I tried to find a cheaper alternative and ended up getting my hands on the Boots Botanics Organic Nourishing Body Oil. In 3 words – I hated it. It had a strange scent of tobacco and didn’t sink into the skin very well. Then to top it all off, the lid broke. I don’t usually out poopy products on this blog, but that is certainly one that deserves a slating!

After the disappointment of that I decided to get a product that I have been eyeing up for a while – the L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil. I’m going to lie it was the smell of this product that drew me to it – nice marzipan goodness! And once I’ve applied it I smell like one big fat battenburg cake, yum! It’s formulated for dry skins and is supposed to help to firm the skin. Now I haven’t experienced any extreme firming of the thighs as yet, but I’m all for a bit of sweat-free toning, so I’ll keep you posted on that one. It sinks in the skin quickly, and leaves my skin feeling nice and nourished until I repeat my little routine the following night. Next on my list is the Almond Shower Oil – anyone tried it?

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  • ella gauntlett

    i cant go a day without moisturizer! and im so picky with moisturizers as half of them make my skin feel worse! might have to try this one out though, but i imagine it would be pretty expensive.. x

  • Nicola

    I never really use oils only lately ive been getting into hair oils and work a treat! 

  • Ooh, looks lovely.  I love L’Occitane products but haven’t tried this one!

  • Anonymous

    I love the Nuxe multi use smells amazing! I’m so into oils right now, I think I have a problem.

  • Marissa Roberts

    I will definitely be trying this!! xoxo 

  • Clay

    Great post ! L’Occitane products are awesome ! xx

  • Oh my, another product I’m curious about! Haha, oh dear Anna, you’re bad for my bank balance 😉

  • Anonymous

    Oh, that is a fantastic resolution for the new year! I’m going to have to co-op that one for my own as I NEVER moisturize. I know I should as my legs are bone dry but you’ve definitely inspired me with this post. I have a bottle of argan oil with my name on it so I have no excuse! But I love L’occitane so I’ll have to keep an eye on that one. 🙂

  • Nathalie

    I have tried the Almond Shower Oil : loved it !

  • I adore L’Occitaine – I don’t know what I would do this winter without their Shea Butter handcream, ultra face cream and gentle moisturiser! 

  • susannah_bonaldi

    One of my desk buddies at work keeps telling me how amazing L’Occitane is, you’ve just reminded me I need to pop in there! x

  • SimonaLaroche

    I love the almond shower gel. The smell is absolutely amazing and the consistency of this product is really nice and soothing. I can hardly imagine washing myself with anything else 🙂

  • I’ve been looking for something like this and have used L’Occitane before but never tried this product! I can’t wait to give it a try now 🙂

  • Jeni

    Thanks Anna, I now have yet another product to add to my ‘lust list’  ha ha!! This stuff sounds amazing and I’m a sucker for L’Occitane. (see below)

    Jeni xxx

  • cosmeticsshoppingintoxication

    My resolution is to moisturise too but so far haven’t made it to the oils, still working my way through 100s of lotions and creams! It’s disappointing about the Botanics one but I suppose you get what you pay for! 

    Will treat myself to an oil when I’ve run out of lotion……… if I’ll probably buy some tomorrow ha! 

  • xoxpinkypwincessxox

    I spy Pacco Rabanne Lady Million…love that perfume!

  • beautyandablogger

    I swear everything you post I instantly want to buy haha your gonna make me a poor woman! 😛 xx

  • Sounds lovely hun.
    I love the Weleda Pomegrante oil and plan to add it my shelves, along with any other oils that tickle my fancy, very soon xox

  • rebeccaxoxox

    ive never really tried body oils fro fear of looking like a right greaseball but quite a lot of people recommend them so maybe i should try one xox

  • I got this l’occitane oil for my first pregnancy and used it religiously on my belly – no stretchmarks! Agree it smells divine c

  • Anonymous

    your posts always make me laugh.  as soon as I was thinking the ‘slather with oil’ comment was sort of evocative you called yourself out on it.  love your blog!

  • Ashley Coates

    The only oil I’ve ever tried is Monoi oil- I used to tan with it when I lived near the beach.  Now I mostly moisturize with coconut oil- both cheap, delicious smelling, and really useful:)



  • Ekta

    The L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil sounds absolutely gorgeous!

  • Mariana R.

    I’ve also moisturized and can’t go a day without doing so, however I’ve always used lotions and creams. I really want to transition into oils and give them a try. They sound lovely 🙂

  • Woodsmokes

    I love L’Occtaine will have to induldge in this product

  • Ana Bravo

    Yes their Almond Shower Oil is really good. They also have a gel product that you put in your thighs after the shower that really helps with any dimples or to firm it. Seriously recommend it! I absolutely love their products. Their deodorant is amazing as well, it’s all natural and actually hold through. 

  • charlotte_queen

    ahaha love the way you described the Almond Supple Skin Oil. | Charlotte Couture Blog

  • Bergny armanns

    I love this body oil! The Almond Shower oil is also fantastic! Definitely recommend! 

  • Anonymous

    the shower oil is amazing… it turns to a milk when mixed with water 😀 xx

  • Sarah S.

    I love L’Occitane, thanks for the rec 😉

  • Lannie

    Anna, if you ever fancy moisturising whilst in the bath and can’t be bothered to slather it on after, pop a ‘dreamtime’ bath melt from LUSH in the bath… they leave your mind soothed and your skin soft as butter xx

  • nice idea.. thanks for sharing.